Cloudsquare | How to become a Salesforce Consultant

How to become a Salesforce Consultant

Cloudsquare | How to become a Salesforce Consultant

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Why should you become a Salesforce consultant? Salesforce is the most well-known and largest CRM. The cloud-based platform allows companies to interact with customer information, and identify opportunities and leads all in one platform. The platform is easy-to-use and transforms any business’s management, marketing, and customer support experience. As Salesforce continues to become more and more popular, there is a greater demand for Salesforce Consultants.

The job of a Salesforce consultant is a multifaceted one. They can be described as a business analyst, a project lead, an engineer, or even a solution architect. In order to efficiently fulfill all these roles, and differentiate yourself, you should follow these steps.

Step 1: Get Educated 

Since Salesforce is a very technical software, it is beneficial to obtain an associate degree or bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, computer programming, or another related major.

Cloudsquare | How to become a Salesforce Consultant

Step 2: Gain knowledge on Programming and Software Development methodologies

The more technical you are the better. Many employers prefer candidates who understand different software development methodologies and various programming and computer languages. Get some experience with API, and programming languages like Java, C++, Python, etc. Knowledge on the Agile software development methodology, the scrum framework, and development cycles called Sprints, are very useful in a Salesforce team environment. It is also helpful to have experience with project management platforms like JIRA. These are all very useful assets for any consultant and technical role.

Step 3: Understand how to use and implement the Salesforce platform

As a Salesforce specialist, you should know how to use and configure the Salesforce platform. You should have knowledge on all the Salesforce products, and many Salesforce applications from AppExchange. Salesforce offers many boot camps, training courses, and Trailhead to get you up to speed quickly.

Step 4: Obtain Salesforce Certifications

Next, you should obtain the Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud Consultant certifications to further reassure your credibility. These certifications show that you are proficient in Salesforce and will give you a competitive advantage. Before you can be certified as a consultant, you need to fulfill the prerequisite of becoming a certified Salesforce Administrator. After you receive this certification, you can take the Sales and Service Cloud Consultant exam. The exam costs $200, consists of 60 multiple choice questions, and is 105 minutes long.

Cloudsquare | How to become a Salesforce Consultant

Step 5: Gain Experience 

Now that you have technical knowledge and obtained certifications, put it to use! With more practice and experience using Salesforce, you will further your expertise for your resume and get more attention from recruiters. You should have experience implementing full project lifecycles’, and designing solutions to meet various clients’ needs.