Cloudsquare | How does Salesforce improve Customer Service?

How does Salesforce improve Customer Service?

Cloudsquare | How does Salesforce improve Customer Service?

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Good customer service is the ability to resolve customers’ problems quickly, understand and fulfill their personal needs, and provide a communal space for feedback. It is based around engagement and building strong relationships which leads to customer retention and loyalty. This is where Salesforce comes in. You may be thinking about purchasing Salesforce for your business and wondering how does Salesforce improve customer service?

1. Salesforce TRACKS metrics

Salesforce uses KPI’s (Key performance indicators) to track customer satisfaction through measuring CSAT and net promoter score. Additionally, it tracks things such as the average handling time, and average response time.

Since Salesforce tracks and displays all these metrics, it allows businesses to have this insight and feedback at their fingertips. They can use this feedback and implement changes to improve the customer experience. Additionally, these metrics can also track data like which channels your target customers mostly use. This way you can use the appropriate and most effective channels to market to your specific audience.

Cloudsquare | How does Salesforce improve Customer Service?

2. Salesforce provides FAST customer service

According to the Salesforce Research study “State of the Connected Customer”, which surveyed over 6,700 consumers, “64% of consumers expect companies to respond and interact with them in real time”. So how does Salesforce improve businesses’ interaction and response time?

Salesforce allows you to create AI(artificial intelligence) through easily customizable templates on their Einstein AI feature. The implementation of AI, such as chatbots, allow customers to resolve issues quickly. Additionally, you can implement other self-service options like FAQ’s, and allowing customers to search through a knowledge base for info that they need. You can even set up a notification system that notifies customers on shipment information, and delays, before the arrival window.

Cloudsquare | How does Salesforce improve Customer Service?

3. Salesforce allows PERSONALIZATION for each customer

The Salesforce study also concludes that “84% of customers say being treated like a person, not a number, is very important to winning their business,” and that customers are “2.1x more likely to view personalized offers as important versus unimportant”.

Through the Einstein Analytics feature, big data is organized into visual data that allows you to understand your customers’ preferences. Based on your customers individual interests, and behaviors, the Einstein machine learning recommends products and services that are relevant and specifically tailored to each person.

Cloudsquare | How does Salesforce improve Customer Service?

 4. Salesforce provides a platform for COMMUNITY interaction

Another statistic says that “52% of marketers adapt their marketing strategy and tactics based on customer interactions and feedback”. So providing a platform for customers to communicate is essential to find ways to improve their experience and efficiently tailoring your marketing strategy for your customers.

Through the Community Cloud, Salesforce allows you to easily build portal and communities for customers. Users can use a ranking system and even create their own “badges” to send each other for contributions. This will incentivize customer engagement which is beneficial for the customer experience, and improving the business.

Cloudsquare | How does Salesforce improve Customer Service?

The Salesforce software understands that exceptional customer service is essential in building customer relationships, retention, and improving your business─It provides a platform that makes customer interaction fast, easy, and personalized!

Do you want Salesforce to improve your business’ customer service? If you want to implement the Salesforce platform, Cloudsquare can help you implement and understand Salesforce.