Cloudsquare | Salesforce Implementation for Healthcare Companies

Salesforce Implementation for Healthcare Companies

Cloudsquare | Salesforce Implementation for Healthcare Companies

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When it comes to strong customer relationships, the healthcare industry is one that cannot come up short. Many other industries that are focused on selling a product, providing a service and client satisfaction are using Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology to build strong bonds between the company and the customer. Find out more about how making the choice to implement Salesforce in your Healthcare company could be the missing link that ensures your customers feel supported and cared for.

What is Health Cloud?

Unique for healthcare companies, Salesforce Health Cloud provides a clear, 360-view of the patient so that you never miss an important detail. Having a complete view of the patients in your system is critical because when it comes to a highly sensitive topic like healthcare, any inconsistencies or time spent digging for patient records could be detrimental for your customer. Healthcare companies using Health Cloud are able to use Einstein Analytics to segment and target outreach to patients with specific healthcare conditions. This is just one of the ways that your company can provide personalized and relevant communication to your customers. Personalization is important for any industry, but it matters even more so to healthcare customers. With Salesforce Health Cloud, your team can prioritize cases by immediate need, manage follow-up appointments and send out important reminders to patients all in one platform.

It is always meaningful to gain insights on how your company is performing and what your customers think of your service. Health Cloud Assessments makes generating surveys, distributing them and analyzing results a simple process so that your company can focus on the most important part, delivering the service your customers want.

Going beyond Salesforce Health Cloud

In addition to all of the great benefits to Health Cloud, Salesforce provides even more services that your healthcare company can improve the way you provide customer service and support. Stanley Healthcare is a prime example of a healthcare company that’s customer representatives are using Salesforce Service Cloud to troubleshoot issues. Stanley uses the real time feedback from customers in Service Cloud to gather suggestions so that they can continuously improve their product as well as their customer service.

Overall, the goal of making Salesforce CRM a part of your healthcare company’s day to day operations is to improve the patient experience. The doctor and chief medical officer for Salesforce’s Healthcare and Life Sciences division, Joshua Newman states, “What gets measured, gets improved”. When Salesforce technology is utilized to its greatest capacity, it can provide an on demand, seamless level of customer service forming lasting bonds that can be vital to the success of healthcare companies in the future. 

Are you a healthcare company that is interested in implementing Salesforce? Cloudsquare, as a Salesforce consulting firm, can help you get started. We service clients nationwide and have offices in Los Angeles and New York.