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Who We Are

We are Cloudsquare, the top Salesforce partner specializing in lending solutions for the alternative lending industry. Our intuitive products are built to scale as our customers grow, supporting their business at every phase. Our experts develop unique and reliable Salesforce solutions tailored to evolving business needs. We take pride in offering a boutique service with enterprise-quality results.

Our Products

• Cloudsquare Lend – the Best Loan Software for Small Business Lenders
• Cloudsquare Broker - the Best Merchant Cash Advance Software CRM
• Cloudsquare Submit - an intuitive decision management tool, directly in Salesforce
• Cloudsquare BankLink - a risk analysis software providing real-time data for bank verifications that integrates Salesforce with Plaid
• Cloudsquare Credit - a credit reporting tool that connects to the three major credit bureaus and pulls credit reports directly from Salesforce
• Thomson Reuters CLEAR - connects your Salesforce CRM with Thomson Reuters to simplify and speed up the investigation process

Our Core Values
• Stand Together - Our work ethic makes us a dependable firm that can be trusted to drive businesses to the next level. Our ability to depend and rely on each other is the cornerstone of our success and joy at work. 
• Embrace Change - We are an innovative team who welcomes change and is always in continuous improvement to make the impossible, possible. Where others see problems – we find solutions!
• Keep it Real - At Cloudsquare it is important to build genuine connections with our team and clients by being honest and true to ourselves.
• Committed to Greatness - Our perseverance, go-getter attitude, and grit help us achieve the desired perfection, even in the most challenging of projects.
• Enjoy Life - The Cloudsquare way is a true work-life balance, where we are passionate about our work, yet we can put that aside and live life to the fullest with our loved ones.

Position Overview

You are a go-getting, meticulous, tech-savvy leader who takes every opportunity to organize people, whether friends, family, or at work, to create something that everyone will enjoy taking part in - not only in the process, but also the results. From a simple barbeque in the park to a 10-day excursion with a group of friends, you know and want to organize the steps needed to pull off a successful event. You shine in the role of a Salesforce Project Manager who understands all the complexities not only of what a client is looking for but also the lesser-known intricacies such as capacity planning, scope creep, budget management and more. You take the term “the buck stops with me” seriously, as you know project success, of course, depends on team effort, and ultimately it is your planning, budgeting, client management and communication that paves the way for your team to be successful.

In addition to being in the top 99 percentile of planners, you love building and cultivating long-lasting, meaningful relationships. You take this skill and enjoy serving as not only the client’s project manager but also their account manager in a pseudo-sales role who continuously suggests new projects they should consider and why it would improve their processes. You love leading the white boarding sessions of high-level roadmaps with the client and your business analyst, and you are always working with the BA in guiding, but never pushing, the client to continuously improve their Salesforce for their entire company.

You will report to the Delivery Manager and work with your project team consisting of a Solution Architect, Business Analysts, and Developers.

Your Mission
The mission for this role is to keep your project team operating at optimal performance, allowing them to hit their utilization goals, meanwhile maintaining alignment with clients on scope, timeline and budget, leading to client satisfaction and ultimately long-term partnerships.

Your Goals
• Scope, Timeline & Budget Control: Maintain alignment with clients on scope, timeline and budget throughout the project, requiring change orders whenever necessary, communicating realistic timelines to clients upon scope approval, and continuously reiterating adjustments to timelines to manage expectations as changes in scope and delays occur, resulting in zero complaints and non-billable work.

Capacity Planning: Perform effective capacity planning where all team members are always fully utilized, resulting in rolling weeks full of pre-approved planned work, requiring Business Analysts to be focused on discovery and requirements gathering early enough to obtain client approvals in advance, so that a developer’s schedule is never depleted.

Responsiveness: Provide clients enterprise-level service by acknowledging any inquiry within one business day, while regularly providing updates until resolution.

Team Happiness: Maintain a weekly average team happiness score of 4.5 by conducting effective syncs, proper planning, removing blockers, assigning work complementing strengths, addressing client inquiries, driving additional work, and taking any other initiatives to keep your team operating at optimal performance.

Your Responsibilities

• Cultivate and manage highly functional teams comprised of Solution Architects, Business Analysts, and Developers through all phases of our unique delivery lifecycle
• Work closely with your project team, lead the execution of project plans, and change orders as appropriate
• Communication on, risks, scope changes project plan and ongoing support engagement types simultaneously, without experience a lull in their schedule
• Ensure your team’s time is logged and to the appropriate projects, leading to maximum billings and utilization rates
• Perform invoice review before invoices are sent to clients and coordinate adjustments with finance as necessary
• Serve as the first tier of support for client billing inquiries and escalate as necessary
• Lead your team through various mechanisms, including but not limited to daily syncs, removing blockers, and protecting your team to ensure optimal performance, maximizing output meanwhile achieve maximum team happiness

Your Qualifications

• Minimum of 3 + years of Project Management experience
• Understanding of waterfall and agile methodologies
• Proven successful management skills and problem-solving background
• Proactive interpersonal skills with clients and team members
• Strong communications skills including the ability to facilitate meetings, prepare concise documentation, write business cases, prepare presentations, formal verbal and written communications, the authority to communicate professionally, effectively and sensitively with a wide range of senior management, user and IT personnel
• Innovate to develop and provide insight to operations on process improvements internally
• Ability to balance and prioritize multiple projects concurrently
• Ability to work independently and in a team environment
• Positive influence to achieve high level of results among the teams for the growth of the organization
• Ability to make decisions and weigh risks and level of importance
• Proven ability to set priorities and manage for the unexpected
• Management skills to provide coaching, supervision, and staffing recommendation
• Collaborative and consultative work style
• Must be Salesforce Certified (Admin, BA etc)

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