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Cloudsquare | Complimentary Salesforce Apps

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As more and more businesses move over to Customer Relationship Management platforms, they are exposed to over 3,400 different apps in Salesforce AppExchange. For many companies, efficient spending is a priority but there are still great apps for free on App Exchange. Here are some of the best free apps available for download now:


This app provides you with the ability to run reports on your fields in Salesforce. FieldTrip then analyzes the information for you and allows you to see what percentage of your records have a specific field(s) populated. Finding out how often fields are populated can help you keep up with what fields are necessary and what can be removed, streamlining and cleaning up your data platforms. FieldTrip is free in AppExchange and can be downloaded by companies large and small.

For more information, check out FieldTrip on AppExchange.


MailChimp is known as the most popular email marketing Platform in Salesforce. With the MailChimp app, users can create email marketing campaigns, view subscribers, and store contacts in specific communication lists. Since most companies have a monthly newsletter, email marketing campaigns, or promotional sales emails, MailChimp can be helpful to any business, no matter what industry. An interesting benefit of this app is that it allows you to see your customers’ interactions with your emails, which can help generate leads and sales. This Visualforce component of the app helps you to track the success of your email marketing campaigns. MailChimp is an effective tool for today’s market where majority of customer contact is digital.

For more information, visit Asset App

This app helps you keep track of your customer data health. The app can analyze your contacts, accounts, and leads to gain insights on data quality. To find out how to use this free app, you can visit this website for tutorials and demonstrations.

With, you can import, export, and delete unlimited amounts of data with ease. This app is secure and allows you to sign in using your Salesforce credentials so you can get started using it quickly. You can export related objects with just one pull instead of continuously, manually pulling files. also allows you to automate processes so you can set them up ahead of time and not have to worry about it again.

For more information, visit

Ebsta (Free Version)

Ebsta allows you to integrate calendars, events, and email with Salesforce. With this app, users can send customized emails to customers, making customer engagement seamless and simple for employees. Ebsta helps companies provide better customer experience and never miss an opportunity to follow up with customers. Ebsta provides companies with an “Ebsta Score” by analyzing every email, call, or meeting with customers and providing feedback so employees can track their performance. The feature called “Team Sync” is one that is particularly useful as it shows emails you and your team have sent to one contact, providing you with all the information you need right in Salesforce. Ebsta has a trial option and a free option of their service.

To learn more about the features offered for free on Ebsta, visit

If you are interested in downloading and implementing one of these apps, contact Cloudsquare, a Salesforce consulting partner.