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Cloudsquare Lend is the most flexible, scalable and innovative loan management system for ambitious alternative business lenders.
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End-to-end Loan Management System for Small Business Lending Companies

End-to-end Loan Management System for Small Business Lending Companies
As a turn-key, Salesforce-native platform, Lend is the best solution for any growth and technology-minded lender that plays to win. This isn’t a run of the mill lending platform, or Loan Origination System (LOS), but a seriously powerful, end-to-end and automated system, designed for companies ready to move fast and blow the competition out of the water.
  • Bring all your processes under one roof
  • Get deeper business insights
  • Fully automate your funding process

Cloudsquare Lend Makes the Funding Process Smarter, Faster, and More Cost-effective

More configuration options than any other lending platform, and no coding required
Unlike other loan origination systems, Lend was built with Salesforce’s clicks-not-code mentality. Nothing is hard coded, the entire system can be fully customized by you, with only a few clicks and no coding required! No lengthy build-outs or slowing down your business for an implementation. No dependency required on Cloudsquare to make changes. You are in control.
An End-To-End Solution to keep all systems and process under one roof
Get your deals done faster and make your team more efficient, while doing less. Created specifically to meet the needs of alternative business lenders, Lend is a complete loan management system allowing teams to manage the entire loan lifecycle from a borrower’s application to funding, servicing, loss mitigation, and everything in between, all under a single roof.
Fully automate your lending process
Lend gives you the leading edge with its automated underwriting, funding, servicing, syndication, and loss mitigation processes. Our out-of-the-box Plaid, Credit, and Thomson Reuters CLEAR products are tightly integrated in the lending CRM, enabling your underwriters to make faster and smarter decisions. Native Salesforce tools further allow you to streamline workflows, letting you build an automated lending process from start to finish.

Features to Manage Every Stage of the Lending Process

Built on the Salesforce Platform
  • End-to-end Loan Origination Software & Loan Management Platform
  • More configuration options than any other lending platform
  • Mobile-Ready
  • Secure, Encrypted, and Compliant
  • Customizable Reports & Dashboards
Loan Origination
  • Application Management
  • Deal Pipeline and Workflow Automation
  • Commissions & Origination Fees Automation
  • Easy Referral Source Management
  • Eliminate Duplicate Processing & Underwriting Efforts
  • KYC and CIP Framework
Loan Servicing
  • Same Day ACH Processing
  • Seamless ACHWorks & Actum Integration
  • Payment Processing Auto-scheduling
  • Streamlined Funding and Disbursements
  • Fees & Collections Automation
  • White-Label Servicing & Syndication Platform
  • Detailed Syndicator Reporting
  • Automated Syndicator Remittances
  • Customizable Invitation portal
  • Flexible Syndication Fees
Essential Integrations for Lenders
  • Cloudsquare BankLink powered by Plaid
  • Thomson Reuters CLEAR for Salesforce
  • Cloudsquare Credit
  • Cloudsquare Checklist
  • Offer creation
  • Pricing the deal
  • Send offers to Referral Source
  • Generate Contracts
  • Final Underwriting
  • Funding Call Script
Built on the Salesforce Platform Loan Origination Loan Servicing Syndications Essential Integrations for Lenders Underwriting

Why Cloudsquare Lend is the Best Loan Software for Small Business Lenders 

Built on Salesforce
Deep Business Insights
Get Started Fast
Scalable and Efficient
Built on Salesforce, the most reliable and secure CRM platform in the world
Thanks to the world class foundation of Salesforce, Lend boasts a 99.9999% uptime. All security protocols are covered by Salesforce, meaning you can rest comfortably knowing the lifeblood of your business, your data, is safe. Other lending platforms create their own infrastructure solutions and can’t match the protections offered by Salesforce. When your data is on Salesforce, you own it and can count on total privacy.
Advanced data & reporting for deeper business insights
The only way to truly know what is going on in your business is to be able to see it from every angle. Powerful, out of the box, 360-degree reporting gives you the insights and analytics you need to understand every broad stroke aspect of what is going on. Dive deep reporting then gives you the essential data you need to make more intelligent decisions and monitor key business KPI’s, like active submissions, commissions generated, upcoming renewals, and more.
Get up and running faster than any other lending platform
Our turn-key solution was built with the feedback and guidance of hundreds of industry veterans, so everyone from seasoned employees to new hires can pick it up quickly. The loan management software is fully built and easy to customize, so our team can set it up at lightning speed, you can configure it to meet your exact needs and you get to funding more deals in a matter of weeks.
Scale and grow your company to the next level
To properly scale a company and reach the next level, you need efficient processes that can easily flex and accommodate more volume and more employees over time, without accumulating excess technical debt. With a powerful array of tools and a growing marketplace of over 150,000 pre-built apps and solutions, the AppExchange, Salesforce is built to do exactly that. Lend’s industry specific features, settings and routine updates, stacked and amplified by the foundation of Salesforce, makes scaling virtually effortless for alternative lenders.

See how Cloudsquare Lend can reduce costs, increase ROI, and help you stay ahead of the competition! 


What is a Lending Platform?
It’s the software responsible for managing and maintaining the complete loan origination cycle, including loan application and underwriting, loan servicing and disbursal of funds.
Why do I need a Lending Platform?
Depending on the type of loan, the origination, underwriting, servicing and syndication processes and workflows may differ. An excellent Lending Platform can be customized to your business needs and help address some key challenges your industry faces today while streamlining the loan process, creating intelligent workflows, and providing faster and more assertive decision-making capabilities.

Contact our team of experts to learn more about how using the correct LOS can help your business.
Is this LOS cloud-based?
Yes, because Cloudsquare Lend is built on the Salesforce platform, it is set on the cloud, so you can access vital information anytime from anywhere, as long as you have a solid internet connection.
How do I get started with Cloudsquare Lend – Loan Origination Software
To start with Cloudsquare Lend, you must first purchase a Salesforce Sales Cloud Enterprise Edition license. Once you have the licenses, contact one of our Salesforce consultants to acquire Cloudsquare Lend’s package. Cloudsquare’s team will install and configure the Cloudsquare Lend loan management system for you.
What is Cloudsquare Lend’s Lending Platform pricing?
Cloudsquare Lend offers different pricing and packages depending on your needs, starting at $150/1-5 users/per month. Get in touch with our sales representatives and Salesforce experts to learn more about the best package option for your business.
In which cities in the US do you offer your services?
Our headquarters are located in Los Angeles, but our services are open to multiple locations. Find the complete list here.