Cloudsquare | How Successful Salespeople Utilize Salesforce

How Successful Salespeople Utilize Salesforce

Cloudsquare | How Successful Salespeople Utilize Salesforce

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Are you a sales enthusiast looking for top-notch strategies to increase your sales and lead generation? Then this blog is perfect for you!

Salesforce CRM has become a vital tool for companies to streamline their sales processes, but it’s not just about implementing the tool. It’s also about how you use it effectively to close more deals and drive revenue.

So, if you’re curious about the best ways to leverage Salesforce for successful sales, keep reading! We’ve gathered five proven methods that successful salespeople use daily to crush their quotas and exceed their targets. Let’s dive in and discover how you can up your sales game with Salesforce.

Build Relationships

Some would argue that building strong customer relationships is the most important part of a salesperson’s job. Without lasting bonds with customers, the number of returning customers is not nearly as high as it would be if the salesperson has a positive relationship with customers. In today’s highly digital age, it can be a challenge to achieve these personal connections; but Salesforce can help to keep customers feeling like they are getting a personal, individualized experience with the company. Using tools like email templates in Salesforce for personalized customer communication can help make the salesperson’s job a bit easier while still keeping the customer happy, too. Another way to make sure you are keeping in touch with customers is by creating daily tasks to help remind you to touch base with customers, or even automatically generate messages or necessary emails to them. Making sure salespeople never lose touch with customers is something that Salesforce has proven to achieve with many of their helpful tools and features. You can learn more about staying in touch with your customers by using different applications for every business need by visiting AppExchange.


One of the greatest aspects of Salesforce is that it gives users the ability to collaborate across different business units within the company. According to, “when it comes to success in sales, you win as a team.”  The perfect tool to collaborate within Salesforce is called Chatter. This tool is for internal use so that employees can essentially have a “directory” of who is in the company, what their role is, who they report to, as well as a photo of them for reference.

When it comes to collaborating on projects, Chatter can also come in handy. The tool allows you to “follow” documents and track updates so that all employees are on the same page. Successful sales teams need to be able to collaborate and be on the same page when it comes to customer data, important documents, and recent presentations. Salesforce makes collaboration simple for companies large and small.

Personalize with customer data

Part of building strong customer relationships is personalization. Most salespeople already have access to an abundant amount of customer data, but utilizing the data to strengthen customer relationships and gain returning customers is a vital skill that all successful salespeople should have. When communicating with customers via email, Salesforce allows you to create emails that will resonate with customers because it is customized to their individual wants and needs.

One way to personalize communication with customers is to use an app in Salesforce called MailChimp. This app is excellent for email marketing and integrates with Salesforce data to make emails specifically tailored to what the customer wants. For example, Amazon sends emails to customers that highlight specific deals they may be interested in, based on their previous purchases. Email marketing is proven to drive sales because it takes data that has already been collected on the customer and recycles it in a way that is intended to bring them back to the store or online marketplace. Whether this is done with enticing sales or reminders about an abandoned shopping cart, it works much better when the advertisements are personally tailored to the customer.

Reach customers using Social Media

Social media is one of the most important marketing tools today. Not only is it free, but you can also integrate social media with Salesforce making it easy to keep up with all social channels. One useful tool to help reach customers with Social Media is Salesforce’s Einstein Service Cloud. Einstein uses artificial intelligence to keywords in posts and alerting salespeople when actions are required. Using social media can help sales because it allows salespeople to gain insights on what consumers like and dislike about a product or service. Social media can allow for quick, but meaningful engagements with customers to help them solve a problem or direct them to resources that can be helpful to them. Integrating Salesforce with social media can help you gain leads and keep track of them as well.

Re-engage inactive subscribers

Salesforce can help keep returning customers by tracking when a customer is inactive and needs to be re-engaged. As previously mentioned, abandoned carts on a website can be a great opportunity to bring an inactive customer back by using email marketing within Salesforce. Users can track when a customer was last active by checking the date fields and sorting them by the date of last contact. Utilizing a tool like MailChimp to send out an email to inactive subscribers with a coupon or customized advertisement could potentially spark some activity from the otherwise inactive subscriber.

Successful salespeople are making Salesforce second nature by making use of every app, tool or product that can provide them with an easier, more effective sales strategy while also creating stronger bonds with customers. If you would like to learn more about implementing some of these successful Salesforce tools for your company, please contact Cloudsquare, best Salesforce consulting company offering implementation and consulting services.