Our Salesforce Implementation Services

If you are looking for Salesforce implementation services or a Salesforce consulting company to help you grow your business, you've come to the right place.

What do our Salesforce Implementation Services offer?


At Cloudsquare, we have the business experience and Salesforce knowledge to architect a solution that would support your business and how it works, setting it up for success.

Our implementation services go from Salesforce consulting and configuration to customization, integrations, support, and more. We partner with businesses across different industries to understand their workflows and processes and help them implement a variety of Salesforce clouds and products. Most importantly, we support them in planning for successful user adoption.

Whether you’re a growing business, a department with several industry-specific workflows, an organization with several systems in place, or just a small business looking to customize your Salesforce CRM or jumpstart your implementation, we cover it all. Cloudsquare’s team will help transform your business through Salesforce products and 3rd party applications to help you build better relationships with customers, partners, and employees. Are you looking to implement these Salesforce Products? We are the specialist for you.

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud

With the implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud, you can group your accounts faster, find new customers more quickly, and close deals faster – from anywhere.

Service Cloud

Service Cloud

If you are looking for an improved customer experience, this Salesforce product gives your team a 360-degree view of your customers, enabling you to deliver smarter, faster, and more personalized service.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud

World-class digital marketing platform to unify data sources, personalize on every channel, engage in any stage of their relationship with your brand, and measure the performance of every campaign.

Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud

Whether your company needs to grant portal access to your customers to track orders or support tickets, channel partners to log leads and track activity, or build something completely custom, we cover it all.

CPQ & Billing

CPQ & Billing

Streamline your quoting process with Salesforce CPQ. Implementing Salesforce CPQ requires expertise and a thorough knowledge of quote-to-cash processes. Cloudsquare can help you implement CPQ right the first time.

Financial Services Cloud

Financial Services Cloud

Supercharge advisor productivity to focus on client needs with Financial Services Cloud. Enable financial services firms to increase employee productivity, accelerate time to value, and deepen customer trust with every interaction.

What is our Salesforce Implementation Process?

We partner with you to build and deliver custom solutions to answer your unique business challenges. With the right tailored Salesforce implementation project plan, Salesforce CRM can accelerate your workforce productivity and improve customers' collaboration and satisfaction. What is our process for a successful Salesforce implementation?

1. Salesforce Consulting

During the discovery stage, Cloudsquare's team will interview you to understand and capture the detailed business requirements of the new system and outline them in the project plan. We will analyze your work processes, define how a Salesforce implementation strategy can support and enhance your internal processes, design your vision, and set goals for the implementation to break it into manageable phases finally.

2. Customization & Configuration

Our Salesforce implementation methodology helps us build a revolutionary tool that can enhance how your organization works while bringing an abundance of benefits to your users and increasing employee experience. We will design workflows to tailor your Salesforce solution, making it scalable and easy to use to provide your team with the tools and information they need and meet your business objectives.

3. Integration

One of the services we perform in our Salesforce implementation is to carry out the needed integrations. So, your Salesforce solution can synchronize with third-party systems such as electronic signatures, email providers, or document management systems to improve business productivity and ensure the increased visibility of crucial data between the integrated applications.

4. Data Migration

Our expert Salesforce Implementation Consultants have the experience to prepare a strategy to successfully migrate the data from the old system to the new org. In our data migration stage, we ensure no duplicated leads and accounts are imported into the new system while creating a mapping of the data so the client can easily find the information they are looking for, in the right location following Salesforce best practices. We are equipped to handle the most complex migration challenges successfully.

5. System Setup and Reporting

During this Salesforce implementation step, our team works on optimizing your user experience and workflow. We grant permissions to users as needed, create the required reports and dashboards, and configure dashboards and list views for the ops team to have visibility into their own work.

6. User Training & Go-live Support

Once our team has successfully completed the implementation of Salesforce products for your company, we engage in company-wide training before going live. We train users on the new system functionalities; this will allow you to provide feedback on minor changes while also reporting on any possible bugs. We offer support for any post-go-live request and make immediate changes to production.

7. Evolution & Continuous Support

Our services do not end with Go-live. Manage Services is an optional Salesforce implementation support designed for organizations that want to continue enhancing their Salesforce platform over time. Salesforce Managed Services can be leveraged across the most common Salesforce products, including but not limited to Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Pardot, Platform, and CPQ.

Benefits of Salesforce Implementation Services

  • Working with the right Salesforce implementation approach, your business can increase lead conversion, sales revenue, and customer retention.
  • Gain success faster by automating your business processes and workflows and getting a convenient solution for end-users.
  • Effectively streamlined the data-processing efforts and automated outreach, data entry, and file analysis work.
  • Maximized Sales representatives’ productivity and management processes’ efficiency.
  • Maintain a better track of the customer’s history, past communications, orders’ status, and more by storing all the information in one central place.
  • Implement faster and more effective collaboration with customers and teams, managing contacts and tracking opportunities through the complete sales cycle.
  • Understand your customers’ needs better and resolve their issues faster to keep them satisfied and foster a rich and successful relationship with them.
  • Generate up-to-date, accurate, and complete safe information that can be shared among various departments and can be used from anywhere with access to an internet connection.
  • Less expensive maintenance cost and less downtime by having automatic upgrades of the app or infrastructure. Cost-effective work that would allow your business to invest in more productive ventures.
  • Forecast future sales to plan future campaigns by understanding past and present sales trends and opportunities.

