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Use Salesforce Experience Cloud to deliver personalized, fast, and feature-rich digital customer journeys, create strong customer engagement, drive customer relationships, and strengthen the collaboration between your teams.
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Build Secure Sites, Portals, and Forums with Salesforce Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud is an online social platform built on Salesforce with an integrated set of technologies that provides you with the necessary tools to design, configure and manage the fastest and most beautiful digital experiences for your customers and partners and helps you achieve your business objectives in no time. 
  • Enable customers to interact with real-time data
  • Knowledge base and community help users find solutions to their problems
  • Help your remote employees to better connect and collaborate with HR
  • Have more successful management of your partners
  • Create commerce channels to sell and connect with consumers online


  • Provides better management of each aspect of the end-user experience
  • Connect with your partners and ensure a more effective collaboration
  • Minimize the daily burden of your support team
  • Integrated with Google Analytics to help you track the usage of your sites
  • Keep new and current customers engaged by building marketing sites
  • Provide better interaction between customers, experts, and partners
  • Provide a better user experience and increase customer retention
  • Provides the right tools to create the most suitable digital experience platform for your business

What’s Included?

Salesforce Experience Cloud offers the right tools for the experience you want to build. Discover the most outstanding features Experience Cloud brings to the table and how it can help you grow your business. 
Business Integration

Use data from any system to deliver relevant experiences and qualify leads, help customers escalate support cases, and allow your employees to easily collaborate and share files.


Personalize your website for customers. Help them find relevant content faster, connect them to groups and experts based on their behavior, and provide a complete view of community members.


Create self-service portals for customer service, design responsive portals to help customers find answers, deliver tailored sales content, develop custom digital experiences, and more.

Customization and Branding

Improve your content management system, choose prebuilt themes and templates to start working right out of the box, and customize them to fit your brand.


Deliver your customized digital experiences across any mobile device. Facilitating the access to sites from anywhere at any time.


Keep members engaged by rewarding loyalty, recognizing active members, enabling user badging, and empowering members to endorse others as experts on specific topics.

Management and Analytics

Get insightful analytics to understand how users use the community, their engagement, interest, and more, and manage the data, whoever you want.

Business Integration Personalization  Templates Customization and Branding Mobile Engagement Management and Analytics

Salesforce Experience Cloud Use Cases

Salesforce Experience Cloud offers the right tools for the experience you want to build. Discover the most outstanding features Experience Cloud brings to the table and how it can help you grow your business.

Partner Relationship Management
Quickly recruit, onboard, and manage your channel partner and optimize your channel management, customizing channel structures and enhancing partner satisfaction.

Content Management
Create, manage and scale content across any channel. You can launch microsites and landing pages, go-live faster, personalize experiences, and build loyalty with connected customer interaction.

Customer Service
Empower self-service help centers and forums for peer-to-peer support and provide them with everything they need at every stage of their journey.

B2B Commerce Sites
Create personalized B2B buyer experiences to increase retention, accelerate revenue, and move to a more customer-focused model.

Michael Boluwaji
Project Manager
Cristobal Treviño Leal
Solution Architect
Greg Catling
Business Analyst

The Cloudsquare Difference

Innovative Salesforce Solutions. Lifelong Consulting Partners.

Cloudsquare is a certified Salesforce Consulting partner with over 200 successfully completed projects and implementations across various industries and sectors. We take advantage of the Salesforce infrastructure to deliver innovative, future-proof, and robust solutions to clients and customers.

We offer a boutique touch to our enterprise-level client services to create a more personalized consulting experience and long-term business optimization partnerships. We listen to your unique business requirements and architect a roadmap focusing on your essential needs and removing unnecessary features.

When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Reliability
  • A ‘Process First’ Approach
  • Rapid Response Times
  • Open and Transparent Communication
  • Quick Deployment and Flexible Project Management
  • Ongoing Support and Documentation
  • West Coast, East Coast, and Everywhere in Between

With our Salesforce subject matter experts and unique approach, we can help you build robust end-to-end solutions that would meet your business needs, no matter your industry. With our help, you can create a better business, grow, and achieve your short and long-term goals.

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The biggest success is for our clients

“Experts In Implementation! As a startup company we faced a few unique challenges. The team at Cloudsquare helped us with our initial Salesforce implementation and launch. They helped us map out what we would need for the future and developed a strategic, custom solution that we can grow into. We have been extremely impressed by Cloudsquare and their expertise and attention to detail.”
Kevin Lynch
VP of Sales

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What is Salesforce Experience Cloud?
Experience Cloud is a software and online social platform that allows businesses to create branded digital experiences connected to their Salesforce CRM.
What are the differences between Experience Cloud vs Community Cloud?
Experience Cloud was formerly known as ‘Community Cloud.’ With its rebranding, Experience Cloud is not limited to communities anymore. You can create various digital experiences like portals, help centers, websites, B2B commerce sites, and more.
Is Experience Cloud safe?
During the Spring’ 21 Release, Salesforce delivered many new enhancements for Experience Cloud. One of them is new security features that remove some guest user object permissions, increasing the protection of the org.
What are the types of Salesforce Experience Cloud licenses?
There are four main Experience Cloud types of license: Customer Community, Partner Community, Channel account, and External App.
Can I learn how to implement Experience Cloud on my own?
You can learn everything about Experience Cloud using Salesforce’s learning platform, Trailhead.
Does Experience Cloud have any mobile options?
Yes. There are many mobile options to use Experience Cloud. You can find out more about them here or contact one of our Salesforce Subject Matter experts to learn how Experience Cloud can improve your organization.