Cloudsquare | Conga Sign: eSignature for Salesforce

Conga Sign: eSignature for Salesforce

Cloudsquare | Conga Sign: eSignature for Salesforce

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Before Conga Sign, many companies were using Conga Composer for contract and document generation through Salesforce. Conga released its own eSignature tool custom built for Salesforce that would work hand in hand with Conga Composer. Users can now create documents in Salesforce and use the eSignature tool to add tags where the document needs to be signed. The document is sent via email to signers and once signed, the docs get routed back to Salesforce.

Why Conga Sign?

Why is an eSignature tool so useful to have in Salesforce? The Conga Sign tool allows Salesforce users to pull data directly from the CRM into their documents and contracts and makes for a seamless signage process for the business and clients. Since Conga Composer, Conga Sign and Salesforce are all integratable, you will not need to worry about jumping back and forth from multiple platforms. Everything you need to generate your document or contract is located directly in Salesforce.

Learning How to Use Conga Sign

If you are familiar with Salesforce, learning how to use Conga Sign will be simple. Conga Sign has a similar feel to Salesforce, making it intuitive for Salesforce natives. However, if you need assistance getting started with Conga Sign, look no further than Cloudsquare, a Salesforce Solutions and Consulting Partner, to implement the solution.

Conga Sign Customer Support

Conga Sign prioritizes their users. When Conga Sign was released in February 2018, the CEO of Conga, Matthew J. Schiltz stated, “Our customers have been asking us for an e-sign solution tailor made for Salesforce and deeply integrated into the Conga Suite of Commerce acceleration applications,” says Schiltz. “In addition they want access to Conga’s top-rated global 24/7 support. We are thrilled to deliver Conga Sign and are excited to further accelerate commerce on the Salesforce platform.” Salesforce users awaited a tool like Conga Sign that would make eSigning something that can be done in Salesforce without the need for other applications.

Being a tool that works cohesively with Salesforce and Conga’s 24/7 support, the competitively priced feature is worth the investment. Conga Sign is saving companies time and improving their customer relationships by making the e-signing process as effortless as it can be.

Do you think your business could benefit from Conga Sign? Click here for a free trial!