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BrokerSuite App

Origination Platform for Alternative Business Lending

Streamline your entire origination process. Manage your leads, applications, submissions, offers, commissions, renewals, and much more with simplicity. Getting started in alternative business lending origination has never been so easy!

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Analytics and KPIs

  • 360-Degree view across all deals

  • Custom reports & dashboards

  • Report on any datapoint

  • Increase conversions

Pipeline Management

  • Custom queues to track deals

  • Quickly identify Bottlenecks

  • Filter your deals any way you like

  • Automated pipeline management

Submission Channel

  • Submit to multiple lenders simultaneously 

  • Track submissions from one screen

  • View notes and time submitted

Offers & Terms

  • Track offers by lender

  • View terms and details

  • See payment frequency and terms

  • View pending stipulations

Commission Tracking

  • Eliminate spreadsheets

  • Track receivables and payables

  • Collect from lenders 

  • Pay your sales reps and managers

Renewal Forecasting

  • See which deals qualify for a renewal

  • Mass email eligible merchants

  • Created automated tasks to follow up on renewals

  • See which deals are 20%, 40%, or 60% paid in

Only $75/user monthly + Implementation

Sales Cloud Licenses required. Contact us for volume pricing discounts

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