Integrating Siloed Systems to Improve Partner Program Management

How the implementation of Service Cloud and the integration of disparate systems in Salesforce helped a provider in payment solutions improve their team's productivity and partner program management.


Integrity, Transparency, Commitment

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About EPSG

EPSG is a provider in integrated payment solutions built on three basic principles- integrity, transparency, and commitment. Their expertise at integrating multiple platforms allows their sales partners to support their customers’ hardware and software solutions.

EPSG helps their sales partners sell better, smarter, and faster with their electronic merchant services application platform. They also offer solution for Merchant, providing low rates and world class customer service and technical support.

Headquarters: Melville, NY

Industry: Financial Services

Webpage: goepsg.com

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The challenge.

Bottlenecks with current technology stack was hindering the company’s customers experience.

EPSG was experiencing many bottlenecks with its latest technology stack and multiple systems. This was translating into a poor experience for the company’s customers, as well as hindering the efficiency and productivity of their team. They had selected Salesforce to be the front-end system and required the platform to be able to manage partner prospecting, onboarding, relationships, partner program management, as well as to be able to integrate it with outside systems. They required Salesforce to be able to manage the Merchants that have acquired credit card processing services through one of the processing companies, provide customer support, manage deployment of equipment to merchants, as well as integrate with outside systems.

In addition, they were using FinancialForce as a tool, but it had not been optimized to cover EPSG’s needs, as it was implemented in Classic, rather than Lightning. The page layouts were not clean, settings were not properly configured, Page loading was very slow, and errors were displayed. The implementation of FinancialForce, along with the other custom and packaged automation, caused the system to act slower when loading certain pages. Finally, the EPSG team had not been properly trained on FinancialForce functionality. In order to leveraged FinancialForce effectively, additional efforts were required to optimize the implementation for this to work faster than it has before.

The Solution

In order to deliver the project in the shortest timeline possible and cover all the requirements EPSG needed Cloudsquare separated the project in two phases.

Phase 1

  • Cloudsquare’s team did a full Sandbox Code Review where they documented a summary of the automation’s functionality and organized the data in an easy to reference spreadsheet, then injected kill switches into all Apex triggers that reside in full sandbox to be able to enable and disable triggers easily. They worked on the Partner prospecting and program creation by gathering, eliciting, and validating requirements to deployed dependent components from Sandbox to Production.
  • Cloudsquare also installed and configured HelloSign from Salesforce AppExchange, set the generation of the appropriate Sales Partner Package with the correspondent schedule, worked on the Partner management, and supported the client on configuring Jitterbit to sync specific data from Salesforce with the Data Warehouse, integrating Smart App with Salesforce, CMS with Data Warehouse and building a data migration strategy for migrating sales partners, referral partners, programs and programs details, contracts, payouts and mods.
  • Finally, Cloudsquare created a Global Console Lightning App with appropriate tabs, utility bar and layouts.

Phase 2

  • The team worked on Merchant Management. They set tracking for Merchants’ profiles, bank information, and pricing agreement. They also set tracking for Pricing Codes, contracts, and stipulations required.
  • Cloudsquare worked on the partner support, giving the system the ability to identify types of partners, escalate cases after a certain amount of time, report on case turnaround time, and set flags on account to identify partners and VIP partners.

The Results

EPSG is now able to prospect for Sales and referral partners by utilizing leads.

  • They can easily create a Sales Partner’s Program, send a completely merged contract from Salesforce to the Sales Partner with the help of HelloSign, as well as send merged contracts to Referral Agents.
  • They can do any adjustments required to the Sales Partner’s Program from the account record.
  • With the Smart App integration, EPSG can determine when new Sales Partners have been onboarded and allow Sales Partners to view all their contracts.
  • EPGS is able to manage their merchants, their pricing, as well as adjust the merchant’s pricing in Salesforce.
  • They can provide optimal support to partners with the implementation of Service Cloud. They can identify problems, VIP partners and report on case turnaround time.
  • The deployment team can now track the merchant’s awaiting deployment by also utilizing cases.
  • The team can track costs as well as generate UPS return labels all within Salesforce.

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