We are Cloudsquare, Your Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner.

We provide end-to-end support across your Salesforce products and 3rd party apps. When you work with Cloudsquare, you get a consultant who will work to understand your business, not just your technology. We provide a boutique service with enterprise quality results and push the system to its limits with our innovative mindset and expertise. When you work with Cloudsquare, increased productivity is guaranteed!

Meet Our Founders

Portrait of Jeffrey Morgenstein

Jeffrey Morgenstein

Jeffrey Morgenstein is the visionary Co-Founder and CEO at Cloudsquare. With over a decade of Salesforce expertise Jeff is the driving force behind our dynamic team.

Within Cloudsquare, Jeff stands as the driving force behind our company’s vision and the architect of our strategic direction. As the face of the company, he extends our presence at conferences, creating crucial partnerships and expanding our network. With unwavering dedication, he crafts our roadmap and sets the course for our vision, guaranteeing the success of every Cloudsquare product.

Jeff’s secret to success? It’s his innate ability to grasp the intricacies of any industry and business process. His mantra, «Process first. Technology second», has consistently yielded high user adoption rates and countless successful implementations.

Beyond his professional dedication, Jeff is a devoted parent who cherishes quality time with his kids. He’s also an avid hockey enthusiast and a true music aficionado. In his free time, you’ll find him sharing precious moments with his family, whether cycling, dancing or simply enjoying the company of his incredible circle of friends. And here’s a fun tidbit — Jeff doubles as a talented DJ and bartender, adding a dash of excitement to any gathering. Jeff’s ultimate aspiration is to make Cloudsquare a force for good in the world, and his direct, positive, and caring nature shines through in everything he does.

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Portrait of Dennis Mikhailov

Dennis Mikhailov

Dennis Mikhailov is the dedicated Co-Founder of Cloudsquare and our driven COO. Dennis leverages his expertise to oversee the day-to-day operations of the business, taking charge of all departments from a high-level perspective. He’s also the driving force behind forging valuable partnerships and takes the lead in our Sales department, where he assumes full responsibility for all things related to sales.

Drawing from his impressive three-year tenure as VP of Business Development at a previous consulting firm, Dennis harnessed the essential skills to embark on the Cloudsquare journey. His goal was simple: to revolutionize the Salesforce user experience by offering premium solutions. He meticulously assembled a top-notch team dedicated to delivering robust and scalable products, all while keeping impeccable architectural integrity in mind.

Dennis’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the Salesforce user experience and his passion for innovative ideas keep Cloudsquare competitive in our domain. He’s a bold and confident leader, setting us on a path to expertise and distinction.

When he’s not busy reshaping the Salesforce landscape, Dennis enjoys hitting the ice for a game of hockey or embarking on outdoor adventures like camping and family travel. He values every moment and lifelong learning, ensuring that he extracts maximum value from every endeavor.

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Cloudsquare’s Story

In 2015, fate brought Jeffrey Morgenstein and Dennis Mikhailov together at the same Salesforce Consulting Company. Their connection was immediate and not long after, the vision for Cloudsquare began to come together.

Jeff, the go-to guy for computer issues since childhood, became a Salesforce Admin in 2009 when the financial services company he was working with at the time adopted Salesforce. Jeff’s passion for Salesforce ignited, and he dove headfirst into mastering it. He joined a Salesforce consulting firm in 2015, where he started ascending positions rapidly. He led major projects, assumed product owner roles, and joined the leadership team. He became a technology expert across diverse industries, from Alternative Business Lending to Pharmaceutical Sales and Insurance Billing.

However, Jeff noticed a gap in client service at this firm: clients were often dissatisfied, and so were the consultants helping them. He knew he could do better. With a burning desire to create a client-focused consultancy, he embarked on a new journey with Cloudsquare. His vision: a place where clients and employees felt like partners, delivering the best customer service and projects clients loved. The beauty of this journey, he believed, lay in working alongside brilliant, creative, and passionate individuals.

On the other hand, Dennis had spent three years as the VP of Business Development at the same consulting firm, honing the skills essential for this venture. Like Jeff, he believed the products and customer service could be elevated. Dennis aspired to create a workplace where happiness abounded, where the focus shifted from addressing client complaints to crafting solutions that simplified clients’ lives.

The genesis of Cloudsquare emerged from Jeff and Dennis’s shared belief in enhancing their roles and making a difference. They aimed to stand out in an industry where many lacked the expertise and to redefine the customer experience, delivering top-notch solutions to Salesforce users while assembling the best team to provide robust, scalable, and architecturally sound products. Cloudsquare was born, driven by their commitment to excellence and a passion for creating a brighter future for both clients and employees.

Our Approach

With company growth comes the need for scalability, especially when it comes to managing customer information. A Salesforce implementation that isn’t architected to scale can make it difficult to maintain a high standard of performance and customer service. Our aim is to help you take it to the next level.
Every new project we take on starts with a discovery phase. This is when we listen to your objectives, pain points, and the ideal outcomes for your business once this solution is in place. This is also where our team will work together to share your process.
Once both our teams have validated your new design from a technical and organizational standpoint, it’s time for our development and implementation teams to do their magic. Our holistic approach ensures that the solution ties in seamlessly with the way you do business.
Go-live is not the end of the process; it’s the beginning. Our Salesforce consultants will be by your side well after launch, monitoring your environment and finding ways to make the enhancements you’ll need to continue growing with the platform.

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Our Values

Core Values

Our core values are a part of everything we do. At all times, we strive to distinguish Cloudsquare as an admired Salesforce Consulting leader and trusted brand that is differentiated by top talent and innovative solutions. We are always staying one foot ahead of the market and building long term partnerships with our clients.

Stand Together
Stand Together
Embrace Change
Embrace Change
Keep It Real!
Keep It Real!
Committed to Greatness
Committed to Greatness
Enjoy Life!
Enjoy Life!


When you choose to partner with Cloudsquare, your business receives not only Salesforce consultation, but a holistic approach to systems architecture. We make it our #1 priority to seamlessly blend our team with yours to provide solutions that will equip you with the resources to expand and stay one step ahead of your competition. Our team prides itself on having an open line of communication with our valued clients so that we can be a constant source of support as you venture into the world of Customer Relationship Management. Cloudsquare stays up to date with the newest, cutting edge Salesforce releases in order to provide your business with the most innovative technology to revolutionize the way you do business.

Salesforce Certified

Cloudsquare is a Registered Salesforce Consulting Partner that helps companies implement Salesforce. We continually invest in our understanding of Salesforce through training and mentoring. In doing this we are able to offer constant improvement to our clients through customer relationships, data insights, and tailored products, as well as a wealth of other technology solutions.

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