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Extend Salesforce’s potential with powerful 3rd party integrations to improve productivity and collaboration and help you make better decisions to run your business.
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Add more functionality to your Salesforce Platform with powerful Integrations

Connect your Salesforce platform with your most used 3rd party applications to:
  • Boost your team’s productivity
  • Automate key processes
  • Provide your team with critical data to improve sales and marketing strategies
  • Take your Salesforce experience to a new level

Cloudsquare’s Top Salesforce Integrations

For our expert team, there is no integration challenge too complex to be architected with Salesforce. We can build something custom, use middleware, or leverage with a 3rd party solution. Below is a list of our most recent custom integrations and AppExchange products with which we’ve integrated Salesforce.

Custom Integrations

Helps Behavioral Health providers streamline the admission process of existing and new patients from Sunwave EMR to Salesforce CRM. Synchronize Account IDs between the two systems, manage the entire admission process from lead to collections, and more.

Help your business plan in the most effortless and productive way with Cvent to Salesforce Integration. View all the data related to attendees and past/current meeting activities, facilitate your team’s end-to-end access to the complete event cycle directly from Salesforce, personalize interactions, and much more.

Enable Sales Reps to get full visibility of the customers’ credit status and the AR department to manage the entire collection cycle within Salesforce. Track customer payments, automate the management of overdue accounts, and maximize your returns by automating the collection processes.

Improve the visibility of data, facilitate the engagement of account managers with brokers, automate internal processes’ actions, get noticed automatically on accounts updates, and more.

Leverage the best of both worlds and create a seamless workflow across your organization. Sync your customer data, orders, invoices, payments, and inventory between the two systems, eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors. Automate your business processes and streamline your operations, such as creating quotes, generating invoices, updating records, and sending notifications.

Allows Medical Practices to track patients’ admission records during the complete admission process and beyond. Provide your sales team with an end-to-end view of the whole admission process and additional insights into what happened to an opportunity after the sales process.

Enable your organization to share information between Salesforce and Jira to improve collaboration and take advantage of both platforms’ full capabilities. Improve the productivity of sales, development, and project management teams, and get a consolidated and holistic view of issues from Salesforce.

Create more omnichannel experiences across your business, manage payroll, reduce the development and testing timelines, and use the features of PeopleSoft while using Salesforce.

Get a cost-effective place to store and analyze your Salesforce data and get a 360-degree business view. Pull data from Salesforce whenever they are updated and apply the updates to Redshift.

Embrace the unique advantages of having Salesforce managing the front-end information of your business – customers interaction and sales data – and SAP on the back-end handling purchase history, billing, and financial data.

Optimize the processes of your health center and deliver the most efficient medical and clinical care to patients by integrating KIPU EMR with Salesforce. Authenticate members easily, operate efficiently between platforms, and seamlessly retrieve specific data from KIPU to Salesforce and vice versa.

Boost your Sales and Finance team’s productivity by automating the quote to cash process and providing a real-time 360° view of QuickBooks data in Salesforce. Reduce the double data entry, create custom templates and tailor reminders for invoices, track invoices status in Salesforce, and more.

Connect your prospects to people in real-time through conversation and get a better understanding of how each buyer’s journey impacts your business.

Streamline your sales and order management operations with this integration in Salesforce. Facilitate the checking process of inventory levels in the warehouse for your salespeople in the field. Improve the efficiency of your sales team, ensuring everything is in stock and ready for shipping.

Sync contact data, retrieve a list of fields from an object and filter records, model the data better, and provide a better understanding of the data at hand.

Reduce manual data entry time by automating the website’s data synchronization into Salesforce. Add the submission forms on your website to your CRM as leads, track the performance of your forms, make changes to forms and respond to clients’ inquiries faster.

Work your patient financial management software in our Salesforce CRM. Create patient records in Salesforce, track patient status, classify the type of Risk Classes or receive payment details all in one platform.

Manage refunds, send payments, and all Braintree transactions in Salesforce. Simplify the payment for large enterprise merchants, reduce costs and provide class-leading support.

Get a seamless collaboration between sales and other teams with Zendesk Salesforce integration. View Zendesk tickets in Salesforce from an Account, Contact, or Opportunity page, share Zendesk data with your rep inside Salesforce, and provide the support team full visibility into the customer’s profile in Salesforce in real-time.

AppExchange Integrations

Automate the e-signing process in your Salesforce platform, simplify the approval workflows, and accelerate the time of delivery while improving your customers’ signing experience.

Take advantage of all Gmail’s unique characteristics in Salesforce. Keep a better record of all email correspondence your company has with clients and prospects without the hassle of toggling between tools.

