How a mid-sized home improvement company earned 45% more leads and boosted sales by 24%

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After nearly two decades in business, sales and leads generation at California Energy Contractors were stagnating. Despite a strong reputation and well-respected suite of home improvement solutions, the company was still relying on the same dated processes for capturing, nurturing, and converting leads to sales. The team knew it had to modernize its customer relationship management strategy to keep up with a highly competitive market full of tech-oriented disruptors.

After nearly two decades in business, sales and leads generation at California Energy Contractors were stagnating. It was finally time to modernize the sales and lead generation process.

About California Energy Contractors: Established in 1999, California Energy Contractors is a mid-market home improvement company specializing in the sales and installation of energy efficient windows, tex-cote, roofing, and walk-in tubs.

Outdated Systems, Manual Processes

In a competitive vertical, stagnating sales and inefficient lead generation activities can spell trouble. Even companies with outstanding products and services can fall behind when they use dated customer relationship management tools (or none at all). In the case of California Energy Contractors, newcomers specializing in tech-oriented home improvement solutions were threatening to cut into the company’s long standing market share.

With no customer relationship management (CRM) solution in place, California Energy Contractors relied on manual processes for nearly all its lead generation and sales activities—many of the same processes it had been using for 18 years. This was creating inefficiencies in a number of areas:

  • Inconsistent week-over-week lead generation
  • Disorganized, time-intensive process for lead recording, profiling, and scoring
  • Limited visibility into historical appointments of existing prospects
  • Unwieldy, difficult-to-update Excel Price Books
  • Inefficient internal communications done primarily via post-it notes
  • Labor-intensive, hand-tallied performance reporting

Before implementing a tailored Salesforce solution, the company’s sales manager spent most of his day scheduling and confirming appointments, rather than managing and coaching his sales staff. And without sophisticated reporting, the company was missing out on important customer insights that might inform more effective time and resource allocation for sales and lead generation activities. As a result, staff burnout and turnover were impacting cost.

With no customer relationship management (CRM) solution in place, California Energy Contractors relied on manual processes for nearly all its lead generation and sales activities.

A Tailored Salesforce Implementation

When California Energy Contractors came to Cloudsquare, they needed more than a flat, out-of-the-box Salesforce deployment. Their team needed a cloud-based customer relationship management implementation tailored to their specific business challenges.

After a productive business process review and planning phase, California Energy Contractors successfully migrated their entire sales and marketing operation to Salesforce Sales Cloud with Chatter. Their comprehensive solution now includes:

  • Integrated Five9 Dialer inside of Salesforce with screen-pop and business intelligence
  • Robust appointment tracking process for managers to reference full customer history
  • Optimized appointment setting with integrated Geopointe app to assign reps based on the location of customers
  • Integrated company pricebooks for easy, on-the-fly pricing
  • Customized performance dashboards and reporting
  • Reset, Reload, and Rehash automation to recycle leads and upsell existing customers

Automation Leads to Immediate Results

After implementing its Salesforce solution, California Energy Contractors saw a much needed boost in two key performance indicators for their sales and marketing team:

45% ↑

increase in leads generated weekly

24% ↑

increase in the # of monthly sales

Contributing significantly to these increases were efficiency gains from process automation. The time now spent to generate a lead, for example, was reduced from eight minutes to under three. And new automated appointment setting lead to a dramatic 70% improvement in appointment confirmations along with far fewer no-shows.

Saving time was a common theme throughout this entire implementations. Administrators now spend seven fewer hours a week coordinating the lead statuses between the sales manager, reps, and executives. The ability to schedule by region thanks to Geopointe 360-degree view now creates an additional three scheduled weekly appointments per sales representative

New Insights to Help Scale Into the Future

Beyond the immediate efficiency gains and boosted sales, this new Salesforce implementation unlocked groundbreaking insights into sales team performance. The team at California Energy Contractors can now identify gaps, trends, and future projections based on qualitative customer data. The company has stabilized its place in the market and has positioned itself well to continue scaling into the future.

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