Cloudsquare Checklist – Create Dynamic To-Do Lists in Salesforce

Cloudsquare Checklist lets you create a neatly planned path for each deal or process and helps ensure that all boxes get ‘checked’, each and every time.

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A Powerful, Customizable Checklist App for Salesforce!

A Powerful, Customizable Checklist App for Salesforce!
Cloudsquare Checklist is a dynamic data entry/item manager, and customizable to-do list for your business.
  • Build a series of required items
  • Define documents or files to be collected
  • Can be used on just about any object or process in the system

What Can Cloudsquare Checklist Do For You?

Use Cloudsquare Checklist in Salesforce to define the required steps to take and items to gather before moving any process forward.
Ensure Complete Data Entry
Pre-define everything that is necessary to move the opportunity forward, so you never forget an item and have it fall through the cracks.
Reduce Decision Fatigue
Your new handy process assistant. Easily see your next task and look ahead to what remains to be done.
Better Process Management and Organization
With dynamic to-do lists and sophisticated custom rules, eliminate micromanagement and ensure a smoother sales process from start to finish.

Standardize Your Process With Cloudsquare Checklist’s Customizable Features

Implement a series of checkpoints on different records or processes to ensure your users are entering clean, standardized and complete data.
A Versatile To-Do List
  • Can be applied to any deal or business process
  • Track and manage any stipulations, documents, items that need to be collected, reviewed, and marked off for funding.
  • Add notes to each item, as well as upload files
  • Create new, one-time items on the fly
Pre-Define and Automate Workflows
  • Ensure a reliable and consistent process
  • Define which tasks, files, and items are required to proceed to the next step
  • Auto-create items based on a Salesforce record criteria
  • Build out a preset list of items, and quickly add each item to any record (that the item rule has been created to)
Sophisticated Process and Evaluation Rules
  • Eliminate micromanagement with these pre-set checkpoints
  • Different lists can be set to trigger based on any object, with any criteria
  • Assign items to users or queues and send notifications
  • Assign due dates to items, and track how long it took to be completed
  • Create a ‘tab’ system based on statuses for each item to move through
‘At a Glance’ View
  • UI breakdown of items shows an at a glance view of how many items are completed and how many are still pending
A Versatile To-Do List Pre-Define and Automate Workflows Sophisticated Process and Evaluation Rules 'At a Glance' View

The Use Cases for Cloudsquare Checklist are Almost Infinite

Customer Service
Financial Verification
Helping sales rep to accomplish required steps and to-dos before moving forward with the opportunity. Guiding the sales team to find the right product price quote, according to the account vertical or industry.
Help the onboarding team to check off all the required documentation before moving forward or closing the onboarding process.
Conduct customer service processes with a list of required steps or verifications before sending the case or work order to the technical staff.
Pre-establish the required documents to collect, and verifications to run before moving forward with evaluation.
Thanks to Afolabi and Cloudsquare, we were able to solve a major issue. As a financial firm, we have a lot of paperwork that comes through our office. As such many times, important documents are missed. Cloudsquare Checklist has helped us complete opportunities in a very systematic way. We can’t move the task forward unless all requirements are met. It makes our admin job seamless. Thank you!
David Ortiz
CEO, David Ortiz Advisors, Inc.

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