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Connect more intuitively to your financial services clients and provide an exceptional customer experience with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

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Build Better Customer Relationships

Financial Services Cloud allows organizations such as wealth management firms, insurance companies, mortgage providers, or banks to fully connect all of their business channels, enabling them to better understand who their clients are, provide real-time access to critical data, and better insight into customer journeys and lifecycle.
  • Manage customer relationships more effectively
  • Build deeper customer trust
  • Improve your team’s productivity
  • All on a platform built to scale

Benefits of Financial Services Cloud

  • Streamline the entire lending process, from application to closing and funding.
  • Provide personalized experiences to increase customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Reduce onboarding complexity.
  • Optimize employee performance with actionable data.
  • Automate routine tasks to boost productivity.
  • Get a unified view of every client.
  • Provide secure mobile and digital experiences.
  • Provide intelligent desktop and virtual assistants to simplify your service.

What’s Included

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud comes standard with all core Sales Cloud features, plus custom fields and object modeling unique to financial accounts.
Leads Management

The Leads Tab helps companies actively and easily manage their leads and sales processes. Add all prospective inquiries, use it as a placeholder for unqualified leads looking to be qualified or to save the leads collected during events, trade shows, social media, conferences, etc. Also, this tab can be renamed to however you refer to leads.

Marketing Campaigns

Set up campaigns and track information related to marketing spend, opportunities created and measure your ROI. Associate the revenue with each campaign, manage email campaigns better, and learn how to approach prospects before calling them.

Person and Individual Accounts

Represent your individual clients using a Person or an Individual Account. Depending on which model you decide to use, you can create individual records from standard account tabs, see your data from any account view and completely customize fields on the page layout.

Householding / Relationship Management

With this feature, Financial Services Cloud enables you to associate more than just family members to a household. Determine the primary head of household, get a better understanding of the relationship between each person in a household, get to know more about your client and build meaningful relationships with them. See the entire relationship hierarchy on a single screen.

Opportunity Management

Track your sales funnel and get better visibility into your potential clients as they learn about your product or service. Easily check what stages your open opportunities are in, customize then according to your product and use case, add or remove fields on the records and manage multiple opportunities at once.

Financial Accounts

Included standard with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, financial accounts is a unique account object that helps you separate accounts by individual and by household, and classify the accounts by Investment, bank accounts, auto loans and more. All specific to financial services.

Automation Flows

Use Flows, dynamic data collection to build processes, create call scripts or do complex sets of actions on multiple objects quickly and more efficiently.  

Cases Management

Manage and track client issues on both a company and individual level. You can track issues by type, quickly assign them to the right person and document what has been done, and get early warning signs if a client could be a flight risk.

Einstein Analytics

Get more valuable data about your clients to manage your business. Einstein gives you cutting edge AI analytics for deeper insight into the how your business is running and the ability to review your team’s performance, client satisfaction, trends, and more.

Leads Management Marketing Campaigns Person and Individual Accounts Householding / Relationship Management Opportunity Management Financial Accounts Automation Flows Cases Management Einstein Analytics

Want even better news? Salesforce upgrades new functionalities for Financial Services Cloud three times a year. This means that your application will always be getting the latest in technology enhancements, all without you lifting a finger.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Use Cases

Wealth Management
Mortgage and Lending
Create a seamless and personalized experience for your banking customers and increase your operating team’s efficiency through the comprehensive management of customers, leads, deposits and branch activity.
Provide personalized and real time digital insurance experiences for your customers, track and view your policyholders’ life events and insurance policies, automate your underwriting processes, and manage the complete claims lifecycle.
Reduce operational costs, improve client and advisor experiences, and get actionable data insights so you can provide customized wealth advice to clients and better help them achieve their financial goals.
Forecast future behaviors, optimize the mortgage process, and streamline collaboration between loan officers, real estate agents, borrowers, and brokers, so you can make better decisions and provide the best service for your clients.
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Our Expertise

Cloudsquare is a Salesforce Consulting and Implementation Partner with over 200+ successful projects, and many years of expertise in the Financial Services Sector. Our team’s knowledge, skill set, comprehensive approach, and Salesforce experience have helped us develop an innovative set of solutions and practices, so our clients get the most out their Salesforce.

With Salesforce Financial Service Cloud, we help financial institutions create more personalized interactions, simplify the customer service process, and help you build more client trust and increased retention.

With Cloudsquare, you get a reliable and innovative Salesforce Partner who offers:

  • A ‘Process First’ approach
  • Rapid response time
  • Flexibility
  • Ongoing support
  • Open line communication
  • West and East Coast resources
  • Transparency
  • The right team for your project
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Customer Success Stories

A seasoned alternative business lending broker uses Salesforce to originate working capital loans
How the development of a custom package broker for the alternative business lending that sits on top of Sales cloud helped a financial service company that provides working capital loans to increase funding deals, grow their business, and strengthened the relationship between the business and its partners.
Startup broker uses Salesforce to originate working capital loans
How the implementation of the Salesforce platform and the development of a custom package for business lending increased the company’s funding deals and renewal conversions and provided better insight into the business’ performance.
A Service Cloud implementation for Partner Program to boost customer services
How the implementation of Service Cloud for Partner prospecting and program and Merchant Management helped a provider in integrated payment solutions improve their team’s productivity and perform optimal support to partners while identifying problems faster, increasing response time.


Can I learn Salesforce Financial Services Cloud?
Yes, you can learn about Salesforce Financial Services Cloud with the Salesforce learning platform,
How can I get started with Financial Services Cloud?
This cloud is available for Salesforce Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited editions. To get started, you can follow Salesforce’s set up guide or you can hire an experienced Salesforce Consultant Partner, like Cloudsquare, to assist you in the correct implementation practices and customize the platform to meet your business needs.
Can you rebuild the Financial Services Cloud data model on Sales Cloud?
It is possible. However, Salesforce brings new functionalities for Financial Service Cloud three times a year. If you get a custom build solution, you won’t get those enhancements and will need to have regular maintenance.
What is the difference between Salesforce Financial Services vs Sales Cloud?
Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is designed specifically for financial services companies. It offers all the main functionalities of Sales Cloud but also custom features such as household objects and action plans and goals, unique to the financial industries.

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