Quickly integrate Salesforce with different databases, software, and apps. Reduce time and effort in automating the import and export of critical data from Salesforce.

Improve the working environment of your organization as a whole with this integration with Salesforce. Sync your Salesforce records with Slack to close deals more efficiently, get immediate customer feedback, and adapt to that feedback instantly.

Streamline your workflows, automate your document signing processes, and improve your customer experience. With Adobe Sign, you can send, track, and manage contracts, proposals, and other documents directly from Salesforce. Use pre-built templates, custom branding, and e-signature features to create professional and secure documents.

Run your business like a pro with this Salesforce integration. Increase our marketing and sales team’s efficiency, share intelligence and tactics between departments and get better context and insights to measure campaign success and ROI.

Experience Salesforce right in Outlook with this 100% cloud-based integration. Eliminate the chance for data entry errors, get context into what’s happening with your leads and manage Salesforce tasks without leaving Outlook.

Get a rich and easy-to-use interface designed to integrate clients’ conversations with your workflows in Salesforce seamlessly.

Improve the capabilities of Twilio and Salesforce to provide the best customer experience. Use SMS messaging directly on your Salesforce platform, schedule messages, view customers’ entire messaging history, and improve customer communication.

Select richly formatted templates with data from any object in Salesforce, create templates through a Template builder, automate manual document generation methods and make your Salesforce users more productive.

Get a 360-degree view of your customer experience, send automated surveys across any channel, and map real-time feedback data into Salesforce.

Manage all eCommerce objects from a single app. Sync multiple Shopify stores, optimize order processing, and track sales transactions with Salesforce.

Sync your contacts and data between Salesforce and Mogli SMS systems. Send automated text messages based on triggers and workflows in Salesforce, track and measure the performance of your text campaigns in both systems, segment and target your audience based on their preferences and behavior and improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty with timely and relevant messages.

Enable Salesforce integrations with your favorite apps with the predefined template, customize automations, easily capture key data, and save time for what really matters.

Sync your sales leads and contacts from Salesforce to Mailchimp and target contacts with specialized email content. View Mailchimp campaign activity and reports in Salesforce, build segments in your Mailchimp audience, and customize the application to improve the management of Mailchimp data in Salesforce.

Improve your Service Management experience with RingCentral to Salesforce integration. Increase call efficiency, enhance the quality of your customer interactions, make and receive calls straight from your Salesforce account, assign call dispositions, log calls, and more.

Access your customer data from Salesforce in your Titan apps and use Titan’s features to enhance your Salesforce workflows. Whether you want to build a custom dashboard, a chatbot, or a data analysis tool, integrating Salesforce with Titan can help you achieve your goals faster and easier.

Salesforce CRM Integration Benefits

  • Turn Salesforce into your single source of truth.
  • Improve productivity by eliminating the need to copy and paste data between different systems.
  • Manage your time more efficiently.
  • Eliminates human mistakes done when transferring data between systems.
  • Secure sharing of data across disparate systems and applications.
  • Improve the collaboration between your team.
  • Personalize your Salesforce experience according to your business needs.
  • Improve decision-making by having your data available in one place.
Cloudsquare | Salesforce Integration
Cristobal Treviño Leal
Solution Architect
Cloudsquare | Salesforce Integration
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Project Manager
Cloudsquare | Salesforce Integration
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The Cloudsquare Difference

Innovative Salesforce Solutions. Lifelong Consulting Partners

Cloudsquare is a Salesforce Consulting and Implementation Partner with over 200+ successful projects and system integrations with the Salesforce Platform. Our team’s business knowledge, comprehensive approach, high-quality standards, and Salesforce expertise have helped us integrate the CRM with various applications across different industries to deliver future-proof and solid solutions, so our clients get the most out of their Salesforce environment.

With Salesforce Integrations, we help small and big businesses create more personalized interactions, automate their business processes, and build more client loyalty and increased retention.

With Cloudsquare, you get a reliable and innovative Salesforce Partner who offers:

  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Reliability
  • A ‘Process First’ Approach
  • Rapid Response Times
  • Open and Transparent Communication
  • Quick Deployment and Flexible Project Management
  • Ongoing Support and Documentation
  • West Coast, East Coast, and Everywhere in Between
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Startup broker uses Salesforce to originate working capital loans.
A Service Cloud implementation in Salesforce for Partner Program and Merchant Management improves customer experience and increases the team’s productivity and efficiency.
How the implementation of Service Cloud for partner prospecting and program process and integrations in Salesforce helped a provider in integrated payment solutions improve their team’s productivity and partner prospecting.

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