Cloudsquare | Cvent Software to Salesforce Integration - A 2023 Guide

Cvent Software to Salesforce Integration – A 2023 Guide

Cloudsquare | Cvent Software to Salesforce Integration - A 2023 Guide

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Are you ready to make your next live event a success? As live events make a triumphant comeback, companies are scrambling to ensure they have the best event management software to help them plan in the most effortless and productive way. That’s where the Cvent Salesforce App comes in!

With this Salesforce integration, you can automatically track your contacts’ event activity in your everyday Salesforce platform. You can invite and register prospects, modify registrations, view attendee status, and even increase your sales pipeline, all without leaving the system you already know and love.

Want to learn more about how the Cvent Salesforce App can make event planning a breeze? Keep reading below to discover all the benefits and steps to integrate these two systems.

How Cvent Salesforce Apps works and its benefits. 

Cvent Software integration to Salesforce facilitates your team end-to-end access to the complete Cvent events cycle, all in Salesforce, without needing to log in to your Cvent accounts. Your Salesforce expert can fully customize this integration to fit your organization’s individual needs. The App provides your team with a privileged view of your events and attendees’ data in Salesforce, which can help your organization understand better where leads are coming from and if a prospect has participated in any related past events. You can use this information to have a more effective conversation with prospects and understand how your events contribute to your business.  

Cvent Salesforce App includes many features, but they would depend on the three types of licenses you acquire. You can check the list of features and licenses below. 

Cvent Salesforce App features

Every year new versions of the Cvent Salesforce App are being released. As of October 2021, the latest to be released is version 5.6. This one includes:  

  1. Automatic Campaign Management: Automatically create or update Salesforce Campaigns for your Events.  
  1. Manage Nomination Notification: Flexibility to manage automatic email and chatter notifications.  
  1. Support for new Cvent event and attendee level fields: Get access to the data about your event format and attendees’ registration path and format.  

How to integrate Cvent Software to Salesforce?  

To use this application, you need to acquire one of the three licenses mentioned above. You can purchase them here. Once you are ready, you can continue to the following steps:  

Before Setting up  

As the APP provides full customization capabilities, you need to define your company’s requirements before setting it up. You need to determine:   

  1. Field Mapping: define the data that you would like to integrate between Salesforce and Cvent.  
  1. Record Matching Criteria: what criteria should be used to match contact and lead records between Salesforce and Cvent data.  
  1. Record Matching Settings: what level of control should the app have to impact your Salesforce contacts database.  
  1. Event Filtering: type of events that would be accessible to different users.  
  1. Permissions: allows selection of specific workflows to be available to sales users.  
  1. Data refresh and purge: how often should Cvent data be updated in Salesforce and how long it should stay available.  

Setting up  

Step 1  

  1. You can install Cvent using the Direct Package Link  
  1. Log in to your Salesforce org in your browser, then click on one of the installation links for version 5.6:  
  1. Select the option to “Install for Admins Only.”  
  1. Select the checkbox “I acknowledge…”.  
  1. Click Install. 


 installing steps


  1. You will then see the following processing screen: 
Cvent Salesforce installing steps in progress


  1. If this takes a while, Salesforce will show the following message that an email notification will be sent once installation is complete: 
Cvent Salesforce installing steps in progress text


  1. Once the package is installed, you will get the following success notification in your inbox: 
 installing steps confirmation

Step 2 

Once the app is installed, contact your Cvent representative to enable your license for the app. You can choose from one of the three licenses shown above.  

Post Installation Steps 

Package Configuration 

Complete the package configuration by going to Setup > Installed Packages and look for Cvent Events. 

  1. Click the Configure link to the left of the Cvent Events package to perform the post-installation steps. 
  1. Click Create Remote Site Setting. If you get an error that a remote site with the same name already exists, then you can create a remote site manually with a new name and the value shown in the description. To do this, go to Set Up and search for Remote Site Settings in the quick find box. 
  1. If you upgraded the package from a previous version, perform the upgrade steps mentioned here: Upgrade Steps 
  1. This completes the installation process. Your app is now ready to be customized. 

Assign User Permission Sets 

There are 7 permission sets included with the app. 

  1. Cvent Admin. When this set is assigned to a Salesforce system admin, the admin will have full rights to set up and manage the app. 
  1. Cvent Event App – Sales User.  This permission set includes access to custom objects and the pages where sales users will choose the leads and contacts they want to invite to events. 
  1. Cvent Custom Fields Permission. This new set will be created after the package installation. 
  1. Cvent – Event Invitations. Required to invite contacts for an event. 
  1. Cvent – Event Registrations. Required to register on behalf of contacts. 
  1. Cvent – Event Nominations. Required to submit and manage nominations. 
  1. Cvent – Campaign Management. To manage app workflows from the Campaigns page. 

To assign a permission set, follow these steps: 

  1. Once the app is installed, go to Setup > Manage Users > Permission Sets. 
  2. Select a permission set. 
  3. Click Manage Assignments. 
  4. Click Add Assignment to start selecting users and assigning them the permission set. 

Now you are ready to start enabling your desired Cvent components, inviting, registering attendees, connecting campaigns to the Cvent events, and creating sales user’s workflow. You can find this and more about the Cvent Salesforce App in the sourced link below. 


Contact us to assist you! 

Cvent software integration to Salesforce is a necessary tool to help your company increase attendance of your live or virtual events and have easy access to all the data related to attendees and past and current meeting activities. This information can assist you in driving more businesses into your company. To install the Cvent Salesforce App correctly, we recommend you utilize an expert Salesforce Consulting Partner like Cloudsquare to assist you in creating your company’s workflows and connecting Cvent with Salesforce.  

Avoid complications and unnecessary hustle. Contact one of our excellent Salesforce Consultants and take your business to the next level!