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Strengthen every aspect of your marketing strategy and get powerful insights to make intelligent business decisions with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
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Getting to know your customers has never been easier

Salesforce Marketing Cloud supports many facets of marketing, like audience building and segmentation, customer journeys, and multi-channel campaigns, allowing your business to power customer interaction with AI.

Now, you can get a 360-degree view of every customer to gain real-time insights and act quickly on your customers’ data to increase customer retention.

With our extensive marketing automation knowledge and Salesforce implementation expertise, we can help you:

  • Personalize every moment of your customer’s journey
  • Provide customers with a great brand experience
  • Ensure the best service while getting the return on investment that you need

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Benefits

  • Build and segment more complex audiences by storing various types of data and creating your specific data model
  • Provide personalized 1:1 customer experience, no matter where they are
  • Gain deep knowledge of your customer’s preferences, purchases, and behaviors by connecting data from different sources
  • Power every part of the customer’s journey by sharing the customer’s profile across your business
  • Augment your existing contact information in SFMC by importing content and initiating triggered sends
  • Increase customer engagement with smart digital experiences
  • Provide customers with a consistent brand experience, regardless of their channel
  • Increase customer retention by getting real-time, valuable insights on customers and acting quickly on it

What’s Included

No matter what you need, Marketing Cloud covers it all. From marketing automation, digital advertising, and email marketing to account-based marketing, analytics, and more. Check out what other products and solutions are included in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


Customer Data Platform
Collect and unify all your data to build a complete picture of a prospect’s profile and smart your data to enrich your audience segments and make better decisions faster.
Understand your customers’ individual affinities and optimize your website and email experiences to deliver the right content and offers to every customer as they interact.
Take advantage of real-time engagement and rich analytics to create connected moments with customers, increase conversion rates, and reduce costs with targeted advertising.
Account Engagement
Customize emails and landing pages with easy-to-create assets. Provide sales reps with full visibility into prospect engagement and align marketing and sales on key accounts with account-based marketing.
Map and verify your data for accurate insights, build dashboards with a marketer-friendly design suite, and find insights with AI.
Loyalty Management
Create personalized loyalty programs, track promotion and program performance, and use automated processes to accelerate time to market.


Email Marketing
Power your email marketing with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to engage more subscribers, deliver interactive content, and get insightful reports on how to optimize your email efforts.
Digital Marketing
Connect your channels, data sources, and more to Salesforce to build a unified customer journey, make actionable data and deliver meaningful and personalized messaging at scale.
B2B Demand Generation
Align your marketing and sales to better understand your buyers and build long-term relationships.
Marketing Analytics
Connect all your data to a unified platform to get a better understanding of your marketing performance, scale your insights across every channel and tailor your marketing efforts to achieve revenue growth.
Digital Advertising
Personalize your digital advertising by creating a better segmentation of the audience you are targeting to better reach them across all ad networks.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Use Cases

Customer-Centric Company Transformation

Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables businesses to deliver targeted and personalized customer experiences by gaining a comprehensive understanding of each customer and prospect.

Manage Customer Journeys

The SF marketing platform enables personalized customer interactions throughout the entire customer lifecycle based on individual behavior and business objectives.

Email Marketing Strategies

SFMC’s Email Studio tool simplifies the creation of email marketing strategies and campaigns by enabling pre-defined event triggers and automated predictive decisions for sending relevant messages throughout the customer’s lifecycle.

Mobile Marketing Strategies

Salesforce Marketing Cloud empowers businesses to create personalized mobile experiences, leveraging targeted geographic areas, ready-made SMS and MMS templates, interaction triggers, and enhanced customer journeys.

Map Journeys from Apps

Connect your apps to Marketing Cloud to send emails, targeted ads, push notifications, and SMS messages directly, while mapping the customer’s journey from app download to onboarding and beyond.

Drive Personalized Experiences

Create and measure effective web strategies with ease, featuring dynamic pages, personalized content, and consistent branding across platforms.

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Salesforce Business Analyst
Cristobal Treviño Leal
Solution Architect
Michael Boluwaji
Project Manager

The Cloudsquare Difference

Innovative Salesforce Solutions. Lifelong Consulting Partners.

Cloudsquare is a Salesforce Consulting and Implementation Partner with over 200+ successful projects and years of expertise implementing Marketing Cloud. Our team’s knowledge, skill set, comprehensive approach, and Salesforce experience have allowed us to innovate with each and every solution, taking full advantage of the platform’s infrastructure to deliver future-proof and robust Salesforce solutions to clients and customers. 

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we help small and large business nurture and develop real relationships with their clients, connect to customers through different channels, create more personalized interactions and complete customer journeys, drive revenue, and increase ROI.

When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Reliability
  • A ‘Process First’ Approach
  • Rapid Response Times
  • Open and Transparent Communication
  • Quick Deployment and Flexible Project Management
  • Ongoing Support and Documentation
  • West Coast, East Coast, and Everywhere in Between
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“I felt confident that Cloudsquare was the best team for the job, and they proved me right. Cloudsquare met every requirement of the initial project. Their methodical workflow, coupled with their wealth of knowledge, has made for a fruitful engagement. Customers can expect a supportive and dedicated partner.”
Nathan Wilbanks
Project Director, Bizop Media
“Cloudsquare listened carefully and gave suggestions that improved our process. Cloudsquare’s solution resulted in massive time savings, making our business growth sustainable. Their cost-effective work streamlined operations and allowed us to invest in more productive ventures. They facilitated a smooth workflow through a detailed approach.”
Todd Newell
President, KenKar LLC
“Best Implementation Company I Have Hired! Jeff and Dennis are the BEST!!!! I have already had a horrible experience with a Salesforce implementation. When I contacted them, everything was a mess. They came and met with me, presented me with a fair proposal, and not only fixed everything but completed the project ahead of schedule. I could not say anything other than use these guys. They are trustworthy, legitimate, and able to assist and deliver far above any other implementation company I have hired.”
Tom Hart,
Open Sky Legal Services

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What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?
SFMC is a platform that delivers relevant, personalized journeys to customers across channels and devices, helping businesses gain the highest return from investment by providing clients with what they are really interested in.
Why should I use SFMC?
By using SFMC, you can get a genuine understanding of who your customers are, so you can create highly personalized and deeply relevant journeys across all digital channels.
  • Collect relevant data that will allow you to get inside the minds of your customers and prospects and create content that speaks directly to them.
  • Use customer satisfaction to guide communications.
  • Build a single source of truth for your customer’s info.
Can I learn how to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud?
Yes. You can learn more about SFMC, how to use it and how to take advantage of everything it offers in Trailhead.
Is Marketing Cloud secured?
Security is an important part of Salesforce’s values. They provide tools and settings to ensure that only authorized users touch your data. Learn more about Marketing Cloud Security here.