Cloudsquare | FinPay to Salesforce | Get 360° view of patients’ records while providing a better pre-care patient solution.

FinPay to Salesforce | Get 360° view of patients’ records while providing a better pre-care patient solution.

Cloudsquare | FinPay to Salesforce | Get 360° view of patients’ records while providing a better pre-care patient solution.

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Let’s face it – healthcare costs can be astronomical. For many families, medical bills can be so overwhelming that they end up postponing necessary treatment.

Thankfully, healthcare providers are taking action by implementing patient financial management software like FinPay Solution. But did you know that by integrating this software with Salesforce, you can take your productivity to the next level? With a 360-degree view of your patients’ records and statuses, you can better serve your patients and streamline your team’s workflow.

Keep reading to learn more about how this integration can help take your healthcare practice to the next level!  


FinPay is a Healthcare Financial management company dedicated to enhancing the patient financial experience and making the patient financial responsibility more affordable, less confusing, and more trustworthy for the patient. Their platform provides pre-care solutions that reveal the everyday patient situations, creates financial clearance policies to segment and target high-risk patients, and offers a payment program automation for all payment program types. Their goal is to break the affordability barrier in healthcare, restore trust in the U.S. healthcare system while increasing the revenue for their healthcare partners.   


FinPay to Salesforce Integration allows your business to work your patient financial management software in your Salesforce CRM platform. With this integration, your team can originate a process flow to create a FinPay patient record in Salesforce from opportunities that will help you track your patient’s status, classify the type of Risk Classes, or receive Finpay statuses and payment details from the FinPay record ID, all in one platform. You can select the kind of record you want to create, such as providers, Risk Class, or another category that might fit your business needs.   

This FinPay integration will allow you to see the growth in your pipeline, add custom fields that are useful to your business based on your requirements, create functionality to store FinPay credentials, and provide invaluable insights to your business sales team.   

You can also set schedules to receive FinPay statuses and customize them to run hourly, daily, or at your own cadence, store information on the FinPay object, or automatically update Financial Clearance Status with the newly created patient ID.  

Increase productivity and let your sales team have a real-time, end-to-end view of patients’ status after starting their pre-care financial solution so that they can make more informed decisions and your team can focus on what matters the most: providing the best care for your patients.   


To integrate this Patient Financial Management tool with Salesforce, your company needs to be a FinPay user and already have purchased a Salesforce license. If you don’t have a Salesforce license yet, don’t worry, Cloudsquare, a top Salesforce solutions company specializing in the FinServ and Healthcare industry, can help you acquire it and set up this integration for you. Their knowledge and expertise in these sectors will ensure your business gets the best solutions that fit your needs and goals.   

If you want to start a new project, trust a partner like Cloudsquare, who already has the experience, grit, and competence to get you where you want to be, even if you haven’t thought it was possible yet. Get in touch with one of our Salesforce subject matter experts, and let’s get you on the way to your next big project.

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