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How Everlasting Capital Made Their Submission Process 80% Faster with Cloudsquare Submit

An intuitive decision management tool built in Salesforce drastically reduced the lending submission process time by 80%, propelling the company toward remarkable growth.

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About the Company 

Everlasting Capital is a distinguished national business finance solutions provider that redefines lending and financing by consistently providing outstanding customer experiences and innovative, world-class services with creative financing options.  

The company faced scaling challenges as they aimed to enhance organization and efficiency while maintaining outstanding customer experiences. They needed a solution that could streamline their submission and approval processes and simplify their underwriting process by eliminating the uncertainties in choosing the right recipients for submissions. 

Company’s Name: Everlasting Capital 

Industry: Financial Services 

Website: www.everlastingcapital.com 

Service We Performed:  

  • Cloudsquare Submit Implementation 
  • Custom Salesforce Configuration 

The Challenge 

Simplifying Processes and Embracing Technology for Efficiency 

For Everlasting Capital, the primary challenge lay in automating their lengthy submission process, simplifying intricate underwriting procedures, and accelerating the often time-consuming approval cycle. The company struggled with the labor-intensive task of manually deciding where to submit various transactions. This process took up a lot of time and effort. Additionally, they had to analyze past submission data to guide current decisions, a task that wasn’t error-free. 

Their business complexity was another challenge. Everlasting Capital dealt with both working capital and equipment financing, and needed a flexible solution that could work for multiple lending verticals.  

In addition, they were concerned about costs and the effort to adopt a new solution, which had held them back from implementing the solution before. However, as industry competitors had already embraced automated processes, Everlasting Capital lagged behind with a slower, manual system that delayed their response time. 

As their business expanded, they hit a ceiling as it became clear their manual methods weren’t scalable. They needed a more technology-driven approach to keep up. Despite having some reservations about using technology for the critical task of submissions, and with some inspiration from seeing their peers thrive with the approach, they realized that innovation was necessary to stay competitive and efficient. 

The Solution 

Driven both by the business workflow needs and a reduced staff due to the pandemic, Everlasting Capital approached Cloudsquare, having been previously introduced to their Cloudsquare Submit software.  

Cloudsquare Submit is an intuitive decision management tool with an easily refinable submission channel that helps brokers and lenders build a continuously improving submissions process directly inside Salesforce. 

With Submit, Everlasting Capital could expedite the submission of deals, significantly reducing the time taken for approvals and with automated data mapping, the system eliminated submission errors that often-plagued manual processes. 

Submit’s end-to-end lender decisioning management provided the ability to track rejected deals, observe offers returned by lenders, and maintain a comprehensive offer history for each lender. By diligently using the system, they could refine their lender criteria scoring models, identify their best partners and discover new opportunities as the system adapted itself to their business over time.  

Submit is natively designed, through various lender profiles, to be able to handle multiple lending verticals, products and offers, which was perfect for Everlasting Capital. Both of the verticals they serviced could be managed independently, allowing the company to handle different types of lending simultaneously. In addition, the system offered granular control over lender submission profiles, accommodating the intricate demands of different products. 

The Results 

Streamlined Processes Made Submitting applications 80% faster 

The integration of CS Submit into Everlasting Capital’s operations yielded tangible and substantial outcomes that propelled the company towards heightened efficiency and remarkable growth: 

  • The implementation of CS Submit led to a remarkable reduction in time expenditure by approximately 80%. 
  • The time required for submitting applications saw a dramatic reduction, from around 20 minutes per application to approximately 5 minutes. 
  • Everlasting Capital witnessed an unprecedented revenue record, surpassing all previous achievements in the past five years. 
  • CS Submit played a pivotal role in obtaining more application approvals and securing a higher number of funded deals. 
  • The accuracy of CS Submit matched or exceeded the quality of the manual process. 
  • The system’s submissions consistently adhered to high standards, resulting in a significant improvement in submission quality. 
  • While human judgment still plays a role in certain scenarios, the solution remarkably expedited decision-making, enabling faster approvals. 

Everlasting Capital experienced a profound transformation. The manual scrutiny of every lender’s submission was replaced with an automated system that streamlined the review process. The solution’s flexibility enabled the submission of non-qualified applicants, further enhancing their operational agility.  

With CS Submit’s emphasis on user experience, Everlasting Capital could submit deals to multiple lending partners swiftly and seamlessly. The solution’s automated logic calculated filter criteria, assisting processors in making informed decisions about which lenders to submit to.  

Finally, Cloudsquare’s support in implementing all lenders by populating data into a spreadsheet further simplified the transition. And, for Everlasting, the ease of adding new lenders and tweaking criteria in response to evolving needs was a testament to the user-friendly nature of Cloudsquare Submit. 

In conclusion, implementing CS Submit brought about profound operational improvements for Everlasting Capital. The solution’s efficiency gains, time-saving attributes, and enhanced submission quality contributed to record-breaking revenues and an unprecedented trajectory of success.  


‘Thanks to CS Submit, last month we beat our all-time revenue record for a month. It has been all-time high, but we haven’t been able to beat the record in five years and now we did. We are on track to have the best year that we have ever had.’ 

Josh Feinberg 
President / CEO 
Everlasting Capital 

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