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Fueled by passion. Our leadership team strives to lead by example and set the new standard and expectations of a company and community.

Co-Founder, Director of Delivery

Jeff Morgenstein

Jeff is the Co-Founder and Director of Delivery at Cloudsquare. He was first introduced to Salesforce in 2009, where he became the defacto Salesforce Admin. This was the push that set off serious chain of events into motion. After doing a complete implementation for a large mortgage company, he continued to perform enhancements and felt like he needed to live and breathe Salesforce every day. He started looking for Salesforce related projects and landed a job at an up-and-coming Salesforce Consulting firm in 2015. He was assigned the largest projects, became product owner of various apps and became part of the leadership team. Wanting more, he pursued an opportunity with Cloudsquare. At Cloudsquare, he oversees the entire delivery team including Project Leads, Developers, Product Owners, and Salesforce Administrators.

Fun Fact: Since childhood, Jeff has always been the guy everyone calls whenever they had a computer issue. He also has a Mini Husky named Mishka.

Co-Founder, Director of Sales

Dennis Mikhailov

Dennis is the Co-Founder and Director of Sales at Cloudsquare. Having formally studied Business Management at CSUN, he never expected to find himself in tech. He was first introduced to Salesforce while working for a well-known mortgage company in 2010 and quickly realized that Salesforce was a game changer. He left to pursue an opportunity with an up-and-comping Salesforce Consulting firm as the Vice President of Business Development. At this firm, he managed a team of Account Executives who sold Managed Packages and Salesforce Consulting Services. Wanting to provide the best Salesforce consulting experience, he Co-Founded Cloudsquare with Jeff. At Cloudsquare, he oversees the entire Sales team and helps companies transform the way they use Salesforce, while providing best in class service.

Fun Fact: Dennis has been playing Ice Hockey since he turned 12. He’s passionate about travelling and has visited over 20 countries to date.

Director of Operations

John Lynch

John manages the Operations and Technology Department and handles system implementation, data migration and reporting and analytics. (Basically, he does all the complicated techie stuff that the rest of us don’t understand.) At a young age, John discovered that he had a real knack for IT and has always been a tech geek, fiddling with the latest gadgets. Much like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (minus the rapping skills), John was born and raised outside of Philadelphia. He now lives in Brooklyn with his wife and her 2 cats. In his free time, John is a whiskey aficionado and likes to golf, play video games and readcomic books (not necessarily in that order ).

Fun Fact: John has been known to grill a mean steak, however since we have never tasted his cooking, we cannot confirm or deny if this is true.


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