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2626 Cole Ave. Ste 300,
Dallas, TX 75204,
United States

(833) 344-8850

Dallas’s diverse, cosmopolitan, and eclectic vibe attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year to this booming city, making it an ideal town to place our Salesforce Consulting services, for our team members to grow and thrive professionally and help companies innovate and bring their vision to life.

Being a diverse and multicultural company, we feel drawn to this inspiring place. As one of the country’s largest metro areas, Dallas offers an explosion of cultural activities, active downtown businesses, and a high percentage of job growth.

What makes Cloudsquare the best Salesforce Consulting Partner in Dallas?

Cloudsquare is a trusted and certified Salesforce Consulting partner offering services to businesses in Dallas, Texas. Our seasoned and experienced team of consultants, solution architects, developers, and administrators bring to every project a unique set of skills that allow us to address any challenge in your company, no matter its complexity.

Our approach of ‘process first, technology second’ allows us to work next to your team to identify any issue and architect the most scalable, unique, and elegant solution for every project. We take care of your business and look out for your best interests by developing solutions that will bring measurable outcomes and your Salesforce goals to life.

We have successfully completed more than 150 implementations, which gives our talented team the expertise to create the most customized and scalable solution for your business and the knowledge to help you get the most benefits out of your Salesforce platform.

Cloudsquare is also a certified AppExchange partner. We have developed our own ready-made AppExchange Salesforce products designed to face several industries’ issues and inefficiencies. Our experience building these applications makes us the perfect Salesforce Development partner to bring your ideas to life.

Cloudsquare Services

At Cloudsquare, we provide Salesforce consulting, implementation and development services, and managed services to businesses across different industries looking to transform their existing processes through Salesforce clouds and products. Whether you are new to Salesforce or have been using it for a while, we have the skillsets and expertise to successfully face any challenge from start to finish.
We collaborate with your team to evaluate and identify your business challenges, goals, and ideal outcomes and build tailored and scalable applications and solutions that would work for your entire organization. You can trust our expertise to design the most suitable solutions that would fit with how things actually work in your organization.
We offer the following Salesforce consulting services in Dallas, TX:


We help you with your implementation project from start to finish. Our implementation services go from consulting and configuration to customization, integrations, and support.

Whether you want to increase your system functionality with a new Salesforce implementation or need to phase your current Salesforce package into a better version, we partner with you to understand your workflow and processes to design the best implementation plan across various Salesforce products. Additionally, you can count on our support to plan for successful user adoption.

With more than 150 completed implementations, we have the expertise to transform your business through Salesforce clouds and 3rd party integrations and help you achieve your short and long-term Salesforce goals.

New Implementation
Get up and running with Salesforce and unleash the full potential of its products in your organization in no time. This service is ideal for businesses looking to start with Salesforce for the first time with a single or multi-cloud implementation. Our team will collaborate with you to evaluate your existing processes and deliver the perfect solution for your organization.

Perfect for Salesforce users looking to optimize their existing platform to fine-tune it with their existing processes. Suppose your current Salesforce implementation doesn’t seem to be working for your organization. In that case, we have the experience to implement a more streamlined version of your existing system or redesign and build your platform into a better version while maintaining the necessary workflows to perform successfully.

Managed Services

With this service, you will get a partner who can contribute a variety of skills on demand. This service is ideal if you want to continue enhancing your Salesforce instances or need to optimize the existing processes and update their functionalities.

We will assist you by introducing new features and best practices to your Salesforce environment and providing Salesforce Health Assessments and custom-built dashboards to gain access to insightful data.


We offer a wide range of Salesforce-related services, from developing new apps ready for AppExchange to customizing existing applications, API integrations, Apex development, and more.

We can help you develop Salesforce-based applications that will allow your team to get real-time data from a single source of truth. Create complex applications and versatile solutions, extend the best of Salesforce to any mobile device, and develop cloud-based apps to allow clients and employees to manage their platform easily without any technical knowledge.

Lightning Components
Build dynamic and responsive applications and automate your business processes to provide the best customer experience.

Apex Development
With Apex development, we will add business logic to your system events and create on-demand applications that will fit your business needs.

API Integrations
Seamlessly integrate other applications with Salesforce’s main components and leverage all of the platform’s benefits to get the most scalable solution for your organization.


With our reliable Salesforce consulting services in Dallas, our consultants can easily engage with your team and adapt to architect solutions that will meet any organization’s Salesforce needs and maximize your Salesforce investment.

