Cloudsquare BankLink – Accurate Credit Decisions and Risk Analysis via Plaid

Get access to real-time data for bank verifications and make more accurate credit decisions with cloudsquare BankLink’s easy-to-use user interface.

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Direct Integration With Plaid, Built Natively on Salesforce.

Direct Integration With Plaid, Built Natively on Salesforce.
Cloudsquare BankLink is a risk analysis software that integrates Salesforce with the safest and most customer-friendly financial account verification platform, Plaid.
  • Run effortless cash flow analysis
  • Make faster and more accurate credit decisions
  • Fully automate your underwriting process

How Can Cloudsquare BankLink Help Your Risk Analysis Process?

Stop using slow, inefficient, and outdated processes for bank account verification and instead provide merchants with an easy and more secure way to provide sensitive bank information.
Effortless Cash Flow Analysis 
By connecting to Plaid Transactions and Balances products, Cloudsquare BankLink gives you instant access to borrower data and helps determine if they will be able to pay back a loan.
Fast, Accurate Credit Decisions
In addition to transactions, balances and financial bank details, Cloudsquare BankLink pulls identity and assets info into your Salesforce CRM as well, helping you validate the borrower, and make more confident and accurate decisions.
Fully Automate Your Underwriting Process
Cloudsquare BankLink parses all relevant borrower details onto useable fields in the system, allowing you to define custom business logic based on your unique requirements, and fully automate approvals and declines. Faster, smarter and more accurate underwriting.

Cloudsquare BankLink’s Features Give Companies a Holistic Picture of a Borrower’s Financial Health

Cash Flow User Interface
  • Our custom UI that goes above and beyond the competition, helping you see everything you need relating to the applicant’s transactions and balances, up to 24 months
  • Removes the need for complex excel spreadsheets, formulas and lengthy cash flow analysis
  • Competitors only parse data, they don’t help you make your process that much better
  • Save underwriters hours of analysis
  • Predefine certain thresholds and run the parsing through them. You define how it runs
Connected to 5 Plaid Products
  • Auth: Account & routing numbers
  • Balance: Real-time balance checks
  • Identity: Bank account-holder information
  • Transaction: Up to 24 months of categorized data
  • Assets: Point-in-time snapshots of users’ finances
Borrower Banking Information and Transaction Details Directly in Salesforce
  • All banking details are pulled and stored inside of the system
  • Can be accessed from any contact or opportunity
Automated Email Sends to Authorize Applicant Bank Verifications
  • Applicants select the bank account, enter their credentials, and submit from desktop or mobile
  • When authorized, the data is then sent direct from Plaid to Salesforce
  • Takes only a matter of minutes once the borrower authenticates
All Information Parsed Out Into Data Points
  • Details have been parsed down granularly, to the transaction level, for in-depth analysis and borrower transparency
  • Configure important fields, such as low balance days and negative balance days
Automated Underwriting Processes
  • Useable fields and custom objects allow automation can be easily created by the end user, and changed as necessary
  • Based on your specifications and custom logic, approvals and declines can be fully automated.
Cash Flow User Interface Connected to 5 Plaid Products Borrower Banking Information and Transaction Details Directly in Salesforce Automated Email Sends to Authorize Applicant Bank Verifications All Information Parsed Out Into Data Points Automated Underwriting Processes

A Better Way to Underwrite

Cloudsquare BankLink provides access to borrowers’ bank account data across 11,000 institutions worldwide, allowing lenders to see transactional data in real-time and for up to 24 months.

Our easy-to-use user interface saves underwriters hours of analysis, as details are not just parsed, but automatically run through our configurable Cash Flow UI to begin processing the results.

Fully built and easy to customize, Cloudsquare BankLink is ready to be integrated into your online application. Instantly get results along with the application, and if desired, plan an automated flow to analyze and make credit decisions.

We are proud to consider it one of the best bank account verification software in its software segment. You can make sure of that too!

Ready for a more efficient and accurate credit decision process?