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LendingTree Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration for Business Loan Inquiries

Robust integration to easily capture customer information being sent from Lending Tree for Business Loan inquiries. Automatically create lead records and notify your sales team of new inquiries inside of Salesforce.

Capture LendingTree Data

Capture data being sent from LendingTree and create leads inside of Salesforce.
  • For Business Loan Inquiries

  • Map your fields to LendingTree’s

  • Guided Setup

  • Quick Implementation

  • LendingTree Salesforce app screenshot
  • LendingTree Salesforce app screenshot

Organize Leads by Source

Allow sales representatives to respond faster to new leads and reduce the workload on managers and admins to distribute and track leads, in result maximizing the efficiency of the entire sales team.

  • Route leads to reps instantly

  • Create custom list views

  • Eliminate bottlenecks

Reports & Analytics

Create custom reports, dashboards, run analytics, and track conversions.

  • Track different lead sources

  • See conversions across lead channels

  • Increase your ROI

Only $100/org monthly + Implementation