Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack

Improve the management of programs, donations, grants, and more while getting a 360-degree view of your mission with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack.
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A Comprehensive and Scalable Solution for Nonprofits

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a nonprofit data model app developed by Salesforce to improve the management of standard nonprofit business processes.

This set of managed packages is compatible with Salesforce Classic and Lightning:

  • Helps nonprofits visualize accurate time reports and dashboards
  • Connect with volunteers, donors, and clients on one platform
  • Manage engagement plans and recurring donations from committed supporters

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack Benefits

  • Customize the platform to meet the needs of your organization
  • Easy to integrate new technologies into your Salesforce ecosystem
  • Simplify the nonprofit’s business process
  • Track every donation in one place
  • It can be expanded with a wide range of tools specifically designed for the CRM
  • Improve efficiency in your donor management
  • Improve communication with your constituents and increase engagement
  • Track programs and individual service deliveries with ease

Salesforce also offers companies a way to connect programs to NPSP.
Obtain a standard framework to track programs and individual service deliveries, assign program participants based on pre-established criteria, and track attendance from recurring services.

What’s Included

Program Management

Track any type of programs and service and how they relate to contacts, no matter the complexity, assign program participants into segments, and manage recurring services and attendance.

Reporting and Analytics

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack provides you with access to out-of-the-box reports and dashboards to better understand the impact of all the data.

NPSP Data Importer

Import data into multiple objects from a single file.

Outbound Funds

Provide organizations with an easy way to track, manage, and deliver funds.


Create groups that represent donor, engagement, and email segmentation and track them over time.


Manage the contacts who are giving gift entries, pledges, recurring donations, and more in one place, in real time.

Engagement Plans

Create tasks to engage with your donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders.


Separate contacts by gender, email addresses, vacation addresses, and more in one place for a single source of truth with no duplicate entries.


Use this account type to assemble a group of people that live at the same address.

Program Management Reporting and Analytics NPSP Data Importer Outbound Funds Levels Fundraising Engagement Plans Contacts Households

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack Use Cases

For Donor Management

NPSP allows you to connect with donors, use dashboards to get insights into performance, manage recurring donations and get a better forecast revenue

For Grant Management

Meet funding organization’s application and reporting requirements and keep track of all the payments

For Volunteer Management

Track volunteers’ onboarding process and ongoing engagement to ensure you are providing them with the best experience

For Campaign Management

Create segmented communications and personalized content and send personalized emails using pre-built templates

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The Cloudsquare Difference

Innovative, Lean, and Future-Proof.

We are a certified Salesforce Consulting Partner with 250+ successfully completed projects and comprehensive experience implementing Salesforce for Nonprofit Organizations. We help big and small organizations succeed with their CRM strategies, offering consulting, implementation, business intelligence, managed services, and custom tailoring solutions to fit your needs.

When you work with us, you can expect: 

  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Reliability
  • A ‘Process First’ Approach
  • Rapid Response Times
  • Open and Transparent Communication
  • Quick Deployment and Flexible Project Management
  • Ongoing Support and Documentation
  • West Coast, East Coast, and Everywhere in Between

With Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, we help Nonprofit organizations create more personalized interactions with donors, volunteers, and clients, get a more complete picture of their nonprofit’s efforts and get the most out of the platform.

Our in-depth knowledge of the platform lets us push it to its limits and take advantage of the full power of Salesforce, often far beyond what the competition can offer.

We listen to your unique business needs and architect a roadmap that focuses on your essential needs and leaves out the unnecessary features. By starting small, we validate what your team cares most about and can easily enhance over time.

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“Great experience! After months of building out Salesforce and running into walls when it came to development, we decided to shop for an alternative. All the features you would want to build are already built for you and work smoothly. Great customer support and a reasonable subscription cost. Highly recommend it.”
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“Great communication and quick service! Definitely enjoyed working with them. They implemented the changes I needed quickly and were very responsive and communicated well!”
David Willette
Real Vision
“Great communication, service, and overall experience. Highly recommend Cloudsquare!”
Mike Pessar, CEO
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What is Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack?
It is a series of packages installed on top of Salesforce Platform Enterprise or Ultimate Editions to configure the Salesforce constituent relationship management system and make it more useful for nonprofits.
Is Salesforce free for nonprofits?
The platform provides nonprofits with 10 licenses without cost for 10 users to access the CRM and includes a standard storage share. So, if your organization is small and requires less than 10 users, it can be completely free to use.
Can I learn how to use Salesforce NPSP?
Yes, you can learn about Salesforce NPSP with the Salesforce learning platform, This is a Trailmix you can use to start learning.
Which Salesforce clouds are included in Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack?
Salesforce NPSP includes Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Lightning Platform, and Experience Cloud.