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Get closer to your customers and help support reps provide exceptional customer experiences with Salesforce Service Cloud.
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Personalize Your Customer Experiences

The Service Cloud CRM platform allows your support and customer services teams to provide customized, consistent experiences and the ability to personalize every interaction with clients to connect better with them, increase loyalty and meet their expectations every time.

Service Cloud is easy to deploy, grows and adapts the more you use it, and can be personalized to your unique business needs.

  • Unify your support team and enable customer engagement on every channel to solve problems faster than ever before
  • Workflow automation and integrated AI support tools help you predict and solve common issues and create recommendations for customers when needed

Service Cloud Benefits

  • Improve efficiency by easily managing multiple cases at once
  • Customer self-service options increase satisfaction and retention
  • Automated workflows and AI help create more personalized experiences
  • Improve your employee performances with personalized workspaces
  • Increase engagement by reaching customers on their digital channel of choice
  • Connect anytime, anywhere, with remote assistance
  • Provide up to date personalized reports for each customer
  • Increase ROI and improve your business processes with in-depth tracking and reporting

What’s Included

With Service Cloud’s features you can simplify your company’s business processes, and deliver the best experience to your customers and employees
Einstein AI

Collect and learn from customer data, helping you to deliver personalized service while empowering agents through intelligent recommendations, case field predictions for any language and customized Salesforce chatbots.

Agent Workspaces

Provide a better experience for your team and help agents be more productive by automating their tasks, connect customers’ data across different departments to provide a more holistic view of your customers, and allow your service reps to have easy access to the information they need with personalized workspaces.

Case Management

Ensure your support agents are connected to all activities, can get the full context of each case and be redirected to the correct people. Case management tools help guide your agents through recommended actions related to your customer’s needs and business processes.

Automation & Process Workflow

With Salesforce Service Cloud, we can streamline your business processes using no-code and low-code builders. You can simplify your processes and automate routine tasks to streamline your business and free up your team to focus on more essential tasks.

Knowledge Management

Deliver the correct answer to customers or help them find what they need with knowledge management tools. A centralized knowledge base provides solutions to common customer and agent questions, while providing the ability to suggest articles, share them across any channel, or embed them into your portal or community to encourage customers’ self-service.

Omnichannel Routing

Managers and agents can work faster and more effectively as omnichannel routing helps direct cases to the correct agent. Assign work based on your agents’ skills, availability, or workload, and provide your managers with a 360° view of their contact center activity.

Reporting & Analytics

With Customer Service Analytics, you can track everything that is happening in your support center at any time. Help your agents make more informed decisions and complete their work in one place. This analytical tool will deliver faster customer service and provide visibility into your business performance.

Telephony and Voice

Provide excellent phone experiences for your customers and agents with the Service Cloud Voice feature. Integrate Salesforce with your telephony partner and provide your team with complete customer information from your voice channel, so your agents can close deals and solve issues faster than ever.

Field Service

Increase productivity both online and offline and improve the safety of your field service with Salesforce Field Service optimization tools. Reduce field visits with remote assistance, prioritize essential projects and get the most out of Einstein AI power to offer a smarter service.

Employee Service

Help employees find the right answers to HR and IT common requests faster than before. Let your employees connect on every channel to get the support they need, and build the most personalized workspaces for a better and more efficient working experience.

Einstein AI Agent Workspaces Case Management Automation & Process Workflow Knowledge Management Omnichannel Routing Reporting & Analytics Telephony and Voice Field Service Employee Service

Want even better news? Salesforce upgrades new functionalities for Service Cloud three times a year.
This means that your application will always be getting the latest in technology enhancements, all without you lifting a finger.

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Solution Architect
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The Cloudsquare Difference

Innovative, Lean, and Future-Proof

We are a certified Salesforce partner with 200+ successfully completed projects and comprehensive experience implementing Salesforce across various industries and sectors.

We help big and small businesses succeed with their CRM strategies, offering consulting, implementation, business intelligence, managed services, and custom tailoring of solutions to fit your needs.

When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Reliability
  • A ‘Process First’ Approach
  • Rapid Response Times
  • Open and Transparent Communication
  • Quick Deployment and Flexible Project Management
  • Ongoing Support and Documentation
  • West Coast, East Coast, and Everywhere in Between

Our in-depth knowledge of the platform lets us push it to its limits and take advantage of the full power of Salesforce, often far beyond what the competition can offer.

We listen to your unique business needs, and architect a roadmap that focuses on your essential needs and leaves out the unnecessary features. By starting small, we validate what your team cares most about and can easily enhance over time.

Our unique approach helps clients create a better business, helping them to grow and achieve both their short and long-term goals.

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FAQ Salesforce Service Cloud

What is Service Cloud in Salesforce?
Service Cloud is the Salesforce CRM platform for customer service, support, field service, and employee service. This product is one of the most popular customer service software solutions available, aimed at improving customer satisfaction and helping your service agents connect faster and more personably.
Differences of Service Cloud vs. Sales Cloud in Salesforce
Both clouds are popular products from the Salesforce platform that offer some similar features. However, they differ in their use cases. While Sales Cloud is focused on generating more leads and increasing sales, Service Cloud by Salesforce focuses on service-oriented businesses aiming to provide the best support and service experience for customers and service reps.
Can I learn Salesforce Service Cloud?
Yes, Salesforce learning platform Trailhead offers training modules where anyone can learn how to use Service Cloud, with a guided tutorial for business users to developers.
Does Service Cloud offer mobile solutions?
Yes, Service Cloud provides Embedded Service for In-App Mobile and Web, which allows customer support managers to access the data from their mobile devices and get their customer support embedded directly into their apps.
How do I know if I have Salesforce Service Cloud?
To know if your users have the service cloud license assigned, you need to check that the user assigned Service Cloud feature license is ticked on the user details page. Furthermore, you can check your company’s information on setup to find out the list of features licensed enabled in your organization.

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