Cloudsquare Credit – Credit Reports from Experian, Equifax, and Transunion

Get access to the three major credit bureaus and pull credit reports directly from Salesforce, reducing costly human errors, improving efficiency and enabling faster and better credit decisions.

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Build a Better Credit Reporting Process for Your Business with Cloudsquare Credit

Build a Better Credit Reporting Process for Your Business with Cloudsquare Credit
  • Cloudsquare Credit is a credit reporting tool that connects to Experian and Equifax and Transunion via FactualData enabling underwriters to make credit inquiries directly from within Salesforce.
  • Users get fast and easy access to essential credit check data, the option to run soft or hard pulls, and the ability to fully automate the decision-making process according to their unique business model.

Make credit reporting in Salesforce faster, easier, and smarter

Streamlined Access to Experian, Equifax, and Transunion Credit Reports
Cloudsquare Credit directly connects to all three major Credit Bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. You can run credit reports from one or all three of the bureaus and access every essential data point they offer, all directly in Salesforce.
Automated Soft or Hard Credit Pulls
Integrate Cloudsquare Credit within your application and underwriting workflows to trigger both soft and hard pulls automatically, reducing human errors and decreasing time-to-decision.
Leverage Granular Credit Data to Automate Business Processes
All data points from the reports are parsed out individually into Salesforce, meaning you can create sophisticated business logic to automate the qualification process and predetermine what happens next. Take your credit check or underwriting process to new levels with Cloudsquare Credit.

Take Your Credit Check to New Levels with Cloudsquare Credit’s Main Features

See Everything the Credit Reporting Bureau has to Offer
  • Credit Score utilizing the desired models
  • Credit Summary
  • Liabilities
  • Inquiries
  • Public Records
  • Consumer Identity
  • Consumer Addresses
  • OFAC and other regulatory products
Soft Pulls and Hard Pulls
  • Based on your business use case, choose which type of pull to run or set up process automation to do it for you.
Access Your Trusted Credit Bureau and Manage the Results in Salesforce
  • Pull reports from opportunity or contact records utilizing easy to use interface
  • Store the full reports from the major credit report companies as PDFs on the opportunity and contacts
  • Parse the borrower’s credit scores to Contact and Opportunity
Reduce Errors and Automate Your Business Process
  • Set default settings for your ideal credit report pulls that are pre-loaded each time, not requiring you to always select the desired settings.
  • All credit data is parsed into Salesforce, allowing you to automate your underwriting decisions.
  • Can be based on specific business needs or qualification processes.
Integrated with Experian and Factual Data
  • Currently connects directly to Experian for credit pulls.
  • Also features the option to connect to Factual Data, a 3rd party company provider of consumer reports, leveraging Experian, Transunion and Equifax.
See Everything the Credit Reporting Bureau has to Offer Soft Pulls and Hard Pulls Access Your Trusted Credit Bureau and Manage the Results in Salesforce Reduce Errors and Automate Your Business Process Integrated with Experian and Factual Data

Why Use Cloudsquare Credit?

Built for a wide range of financial industries, Cloudsquare Credit makes credit reporting quick, easy, and accessible for your company. Whether you need to run credit reports to determine if a person or business has good credit, to see their financial history, or for any other reason, Cloudsquare Credit can help.
Cloudsquare Credit settings allows you to create custom tabs, dashboards, attach report files, and predefine a credit pull profile, allowing you to build a better online credit reporting process for your business.
With your credit reporting process directly in Salesforce, you can say goodbye to switching between multiple sites, logins and manually pasting info. Instead, after you make a request for credit report, the data is automatically pulled and saved to your opportunities or contacts, and then parsed down to granular detail, enabling the option to create complex business logic for sophisticated process automation.

What our Customers say about Cloudsquare Credit

‘Best Credit App on AppExchange!

We’ve been migrating our company processes to Salesforce and needed to find a solution for pulling credit bureau reports within SFDC. After demoing several different products, we can definitively say Cloudsquare Credit is the best solution on the AppExchange. A few features that we needed, all of which are offered by CH:
– Ability to pull individual and/or joint reports from each bureau
– Datapoint mapping from bureaus to custom Opportunity Object(s)
– .pdf copies of reports saved to Files
– Cost-effective

The ability to pull individual reports from each bureau and the cost-effectiveness made Cloudsquare Credit a no-brainer for us. The primary competitors either only offered one bureau, only offered joint reports when pulling multiple bureaus, or charged a ridiculous per-report amount ON TOP of the monthly app subscription and the charge assessed by the reporting agency. Working with Cloudsquare and CBCInnovis (now called Factual Data) to deploy the app was also simple, earning CH five stars and a strong recommendation from us.’

Tyler Stump,
Envision Capital Group

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