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Cloudsquare transforms the way companies use Salesforce while committing to best in class service.


Cloudsquare is a Top Rated Salesforce Consultant focused on client satisfaction and doing what is best for your business. With offices in Los Angeles and New York City, we are passionate about providing unique and robust Salesforce solutions on the worlds #1 CRM. Our team strives for helping our customers get the most value from the Salesforce platform, while supporting them every step of the way.

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As your company grows, the way you manage your customer information needs to evolve as well. If Salesforce isn’t architected to scale, it becomes difficult to maintain a stellar level of performance and customer service, which can hinder your growth. Hiring the right Salesforce Consultant can help take your company to the next level.

Cloudsquare’s unique approach is helping companies get more from Salesforce. Every project starts with discovery to help define your ideal process, which will allow you to become more efficient and productive. Once the process is in place, we add workflow to have Salesforce guide you every step of the way. Finally, we add automation to increase productivity and have the platform work for you.

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