Cloudsquare | CollectOne to Salesforce | How to get more business by integrating your debt collection software solutions with Salesforce.

CollectOne to Salesforce | How to get more business by integrating your debt collection software solutions with Salesforce.

Cloudsquare | CollectOne to Salesforce | How to get more business by integrating your debt collection software solutions with Salesforce.

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Are you struggling with debt collections and frustrated with the time it takes to manage overdue accounts? We get it, and we’re here to help. Whether you are a big, established company or a small business, you know debt collection it’s not the most glamorous part of running a business. Still, it’s essential for improving your cash flow and keeping your company growing. And let’s face it, dealing with customers who don’t pay on time can be a real headache, especially in today’s economy.

But with the right debt collection software, you can approach these issues while saving money and avoiding potentially harmful press from working with debt collection agencies.

CollectOne is one such software that can help you automate your collections management. Even better, by integrating it with Salesforce, you can track customer payments, notify your sales team when payments are made, and get even more insights into your customer data.

So, if you’re tired of chasing down payments and want to get back to growing your business, keep reading and find out how CollectOne’s integration to Salesforce is what you’ve been looking for.

CollectOne, your Debt Collection Software 

CollectOne is a debt collection software solution with the capacity to manage multiple debt categories and provides a feature-rich set of automated business processes and the scalability to meet your business needs. With their code-driven technology, you can manage numerous queues for each collector, automate workflows and account distribution, improve productivity and accountability by assessing real-time performance statistics and broaden your account scoring processes with third-party scoring technologies. 

CollectOne to Salesforce 

CollectOne integration to Salesforce allows sales representatives to get complete visibility of the customers’ credit status and for the Account Receivable (AR) department to manage the entire collection cycle within Salesforce. This integration can enhance your team’s productivity, reduce the cost to the business and maximize your returns by automating the collection process and keeping your sales and credit team up to date on collection matters which can factor into your sales team qualification decision. 

With the integration of this debt collection software into Salesforce, you can: 

  1. Notify your sales representative when payment is paid on collection. 
  2. Be aware of the last payment day or recent update. 
  3. Configure the referral object and create fields to satisfy your business needs 
  4. Automate a collection period to let your AR receive email alerts to keep up with the payment due date. 
  5. Keep track of payments sums through roll-up fields on the account. 
  6. Upload or create accounts from CollectOne to Salesforce. 

 By notifying your sales team when customers have paid on collection, they are able to approach these clients to get more business from them and bring more revenue to your company. 

Integrate them now! 

To integrate CollectOne into the Salesforce platform, you need to be using this software as your current collection system and have purchased a salesforce license. If you don’t have a salesforce license yet, Cloudsquare, a top Salesforce solutions company, can assist you with getting set up. 

Avoid your sales team any more headaches and time spent on clients with bad debts due to the lack of visibility into the collection cycle by synchronizing these two systems. 

Connect with one of our Salesforce experts to help you bring Salesforce into your business and implement this integration for you!