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A Scalable Salesforce Solution for Better Customer Management

Implementing a Salesforce Customer Community portal helped a wellness services provider manage their members better while achieving their long-term growth potential.

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About Wellness IQ

Wellness IQ is a wellness services provider that works collaboratively with consultants and employers to implement wellness solutions. They help employers design a wellness program that is closely aligned with the culture and values of the organization to promote an environment of employee engagement and measurable results.

Because of their integrated portfolio of solutions that includes a selection of nationally acclaimed wellness providers, they are considered as a national leader in the wellness and benefits markets.

Headquarters: Cleveland, Ohio

Industry: Employee Wellness and Benefits

Webpage: www.wellnessiq.net

Services we performed:

· Salesforce Enhancement

· Data Migration

· Salesforce Integration

· Ongoing Support

The challenge.

The lack of a scalable solution was hindering the company’s growth.

Wellness IQ was using Joomla and multiple SQL databases to manage its eligibility and billing processes. These systems had been extremely customized to appease the needs of their customers, and these customizations were creating many difficulties, leading to inefficiency, long manual processes for reporting, and were causing double entry in many areas.

Furthermore, the lack of a scalable solution was hindering the company from achieving its long-term growth potential.

Cloudsquare needed to replace the existing SQL databases and the Joomla portal with a solution that completely lives on the Salesforce platform and could be scalable as the company grows.

The Solution

A Salesforce Customer Community to help Wellness IQ customers manage their members.

Cloudsquare decided to implement a Salesforce Customer Community that will provide a customer-facing portal for Wellness IQ customers to manage their members and review their billing history.

Cloudsquare’s team migrated Wellness IQ’s data from the highly customized Joomla portal and SQL database onto Salesforce and configured a Customer Community portal for customers to log in, review and process their eligibility submissions. They configured it so Wellness IQ’s team could track customers, customers’ members, and eligibility submissions. Additionally, the team created quick actions on Salesforce for Portal Users to add members, term members, and make changes to members manually for

eligibility, as well as a user interface to allow users to make eligibility updates to their members via CSV upload and FTP.

Furthermore, Cloudsquare built an integration with the various carriers for a completely automated solution. They integrated with Vitality, RedBrick, and Virgin Pulse via FTP to be able to submit the required eligibility file on a scheduled basis and built automation to send emails when files were successfully sent or erred out when sending eligibility files to carriers.

Finally, Cloudsquare’s team implemented a billing module to assist the team in tracking customers and carrier billing, invoices for ancillary services, and calculating commissions due to resellers. For this, the team created a custom object to track billing schedules, set schedule automation to update the member’s effective rate, updated the eligibility summary page to calculate the billing estimate, and allowed portal users to view the billing estimate before confirming their eligibility submission. The team also installed Easy

PDF by Salesforce Labs to generate PDF invoices; they installed and configured Autofy and created workflows to push customers and approve invoice information from Salesforce to QuickBooks via Autofy.

The Results

A robust and scalable infrastructure to continue to add on as they grow.

  • Wellness IQ can now manage their members, upload eligibility files either manual or via FTP, and review their billing history.
  • They have significantly reduced the costs of their existing maintenance of Joomla, SQL, and access databases while having a large portion of their business workflow on the Salesforce platform.
  • The configuration of a Customer Community portal for customers allows specific customers to enter new members into the portal via CSV upload, FTP, or manually. Also, customers can process the file against any validations and correct them within the portal with a few clicks.
  •  The billing module implemented provided an efficient and productive workflow that will enable billing to access the data and reports they need with a few clicks.
  •  In addition to finally having a system that the team can trust is accurate, they now have a robust and scalable infrastructure, on which they can continue to add to the remaining business process such as TPA rewards, quoting, and automated billing.
  •  This successful undertaking strengthened the partnership between Cloudsquare’s team and Wellness IQ, which resulted in the development of more projects to upgrade and improve their business processes in different teams like Sales and Accounting to allow for a more scalable and extensible platform.

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