Why Cloudsquare?

why-cloudsquare why-cloudsquare

To obtain the most benefit out of your Salesforce implementation project, you need a partner that understands your business and can design workflows and processes that fit the way your business works.

We make it our #1 priority to seamlessly blend our team with yours to provide solutions that will equip you with the resources to expand and stay one step ahead of your competition. Our adaptability allows us to find common ground with any client, build a genuine long-term partnership with them, and develop the most innovative solutions to revolutionize the way they do business.

Cloudsquare’s extensive experience across different industries, like financial services, Healthcare and life sciences, high technology, manufacturing, media, and entertainment, and more, help us understand your industry’s needs and the challenges that come with it. Additionally, our holistic approach ensures we deliver measurable outcomes by architecting a unique and robust Salesforce solution that ties in seamlessly with your business approach.

Our Top-Rated Salesforce implementation consultants have a deep knowledge of Salesforce best practices to help you avoid making costly mistakes. You can count on the guidance and support of our team from start to finish to set your organization up for successful adoption of your new system and take your business where it needs to go.

Our Salesforce consultants will be by your side well after launch, monitoring your environment and finding ways to make the enhancements you’ll need to continue growing with the platform. We provide an open line of communication with you so that we can be a constant source of support as you venture into the world of Customer Relationship.

FAQ for Salesforce Implementation

What is the best service if I'm starting with Salesforce for the first time?
If you are new to Salesforce, we have you covered. A Salesforce implementation service might be the perfect solution for you. Whether it is a Salesforce Jump Start, implementing a single Salesforce cloud, or a multi-cloud implementation, two or more Salesforce clouds, we cover it all. We help organizations get up and running on Salesforce while also supporting in getting the most out of Salesforce CRM.
I'm already a Salesforce user. Can I have something more customized?
If you have an existing implementation but can't seem to make it work for your business, are looking for something more custom, or need a new Salesforce implementation approach we are here for you! We can help you re-engineer your Salesforce platform. Our team of Salesforce consultants has worked with numerous companies in different industries, designing the most suitable solutions for their issues. We will transform your existing Salesforce implementation together with your re-engineered business processes.
Can I increase my platform's functionality?
Even after the implementation of your Salesforce platform has gone live, we are there to support you and improve the adoption of your platform. With Managed Services, we help you realize a higher return on investment (ROI) with your current organization, increasing usability, functionality, and adoption.
Can I phase my current Salesforce Managed Package into a better version?
We provide the most solid service for Salesforce implementation. Our experience implementing a more streamlined and optimized version of organizations' current systems makes us the best partner for your new Salesforce project. We skillfully rebuild managed packages into a better version in a brand-new Salesforce environment while maintaining the necessary workflows to help you perform critical business functions.
My existing Salesforce org is not architected to accommodate my business processes and workflows. What should I do?
Implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud into a new Salesforce org is an excellent solution to manage your sales process. During the initial discovery phase, we gather the requirements to design the best approach to accommodate how your business works. We approach every project with a unique solution. Sometimes a quick solution already exists, or you need a more advanced tailored Salesforce implementation proposal. No matter what you need, our skilled Salesforce consultants will determine the requirements needed to design something customized for your business needs.
My Salesforce environment was not architected for scale and had several limitations. What can I do?
Salesforce implementation strategies that are not architected to scale can hinder your company's growth and make it different to maintain a high standard of customer services. To face the challenge, we make enhancements to your existing Salesforce environment according to the solution and deliverables outlined during the project's kickoff.
Can I provide a portal for my customers to support and submit cases?
Our extensive knowledge of Salesforce products enables us to come up with the best solution, no matter the cloud you need. With Community Cloud, we can implement a Customer Community that would allow your customers to submit cases, track cases, improve response capability, and explore the self-service base to resolve their issues.
Can I see an example of a Salesforce implementation plan?
We can help you with that! You can get a clear plan for your Salesforce implementation during our consulting stage. Contact us through our chatbot to schedule a meeting with one of our Salesforce experts. Or, if you want to see an example of a successful implementation, check out our Customer Stories page and read about how we’ve helped businesses get the best out of their Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Implementation Customer Success Stories

A Service Cloud implementation for Partner Program to boost customer services
How the implementation of Service Cloud for Partner prospecting and program and Merchant Management helped a provider in integrated payment solutions improve their team’s productivity and perform optimal support to partners while identifying problems faster, increasing response time.

Going paperless after 18 years
They were breaking old habits in the Home Improvement Industry. Learn how a Sales Cloud and Service Cloud implementation increased California Energy Contractors’ weekly leads by 45%, boosted their monthly sales, and provided them with groundbreaking insights into their sales team performance and future trends.

An intelligent Salesforce Sales process designed for a brand-new Sales team
A Salesforce Implementation architected in a small window of time helped an innovative communication company start their Sales Team from scratch, achieving better business process decisions, tracking, and following the business sales pipeline while building a trustworthy and ongoing partner relationship.

Implementing a scalable solution for highly customized systems in Salesforce
How the implementation of a Salesforce Customer Community portal helped a wellness services provider have an accurate and trustworthy system that can provide better management of their members, significantly reduce the cost of the maintenance of their existing systems while achieving their long-term growth potential and strengthen the partnership between both companies.

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