How Salesforce Improves Customer Service

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Often it is easy to get caught up in all of the details of creating a great business, overlooking the fact that providing excellent customer service is what makes a company prosper. Luckily, Salesforce makes it simple to communicate with customers, engage with them, resolve issues, and even promote customer loyalty programs. Using the Service Cloud in Salesforce will help you to use some of the tips in this article to improve customer service with Salesforce.

1. Finding new prospects and engaging with them

Customer Relationship Management platforms can help your company to discover new prospects and turn them into customers. When a customer shops online or views a product online, CRM technology can track the customers activity and cultivate a list of what their preferences are that can be used to promote sales to that individual customer. That way, if a customer abandons their cart, your company will be able to pursue that customer by understanding their preferences and offering sales or promotions to get them to return and make the purchase they may have forgotten or been unsure about. This process is beneficial for customers and businesses too.

2. Integrating social media with Salesforce

Marketing today can always be found on social media. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, almost every company is posting and trying to engage with their customers to gain insights and draw attention to their brand. Using Salesforce Service Cloud can be a helpful way to optimize the way your business uses social media. Tracking engagement with customers can help you to gain insights about your customers and ultimately find out how you can better serve them. Since according to there is an estimated 2.77 billion social media users across the globe, communicating, advertising, resolving conflictsand obtaining valuable customer feedback on social media is integral to creating strong customer relationships.  Integrating social media with Salesforce can help you to prosper.

3. More efficient call centers

Many companies are using call center CRM technology to provide their customers with timely support and helpful information. Using CRM allows companies to take on higher call volumes and make customers feel more supported and attended to. Not only will the calls be taken more efficiently, each customer’s information will be easily accessible and up to date so that whatever question or purchase they are inquiring about can be pulled up quickly, making for faster resolution time.

4. Track and reward loyal customers

One of the perks of implementing Salesforce is having access to customer insights you did not have before. With this data, you can track who your frequent customers are, and reward them for their loyalty. This could mean using email communication to send special discount offers, a points club to accumulate money off of purchases, and more.

5. Never lose touch with customers

As we all know, keeping in constant, personalized communication with thousands of customers is not easy to do on your own. With Salesforce, your business has the advantage of email marketing, service cloud features, and it is easy to automate processes to keep customers feeling in the loop. With Salesforce, you can personalize and customize emails tailored to specific groups of customers. When customers feel that their personal preferences and patronage is valued, stronger customer relationships are formed.

6. Find out more about how you can improve your customer service with Salesforce

Are you interested in scaling up and improving the way your company does its customer service? Contact Cloudsquare, a certified Salesforce consulting company to find out how your company can implement Salesforce Service Cloud and start using some of these helpful features.