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How Coastal Waste Reduced Product Pricing Time by 75% with Cloudsquare’s Custom Salesforce Solution

An Integrated Pricing and Proposal Solution built in Salesforce revolutionizes the Solid Waste Disposal and Recycling industry, positioning the company for scalable growth.

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About the Company 

Coastal Waste & Recycling is a trusted provider of solid waste disposal and recycling services focused on offering exceptional customer service from the time the materials leave a customer’s home or place of business until they are deposited in a safe environment.  

They were looking to make all essential processes more efficient, from capturing new customer agreements on a single platform to creating a better user interface for the internal team while providing a great customer experience on the backside. However, this type of solution had never been done before for the Waste and Recyling industry. They needed an expert in the Salesforce ecosystem who could also understand their specific needs and have the innovative mindset to create something that did not yet exist. 

Headquarters: Florida

Industry: Waste and Recycling  


Services We Performed:  

  • PandaDoc Integration 
  • Service Cloud implementation 
  • Salesforce Configuration 
  • Customized Pricing Module 
  • API Integration with Google Maps 
  • Automated Processes 

The Challenge 

Unlocking Efficiency and Visibility in Sales Operations 

Coastal Waste was not using Salesforce to its full capacity and was experiencing significant inefficiencies in their business processes, particularly within sales, pricing and proposals.  

While their sales team used Salesforce to track their pipeline, they relied on inefficient, manual processes for pricing, agreements, and proposal creation, all via disconnected tools, often resulting in twenty minutes or more to generate a single price quote. In addition, the manual quote process would often lead to inaccuracies or errors, compounding the slowdown and wasted efforts. The sales team also lacked standardized templates and processes, which led to grammatical errors, formatting mistakes and generally gave an unprofessional image to prospects and customers. If that wasn’t enough, without an efficient management of their sales operations, their sales team struggled to have an up-to-date view of the sales pipeline which hindered decision-making, forecasting, and overall sales performance management. 

Altogether, these siloed inefficient systems and manual processes created poor productivity, costly errors, and hindered pipeline visibility and management capabilities.  

To get their business going in a better direction, Coastal Waste needed to have their Salesforce solution modified so they could fully leverage its capabilities, automating as many tasks as possible, reduce inefficiencies, tap into better transparency and forecasting tools, and ultimately be able provide an improved customer experience.  

Cloudsquare proved to be the perfect match for Coastal Waste’s needs. With their deep understanding of the Salesforce platform and ability to meet the unique needs required by the waste and recycling industry, they proposed a detailed solution that checked all the boxes. Coastal Waste felt comfortable and found Cloudsquare’s team very receptive to their challenges and goals and what they were trying to accomplish.  

The Solution 

Cloudsquare meticulously tailored Coastal Waste’s Salesforce platform to create a custom pricing module that perfectly aligned with Coastal Waste’s unique needs. This module quickly became the beating heart of their sales process, streamlining the pricing and proposal creation process in ways that were previously unimaginable. 

The new system was able to handle multiple pricing methods for each of their four different product groups and the unique approval processes and commission structures for each. It also featured a flexible back-end process that seamlessly calculated pricing based on various factors for each product. 

This solution also featured an exciting API integration with Google Maps, which allowed Coastal Waste to calculate prices based on travel time, disposal site costs, and addresses to effortlessly generate accurate and optimized pricing for each customer. 

The proposal process and contract management dramatically improved with the integration of PandaDoc, allowing consistent, polished looking proposals that took only a handful of minutes to create. The proposal emails were also upgraded with interactive buttons and real-time notifications to the Sales team, leading to a much happier customer base.  

The entire solution was designed with Coastal Waste’s future growth in mind. With no more manual calculations, the sales team could quickly provide quotes, eliminating errors and boosting customer satisfaction. Even better, the system administrators could effortlessly add new facilities as the company expanded into new markets, granting Coastal Waste the freedom to evolve without relying on external development assistance.  

Throughout the project, Coastal Waste was impressed with Cloudsquare’s professionalism and expertise. Cloudsquare’s team took the time to understand Coastal Waste’s specific needs and goals. The result was a groundbreaking solution that propelled Coastal Waste into a new era of efficiency where they could confidently tackle any pricing or proposal challenges that came their way.

The Results 

Results that Exceed Expectations: Boosting Efficiency and Business Growth 

The transformative power of Cloudsquare’s solution brought remarkable improvements to Coastal Waste’s operations within the first six to seven months after implementation: 

  • Reduced the time it took to price a product from twenty minutes to five, achieving a 75% reduction in time spent.
  • Google Maps integration led to an unheard-of accuracy in pricing, scheduling, and planning 
  • Sales cycles got faster overall, as customers could more easily indicate their interest, and sales reps could promptly move forward with generating contracts 
  • 100% of their customer service agreements now flow through Salesforce, with PandaDoc signature software providing professional templates and contracts. 
  • Achieved 100% user adoption across the company, transitioning from minimal Salesforce usage to widespread adoption. 
  • Enabled superior decision-making by selecting optimal landfills and monitoring truck timelines. 
  • Equipped Coastal Waste to scale operations across geographic regions while maintaining exceptional customer service. 

In short, Coastal Waste’s project with Cloudsquare was a huge success. The entire pricing and proposal system was overhauled, leading to huge improvements in efficiency. The sales team is now enabled to provide better and faster customer service, trucks are more efficient and saving the company time and money, and Coastal Waste as a whole is better equipped to grow and scale. 

With the first and second phases of the project yielding such remarkable results, Coastal Waste eagerly anticipates the next phase, which extends the solution to other lines of their business, aiming for 100% communication through Salesforce by the end of the year. For the third phase, Cloudsquare is integrating with Coastal Waste’s ERP system while building out Service Cloud and a game-changing ‘change order’ functionality.  

The journey to optimization continues, and with Cloudsquare’s expertise, Coastal Waste is well on its way to unlocking even greater efficiency and excellence in their processes. 

‘‘The collaborative effort and the ease of communication really have made this project a success and wanting us to move forward with more.  

Lisa Kramer 
Corporate Sales Coordinator 

“I was pleasantly surprised with the end result. This project was a huge undertaking, and I had fairly high expectations.  Cloudsquare’s team exceeded them with a great final product that improved our user and customer experience.”  

Matt Wentzel 
VP of Sales & Marketing 

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