Cloudsquare | CollaborateMD to Salesforce Integration| Learn how to track the admission record better while getting end-to-end visibility of the complete process!

CollaborateMD to Salesforce Integration| Learn how to track the admission record better while getting end-to-end visibility of the complete process!

Cloudsquare | CollaborateMD to Salesforce Integration| Learn how to track the admission record better while getting end-to-end visibility of the complete process!

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Nowadays, companies in different industries invest in the most efficient software solutions to help grow their businesses. For Healthcare businesses, a Practice Management Software is their best choice, and even better if this tool could give them end-to-end visibility into the complete admission processes. Cloudsquare, an up-and-coming Salesforce SI and ISV Partner, managed the integration of CollaborateMD, the cloud-based practice management and medical billing platform, with the leader in CRM solutions, Salesforce. Now, your company can improve efficiency in your front office, simplify the back-office’s billing process and track the admission records back into Salesforce for complete visualization of the whole sales process. Find out more about this Salesforce integration!  

Learn about CollaborateMD  

CollaborateMD is a 100% cloud-based practice management and medical billing software that delivers solutions to healthcare businesses. It works with billing services of any size and small to medium medical practices to optimize the revenue cycle and get their claims paid fast. It helps companies to avoid the inconvenience of reworking and resubmitting claims, saving them time and money. It simplifies the billing process while optimizing and automating complicated clinical and financial workflows to improve the business’s financial health.   

CollaborateMD | Salesforce Integration  

Salesforce is used as the CRM in many Medical Practices to generate opportunities, and CollaborateMD as their internal practice management software. However, these are two separate systems that are not synchronized. If a company wanted to track patients coming in, it would be a time-consuming, complicated, and sometimes even impossible process where they could not know if the opportunity was successful or not.  

This Salesforce integration allows a company to have visibility into what happens to opportunities after workers in the medical facility attended them, all from Salesforce. For this, our team created an API process between the two systems allowing them to synchronize and provide end-to-end visibility on their whole admission process and the success of the opportunity from Salesforce.   

Once the medical facility admitted a patient, selective information from the patient would return to Salesforce to generate admission data that can later be tracked in Salesforce to let your team know if there was some revenue generated from that admission and which was the opportunity in Salesforce where it started.  

CollaborateMD to Salesforce integration will send an automated query every time an admission is created in Salesforce to obtain the Patient’s Unique Id by matching Facility, Patient SSN, and Date of Birth or Last Name. This automated query can be configured to be sent daily if there is no existing Collaborate MD Account Number on the Person Account. Additionally, a report can be scheduled to be emailed to selected users to alert them about admissions with no CollaborateMD link, which will help the company understand if any data entry has been missed in CollaborateMD or anything has failed in the connection.   

Lastly, the integration allows your team to visualize some opportunity’s features like the following:  

  1. Lifetime owed by the patient  
  2. Lifetime billed amount
  3. Total billed for an admission
  4. Total paid by insurance for each admission  
  5. Total patient balance for each admission
  6. Total paid by the patient for each admission
  7. Total P2P collections balance (shows if an insurance company paid the patient directly)  

How can it help you?  

  1. With CollaborateMD to Salesforce Integration, your team is now able to track the admission records back into Salesforce.  
  2. Your sales team can know what happened to the opportunity after the sales process, if it was successful or not, or how successful it was.
  3. You can get end-to-end visibility into the whole admission process.   
  4. Your company can maximize the return on investment (ROI) for both systems.
  5. It will save your team time and effort and give you additional insights you didn’t have before.  

Get it now!  

If you are a company in the Healthcare industry using CollaborateMD as your Practice Management Software or have another similar software that has an API integration capability and would like to integrate it with your Salesforce org, get in touch with one of our outstanding Salesforce experts and get a quote. Once you have partnered with our talented team, they will review your work process and build out a similar integration that functions within your workflow.  

‘It is an extremely functional integration. I think anybody using the two systems should build this integration or a similar integration between the two systems. It makes sure the data is in sync and is accurate between them. Additionally, the benefit of having this integration is maximizing your return on your ROI on having Salesforce and Collaborate MD.’ 

Cloudsquare’s Salesforce Expert 

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