Salesforce for Merchant Cash Advance: Why loan management software is your best chance to thrive in this age. 

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‘Change is unavoidable. You change either to stay ahead or to catch up.’ Mike Hawkins – American Actor. 

The digital age is here, and if your business doesn’t keep up with its ever-evolving and increasingly fast-paced, you are doomed to fail.  

At present, Merchant Cash Advance companies have seen themselves flooded with a wave of applications from small businesses looking to keep their businesses afloat, especially during the pandemic. To stay ahead of the game and track all these submissions without losing sight of potential leads, MCA companies need to streamline their processes with a loan management software that enables them to move deals forward quickly and provides an easy and convenient way to meet the merchant’s needs for fast funding. And how can you get there? With the number one CRM platform on the market, Salesforce… of course!  

If you are ready to step up your game and rule the Merchant Cash Advance market, read below to learn how a loan management software on Salesforce can power up your business.  

Why you need loan management software  

As the need for Merchant Cash Advance increases, so does the necessity to keep up with submissions, review applications, maintain customer satisfaction, and not miss any good opportunities.  

We know that to be able to fund deals successfully, lending applications have a few stages to go through before getting funded.  Making sure the application goes from loan origination, processing, and underwriting quickly is of the utmost importance.  

For this reason, you need loan management software that is customizable, can collect the correct data fast, understand your unique business needs, and improves customer satisfaction.  

How can Salesforce features help you get the best loan management software? 

Every Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) business has a unique way to manage their processes; therefore, they need a solution that can be tailored to their needs and requirements. Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that can be customized to handle the specific problems that your industry faces, improve your offerings, simplify processes and help you connect with your clients like never before.  

Salesforce supports your team in controlling and optimizing the customer experience, making the delivery process more manageable, and automating and designing a completely streamlined, coherent, and consistent process for clients and your business.  

Additionally, Salesforce software packages can be tailored to your needs, and their learning platform can support you on your journey to implement the best solutions for your specific requirements. With Salesforce CRM, Merchant Cash Advance companies can have more than the basic functions of any other CRM, like automation, data collection, analytics, and marketing.  

Salesforce features can benefit your business in different ways, for example:  

  1. Your organization can get a loan management software that is scalable and improves as your company grows.  
  2. Improve your customer lifecycle management.   
  3. Solidify and expand the relationship with lenders and brokers.  
  4. Loan calculation, pricing, and quoting tools.  
  5. Integrate your E-signature of preference with Salesforce.  
  6. Connect every department and every stage in one platform, improving communication and accurate data sharing at every step of the lending process.  
  7. Custom integrations of ERP and accounting systems.  
  8. Fund deals quicker than other competitors, allowing you to get a constant flow of new and ready leads.  
  9. Create reports and dashboards of key data points to improve your marketing strategies.  
  10. Save time by sending multiple applications to multiple lenders.  
  11. Create accounts for different users according to their specific roles in the MCA space.  
  12. Monitor loan portfolios while minimizing the risks.  

To Summarize  

If your goal is to be one step ahead of other Merchant Cash Advance businesses, improve the collaboration with funders, and keep a better track of deals from origination to funded stages so your agents can increase their productivity, handle deals faster, and not miss on any promising new lead; then you need to embrace this digital age and choose the best Merchant Cash Advance software that fits your business.  

Fortunately, there are many apps built on Salesforce for the FinServ industry, especially for the small business lending sector and Merchant Cash Advanced businesses. And, because you can have multiple technologies integrated on Salesforce, you can have scalable and robust loan management software that can empower you to manage an extensive portfolio of clients, enhance operations and increase productivity.  

If you are looking for something more personalized, check out Cloudsquare’s Salesforce products designed exclusively for the alternative small business lending industry. One of them, Cloudsquare Lend, is specifically designed to help MCA businesses run operations from loan origination, underwriting, and servicing to syndication. Cloudsquare Lend helps MCA companies keep better track of every interaction and deal, from application and funding to loan collection to contract renewal.   

Cloudsquare is a certified Salesforce Solutions Company with expertise in several industries, especially the FinServ sector. Their knowledgeable and experienced team of Salesforce subject matter experts can help your organization achieve your long-term goals of growth and accelerate your success. 


Looking for something more personalized? Get in touch with our experienced Salesforce Subject Matter Experts!