Why KIPU Salesforce Integration is your best choice to help improve your patients’ treatment!

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Are you running a mental health facility or addiction treatment center? Do you want to provide your patients with the best treatment possible? In today’s world, where stress and anxiety are at an all-time high, mental healthcare has become even more important. That’s why it’s essential to have the best technology in place to optimize your processes and improve your operational efficiencies, so you can focus on providing the best care to your patients. And that’s where KIPU’s Electronic Medical Records Software integration to Salesforce comes in.

With KIPU Health Salesforce Integration, you can manage occupancy, medications, and therapy sessions and facilitate your workflow all in one place. More and more behavioral health and addiction treatment centers are choosing this electronic medical record software and CRM to help them deliver efficient medical and clinical care. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits and how this integration can help your facility.

About KIPU: Electronic Medical Records Software 

This cloud-based solution explicitly developed for Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Centers enables facilities to upgrade their operations by helping them track new arrivals and discharged patients better. It helps record therapy sessions notes, create reports to evaluate treatment, share assessment, and manage medication orders more efficiently, and ensure compliance with prescribed aftercare requirements. To access KIPU, simply go to the KIPU Health EMR Login page and use your login credentials.

Why KIPU: EMR System and Salesforce Integration? 

KIPU can interface with programs like Salesforce to facilitate workflow, create new patients in KIPU, and attach PDF documents. You can enter a patient in Salesforce as a lead, complete their information on the lead object, and send any attached file to KIPU. Your team can also convert the lead to a person account, create custom settings for mapping, and pull or update admissions from Salesforce. In addition, KIPU can send information back to Salesforce to help with the Admission Record.  

This EHR system allows for bi-lateral sync with Salesforce, which enables health facilities to link up their systems, pull in the billing data from their existing Health Billing Management Software, have data come back into the admission record, set up a daily data grab, and have the payment methods be added to send to KIPU integration. 

Finally, this integration can be scaled by an expert team to support additional objects, include different KIPU fields, and accept incoming data. You can have a field mapping between KIPU and Salesforce that will integrate with the KIPU Patients UR Request endpoint to query and parse KIPU utilization review data. 

Features of KIPU to Salesforce Integration 

With KIPU’s electronic medical records software integration to Salesforce, your organization can: 

  • Create Leads 
  • Convert Leads 
  • Create Members 
  • Create Admission Records 
  • Do authentication 
  • Send data to KIPU 
  • Retrieve Member Updates 
  • Retrieve All New Admissions 
  • Retrieve All Admission Updates 
  • Retrieve Specific Admission Info 
  • Retrieve All Utilizations 
  • Retrieve All Authorizations 
  • Retrieve Specific Utilization 
  • Retrieve Specific Authorization 

The best partner to help your KIPU integration 

To get this integration, your organization needs to use KIPU’s electronic medical records software and have acquired a Salesforce license. If you are not using Salesforce yet, you can get a license through their page at this link

Whether your organization is looking to optimize their KIPU platform integrating it with Salesforce or update their existing Salesforce integration to improve the user’s experience and workflow, you need the best and most dependable partner to help you achieve your goals. Cloudsquare is a top Salesforce consulting firm with expertise in the Healthcare industry and focused on creating the best user experience for our clients, helping them maximize their ROI (return on investment), and improving their processes so they can focus on giving the best treatment for their patients. 

Contact one of our excellent Salesforce Consultants to get a quote and start leveling your organization to success!