Salesforce Benefits for the Financial Services Industry

Innovate your business to meet the growing needs of Financial Services markets with Cloudsquare’s Salesforce solutions and digital transformations.
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Identify risk better and accelerate your decision-making process

Salesforce helps companies in the Financial Services industry keep up with constant financial market changes while remaining relevant. With Salesforce, you’ll be able to deliver customer-centric and personalized experiences, innovate the management of prospecting and origination of leads, and uncover the best opportunities to generate maximum profit.

To leverage the full potential of the Salesforce platform, you need to work with an experienced Salesforce Consulting partner who will help you:

  • Maximize your investments across the platform.
  • Create robust, user-friendly, and adaptable solutions that meet your specific needs.
  • Focus on your customer’s needs, and improve customers’ experience and processes.
  • Connect you with innovative, cutting-edge Financial Services technology and trends.

Salesforce Benefits for Financial Services

  • Get complete visibility in your customer’s financial profiles
  • Increase efficiency by getting your data in one single place, eliminating duplicate data entries
  • Analyze opportunities and get real-time data to uncover new and critical information
  • Improve the management of the complete customer lifecycle
  • Identify risks better than before and forecast assets
  • Accelerate your decision-making process by automating your business processes
  • Fulfill regulatory compliance policies and respond quickly to changes
  • Improve the management of the prospecting, intake, and origination of leads

Financial Services Sectors We Specialize In


Our deep understanding of the FinServ industry and our Salesforce expertise help us deliver personalized services, streamline the entire banking experience, and revolutionize how your organization manages customers’ experience.

Wealth & Asset Management

With the implementation of new digital technologies, customer data is pulled from one central place, providing your business with actionable insights to deliver personalized advice, boost productivity and increase customer retention while guiding clients toward their financial goals.

Mortgage & Lending

Through Salesforce, we help you simplify the mortgage and lending processes to deliver an exceptional loan experience every step of the way. Our products and scalable solutions can unify your business in one platform to provide more transparency and certainty across any channel.


Our goal is to support you with personalized and robust solutions, so you can provide exceptional customer-centric service, streamline the underwriting process, improve digital insurance processes, level-up productivity, and boost customer retention in a very competitive market.

What we offer to Financial Services Companies

Salesforce Implementation
Lightning Migration
Salesforce Managed Services
Training & Support
Salesforce Consulting
3rd Party Integrations
Salesforce Enhancements
Salesforce Health Check
Sarah Mitchell
Sarah Mitchell
Principal Project Manager

The Cloudsquare Difference

Innovative Salesforce Solutions. Lifelong Consulting Partners

Cloudsquare is a Salesforce Consulting and Implementation Partner with over 200+ successful projects and years of expertise and deep technical knowledge working with Media and Entertainment companies. Our team’s extensive experience working with businesses in the Media industry, our Salesforce skill set, and our comprehensive approach have allowed us to innovate with each and every solution to deliver future-proof and robust Salesforce solutions to clients and customers.

By taking full advantage of the Salesforce platform infrastructure, we are able to address the challenges in the Media and Entertainment industry with superior technology implementation. We help small and large business nurture and develop real relationships with their clients, connect to customers through different channels, create more personalized interactions and increase their ROI.

When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Reliability
  • A ‘Process First’ Approach
  • Rapid Response Times
  • Open and Transparent Communication
  • Quick Deployment and Flexible Project Management
  • Ongoing Support and Documentation
  • West Coast, East Coast, and Everywhere in Between
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Robust and Innovative Solutions for the FinServ Sector

Cloudsquare’s Customers

Customer Success Stories

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Integrating Siloed Systems to Improve Partner Program Management

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Berkman Financial:
Optimizing Salesforce for a Lending Broker

Seasoned alternative business lending broker uses Salesforce to originate working capital loans.

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Phoenix Financial Solutions:
Salesforce Implementation for an MCA Broker

Startup broker uses Salesforce to originate working capital loans.

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EIN Capital:
Moving Underwriting Team Leads to Efficiency and Communication Gains

How a leading lender in financial services modernized its underwriting processes and streamlined its Salesforce implementation.

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Fund-Amental Capital:
New Salesforce-based System Brings Noticeable Gains in Sales and Underwriting KPIs

How a tailored Salesforce solution helped a company improve sales efficiency by 20%.

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Alpine Funding Partners:
Salesforce Migration Improves Lead Attribution and Partner Relationships

How a well-known small business lender successfully migrated from a dated CRM to Salesforce.

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