Cloudsquare | How Salesforce Drives Consumer Engagement

How Salesforce Drives Consumer Engagement

Cloudsquare | How Salesforce Drives Consumer Engagement

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It is no secret that consumers have higher expectations when it comes to their buying experiences. With convenient online marketplaces saturating the market, smaller brands need to rise to meet the competition by strengthening their consumer experience.

One way that businesses are scaling up is by driving consumer engagement using Salesforce CRM. Rob Garf, the VP of Retail Strategy and Insights at Salesforce believes,

“It’s not just about driving transactions within the physical and virtual four walls, but it’s increasingly about pushing the brand to wherever consumers are shopping. Salesforce allows retailers to be where their consumers are.”

Many well known brands are using Salesforce features such as Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud and more to help grow their brands and engage with their consumers.

Businesses that implemented Salesforce show proven growth and success in extremely short periods of time. For example, the European brand, Rituals Cosmetics grew its online business by 70 percent in just one year after deploying Commerce Cloud. By using Commerce Cloud, Rituals was able to provide real-time inventory availability, click-and-collect data capture, local payment options, next day delivery and more. They also implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud to provide personalized customer service experiences. Rituals Cosmetics is a prime example of a brand that used Salesforce features to enhance their consumer experience, therefore driving consumer engagement with their brand.

Not convinced that Salesforce can help drive consumer engagement? is another great example of a well-known brand that began using Salesforce Service Cloud to give associates the ability to provide personalized customer service across a variety of channels. Overstock used Lightning Flow to streamline all relevant customer data into a single platform. In just days, about 1,000 associates were transitioned to Service Cloud, providing customers with better shopping experiences.

Additionally, Kroger Co is one of many brands that found success from implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Kroger had a goal of hyper-personalizing the grocery shopping experience for its customers. They achieved this goal and increased clicks by 40 percent after utilizing the email marketing tools found in the Marketing Cloud.

As e-commerce is becoming the most popular way to shop, it is crucial that customers still feel valued and get individualized shopping experiences that keep them coming back.

Are you wondering how your company can use Salesforce CRM to improve your customer experience and drive engagement? Here are some of the best features to try:

Marketing Cloud

Did you know that Marketing Cloud can  be integrated with Google Analytics so that you can better track your engagement? The Marketing Cloud has many useful tools such as email marketing, predictive intelligence, 1:1 content personalization and more. This tool also allows you to integrate all of your company’s data in real time which provides you with the opportunity to better understand your customers. Cross-channel marketing can also be done using this tool and that is a key element to driving consumer engagement.

Service Cloud

Service Cloud provides many features to help sales teams to support 1:1 marketing relationships with each and every customer. This will provide more personalized, individual consumer experiences that will keep customers coming back.

Community Cloud

Community Cloud provides a platform for employees, partners, and customers to connect using the data and records they need. Community can be used to share files in real time even while on the go using a mobile device. This tool is great for not only employees but for customers to give feedback, add reviews, and feel connected and empowered by the brand.

For more information about how to implement these helpful Salesforce features, please contact Cloudsquare, top Salesforce consulting company.