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The most customizable and effective MCA Software on Salesforce, built specifically for brokers in Small Business Lending and Merchant Cash Advance.

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Keep Ahead of the Competition with Our Flexible, Turn-Key Loan Software for Brokers

Keep Ahead of the Competition with Our Flexible, Turn-Key Loan Software for Brokers
Get started with Salesforce without the time or hassle of building a custom system while still being flexible enough to accommodate your cash advance business’s specific needs.
  • Speed up your time to close
  • Streamline communications
  • Keep all of your data centralized and easy to access with MCA software

Grow Your Business With Our Intuitive System

End-To-End Solution
Created specifically to meet the needs of MCA Brokers and ISO’s, the Cloudsquare Broker Loan Origination System manages the entire Origination process, from new lead to deal renewal and everything in between.
Intelligent Technology
Built on Salesforce, this MCA software gives Brokers the leading edge in technology. Automated workflows, smart-filtering submission channels, Lender API integrations, and automated renewal forecasting are some of the features that make the MCA process more intelligent.
Infinitely Scalable
Seamlessly integrate 3rd party apps, connect to your marketing platform, and customize just about any feature in the LOS with a handful of clicks. Whether you have 1 rep or 100, Cloudsquare Broker (ex – BrokerSuite) is ready to grow with you.

Features Tailored to Merchant Cash Advance

Turn-key Merchant Cash Advance CRM 
  • Ready to go, out of the box. No time-consuming or costly customization required. Get started with Salesforce quickly and easily
  • Built-in reports and dashboards to see your conversion rates, most important business metrics and ROI
Clicks-not-Code Design
  • Customize the CRM to your exact needs without paying a consultant for hundreds of hours of custom work.   
  • Turn on and off just about any feature in the system, with a handful of clicks
  • Create your own global settings
Automated Applications & Workflows
  • Digital forms and documents seamlessly connect to Salesforce and attach to the merchant’s account
  • Merchant details and funding terms automatically follow the Account all the way through the process
  • Automate your routine redundant tasks, and save your team time with Salesforce
Leads and Pipeline Management
  • Custom deal stages, tailored to the specific needs of the MCA pipeline
  • Distribute your leads based on custom rules and keep them balanced through a Round Robin
  • Out of the box email to keep in touch with all your contacts
Submission Channel
  • Save and store all your lending contacts, ISO’s and funding partners in Salesforce
  • Submit application packages to multiple lenders simultaneously
  • Track multiple offers and terms from a single location
Renewals Management & Forecasting
  • Track and monitor receivables and payables
  • Quickly identify merchants ready for renewal
  • Automated renewal forecasting helps you plan and build a renewal pipeline
  • Track paid in percentages
Bank Statement & Debt Management
  • Input bank statement data to calculate averages
  • Track debt with other creditors
3rd Party App Integrations
  • Tap into the marketplace of over 150,000 Salesforce Apps, and get the specialized functionality you need, including e-signature, voice and mobile integration, marketing automation and much more for your Merchant Cash Advance software
Offer Management
  • Input terms and track offers
  • Specify decline reasons
Turn-key Merchant Cash Advance CRM  Clicks-not-Code Design Automated Applications & Workflows Leads and Pipeline Management Submission Channel Renewals Management & Forecasting Bank Statement & Debt Management 3rd Party App Integrations Offer Management

Cloudsquare Broker Gives You an Advantage Over Your Competition

Deals should close in 10 days or less. If your system is causing roadblocks, you will get left behind
Track The Pipeline
Close More Deals
Grow the Business
Maintaining, managing, and growing a quality pipeline is essential to any business. Cloudsquare Broker’s (innovative MCA software) built-in lead flow seamlessly transitions from one stage to another. Conversation details, stage notes, follow-up reminders, assigned tasks, and anything else a sales rep may need are all tracked right on the lead’s info page. Detailed reports and dashboards give management essential insight into to overall health of the pipeline and metrics on what is working best.
Closing a deal is all about speed, efficiency, and providing quality service. Brokers need to be able to respond to merchants and lenders quickly, have all the necessary details readily available and keep everything bundled together in an organized, meaningful way. From streamlined applications to easy storage of merchant details and intelligent submission options, Cloudsquare Broker (ex – Broker Suite) speeds up the process and helps them close more deals.
It takes more than just revenue to grow in business. A competitive advantage over the competition can mean the difference between stagnation and growth. Cloudsquare Broker’s unique customization tools, combined with the power and scalability of the Salesforce platform and ecosystem, allow MCA businesses to continually upgrade their systems. By tapping into new technologies as they come on the market, Cloudsquare Broker can adapt without needing an extensive overhaul or reboot. Cloudsquare Broker Loan Origination System is natively ready to enable growth.

Why Cloudsquare Broker is the Best Software for Merchant Cash Advance

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Easily Customizable
Cloudsquare Broker offers Brokers more out-of-the-box customization options than any other MCA software. Our custom settings pages allow you to thoroughly configure the system to meet your unique business needs, all with just a handful of clicks. No complex APEX knowledge or coding classes required.

Turn-key System for Fast Rollout
Unlike other LOS options on the market, which are only software frameworks and often require hundreds of hours of custom work to use, Cloudsquare Broker is a turn-key solution that allows Brokers to be up and running on Salesforce in a matter of weeks, saving your business hundreds of hours of development time.

Built and Vetted by Industry Experts
Over a decade of experience and feedback from hundreds of industry veterans has gone into Cloudsquare Broker’s intuitive interface, making it easy for everyone, from new hires to experienced brokers, to use the system, even with little training.

Success Stories

Cloudsquare Broker is the perfect software solution for your MCA business. But don’t take our word for it; hear it from our customers.
“Everything we needed and more! Not often do products deliver on all the promises they make. In this case we got more than expected. This out of the box solution has all the bells and whistles built in and allowed us to hit the ground running, instead of taking the time to build things out ourselves. Great product well worth the money.”
John Celifarco
Horizon Funding Group
“Cloudsquare Broker is a great tool and template for Lenders/Brokers in Salesforce. Installation, Setup was seamlessly we were up and running in minutes. Cloudsquare Broker has been absolutely fantastic. Great Product and Great Support.”
Danny Ferrara
CTO at Bankroll
“Cloudsquare Broker is the perfect solution for the Working Capital Loan broker. This Merchant Cash Advance software is a great product that is plug and plug for the small business financing industry. I highly recommend taking a demo.”
Will Shaw
President at Caddie Capital
“Great experience! After months of building out Salesforce and running into walls when it came to development, we decided to shop for an alternative. All the features you would want to build are already built for you and work smoothly. Great customer support and a reasonable subscription cost. Highly recommend.”
Dov Kauderer
President at Fundible

Ready to streamline your entire loan origination process, increase productivity and maximize ROI?