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Improve your submission process with this intuitive decision management tool, directly in Salesforce.
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Take the Guesswork out of Who to Submit to!

Take the Guesswork out of Who to Submit to!
Cloudsquare Submit is an intuitive decision management tool with an easily refinable submission channel that helps brokers and lenders build a continuously improving submissions process directly inside Salesforce.
  • Submit deals faster
  • Reduce data entry errors
  • Take the guesswork out of who to submit to

In-Depth Insights and Greater Transparency for Your Business

Get Unmatched Visibility into Deals and Lender Management
CS Submit gives robust options for tracking, organizing, and reporting on lenders. This tool enables better data insights into trends, reliability, and specifics on what offers they are sending, accepting, and rejecting. With Cloudsquare Submit, you have the power to better evaluate each lender and deeply understand your most valuable partners.
A Flexible Submission Channel to Effortlessly Augment Your Current Process in Salesforce
Get the best submission options automatically shown to you, thanks to configurable detail filter criteria. CS Submit is user-friendly and super easy to use, enabling you to quickly add new lenders to the platform, modify lender criteria and send submissions seamlessly through our intuitive UI (User Interface) while easily integrating into whatever process or system you already have.
Reduce Manual Processing Errors, Increase Efficacy, and Keep Your Process Organized
Our Automated Offer Acceptance Workflow automatically flows the data from the accepted offer onto the opportunity to be easily tracked, stored, and used for the next steps. Stop digging through thousands of spreadsheet rows and parsing out and evaluating your submissions and offers in a manual, time-consuming way.

Features that Get Smarter with Each Submission

End-to-End Lender Decisioning Management
  • Track what deals are being rejected by your lenders or which deals are returning offers
  • Detailed offer history for each lender
  • Adjustable lender criteria scoring model can be used to improve decision acceptance rates over time
Scalable and Flexible Design
  • Submit can be tailored to your company’s needs across any lending industry
  • Independently manage different lending verticals in parallel
  • Easily submit the same deal for different products
  • Product-specific granular control over lender submission profiles
  • Meets the needs of a business of any size
  • It easily works alongside any other AppExchange product or customization a customer may already be using
Easy to Use Submission Channel
  • Submit deals to multiple lenders quickly and with only a few clicks
  • Easily configurable data mapping eliminates submission errors
  • Automated logic to calculate Filter Criteria helps processors decide which lenders to submit to
Intuitive Offer Management Process
  • Sales Reps can easily review and send offer details to customers
  • No need for double entry; when an offer is selected, all information on the offer terms can automatically update the deal record
Clicks-not-code Admin Design
  • Comprehensive administrative app giving our customers control of the submit app without having to do any coding
  • Assign permission sets to users to manage access to ensure they see only what’s relevant to them
End-to-End Lender Decisioning Management Scalable and Flexible Design Easy to Use Submission Channel Intuitive Offer Management Process Clicks-not-code Admin Design

Accelerate Your Lender Submission Process with CS Submit!

Create a Hyper-Efficient Process with No Guesswork
Submit Deals Faster and More Intuitively
CS Submit gives you the tools to continuously refine your process and achieve maximum ROI (Return on Investment) for every submission. Evaluate submissions, see trends in certain lenders, and regularly adjust your filters and parameters to record which lenders to submit certain deals to. The result is a system that automatically tells you where to submit to, each and every time and only gets more accurate with each use.
Configurable submission types and lender types allow you to define and store essential parameters and fields of your process. The submission channel then automatically filters based on your specified criteria, presents the best matches, and makes it effortless to submit deals to qualified lenders. Filtering criteria allows you to set up various lending verticals for customized submissions.

The Smartest Choice for Optimizing Your Submissions Processes

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Cloudsquare Submit is a continuously self-improving system, getting smarter and more efficient with each submission made, presenting you with all available options and doing it all through automated workflows. And the best part is that implementing this game-changing tool is a breeze. CS Submit offers you:

  • A rapid 2—3-week setup time to Go-Live
  • Immediate relief from manual processing errors
  • Increase overall efficiency.

Experience the future of submissions management today with CS Submit, and unlock a world of unparalleled convenience, accuracy, and growth for your brokerage business.

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