Help your team reduce the time it takes to perform tasks and increase their productivity by automating your business processes and implementing tailored and robust solutions that will bring the ideal outcomes to your business.

Salesforce Products We Implement

With Salesforce clouds and products, we can transform your existing workflows and customize the Salesforce platform so it’s designed specifically for you. Upgrade your business with our help and guidance, and leverage Salesforce products to bring more opportunities to your business. Improve your organization through the following Salesforce products.
Sales Cloud
Sales Cloud
Allow your rep to be more effective by automating daily sale tasks and providing your team with accurate information to better track sales opportunities, boost growth, and close deals faster and smarter.
Service Cloud
Service Cloud
Empower your team by having all digital interactions in one place and elevate your customer service management to meet clients’ expectations every time, engage with them in their favorite channel and provide faster and personalized service.
Marketing Cloud
Marketing Cloud
Salesforce covers everything from automation and email marketing to digital advertising, data management, and more. Unify marketing and sales in one platform, Power every interaction with Artificial intelligence, gain a complete view of every customer and make more accurate decisions with real-time data.
Experience Cloud
Experience Cloud
Get mobile-optimized and easy-to-use digital experiences, pull data from any source to Experience Cloud, and tailor experiences for different types of users to improve loyalty and retention.
CPQ & Billing
CPQ & Billing
Automate your quote to cash lifecycle, increase the productivity of your sales team, speed up cash collection, and facilitate the buying process to accelerate new revenue streams. Take control of your revenue growth on every channel.
Financial Services Cloud
Financial Services Cloud
Accelerate your digital process innovation, get insightful data through the customer lifecycle, build extraordinary customer trust, and improve the team's productivity by implementing a digital platform designed for financial institutions like banks, wealth managers, and insurance companies.
Tableau Analytics
Tableau Analytics
Find, share data safely across teams, monitor and manage your business in real-time, make data more accessible to drive your business forward, and build deeper connections with customers. Enhance your Customer 360 with Tableau’s analytic apps, dashboard templates, and more.
Nonprofit Success Pack
Nonprofit Success Pack
Get a unified view of the data across Fundraising and Programs and a holistic view of your community to engage and share your expertise. Organize consistent data, track any type of program, use reporting features to make better decisions, and empower your mission with the help of NPSP.

Customer Reviews

We have over a hundred successfully completed projects, with a high rate of satisfaction and review score.
We love our customers, and they love us back! Hear what they have to say about our partnership with them!

“Everything we needed and more.

Not often do products deliver on all the promises they make. In this case, we got more than expected. This out of the box solution has all the bells and whistles built-in and allowed us to hit the ground running, instead of taking the time to build things out ourselves. Great product well worth the money.’’

John Celifarco,
Horizon Funding Group

“They were always available for me, and that was important. Cloudsquare met the client’s needs and provided what was needed to consider the engagement a success. They introduced the team to different communication methods to ensure that they were always available. Their experience and reliability were also key to an excellent partnership.”

Mike Pessar Manager,
THINK Mortgage

“I liked how professional they were and how communicative they were every step of the way. They really took the time to understand our unique needs and worked out a solution that was perfect for us.
I can honestly say that we don’t have one complaint. Everything went smoothly and without any problems at all.

Our overall experience was fantastic! They met with us, paid attention to our needs, and went above and beyond what was expected. They got the job done quickly and effectively and I would highly recommend them!

John Lynch,
SBG Funding

‘They’re quick, efficient, and extremely responsive and communicative on a personal level.
Cloudsquare’s work has driven efficiencies in our sales and management processes and helped us scale our business. They show their genuine commitment to the client’s success by communicating well, devoting their utmost attention, and providing optimal solutions for our needs.’

Zach Fiddle
Co-Founder, President & CEO

“Great experience

After months of building out Salesforce and running into walls when it came to development, we decided to shop for an alternative. All the features you would want to build are already built for you and work smoothly. Great customer support and a reasonable subscription cost. Highly recommend.”

Dov Kauderer,

“Cloudsquare is a great company, it is always a pleasure working with them and their software is excellent! We use BrokerSuite and love it.”

Danny Ferrara
CTO, Bankroll

“Their team is well-versed in addressing Salesforce issues, and they are responsive when called upon.
Company workflows are now automated, and Salesforce problems are less frequent. Cloudsquare succeeds in remaining attentive and patient, a product of their client-focused approach. The team is driven to meet objectives and provide top-notch Salesforce consultation.”

David Ortiz
David Ortiz Advisors, Inc.

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