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Maximize your Salesforce Investment

Designed for businesses that want to continue enhancing their platform

With our managed packages and services, you get the right team of experts dedicated to the health and maintenance of your Salesforce instance.

We assign you a dedicated Salesforce Business Analyst who will ensure your platform is configured to your specific processes and be there for ongoing support. Cloudsquare’s Managed Services will save your organization, time, money, and the headaches associated with maintaining and optimizing your Salesforce environment.

The team at Cloudsquare came to save the day when others couldn’t. I had some last minute CRM and systems setup issues which halted operations so time was of the essence. CloudSquare was able to jump on the task, solve the issue and got us back in business in no time! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Mike Pessar, THINK Mortgage

Expert managed services to get you to the next level

salesforce optimization
Salesforce Optimization
Whether you have been using Salesforce for a couple of months or a number of years, we can help you optimize your new processes and efficiently phase out old ones. Let us help you resolve technical debt, remove outdated functionalities, and begin capturing those missed opportunities.
sf health assessment
Salesforce Health Assessment
We review your Salesforce environment to make sure the latest features and functionality are covered and put together a list of recommendations that can be implemented over time. This helps you stay up to date and ahead of your competition.
Ongoing Enhancements
Your business has evolved, and so should your Salesforce org. Cloudsquare’s team can manage your Salesforce backlog, streamline business processes, and oversee continuous delivery so you can provide more transparency to leadership.

Analytics, Reports & Dashboards
Get deeper insights into your process. We help custom-build reports and dashboards for your business, to show you the metrics that really matter. Drill down to a set of specific users, track progress of specific departments, or see the total picture company wide.
quarterly business review
Quarterly Business Review
Our team partners with you to set goals, review KPIs, business impact, and trends in the market, and follow up with future roadmap prioritization and planning. You will receive a detailed report every quarter.
user training
Training & User Adoption
Once we introduce new features to your Salesforce environment, we make sure that your team is properly trained on what was introduced to help drive user adoption. Our goal is for your team to be empowered in their own growth.

Product Expertise

Our Managed Services team works with most Salesforce products, including:

Sales Cloud
Service Cloud
Marketing Cloud
Financial Services Cloud
CPQ & Billing
Salesforce Platform
Experience Cloud
Nonprofit Success Pack
Product Development
Salesforce Pardot

Managed Service Plans

We are very flexible! You don’t have to be locked in a contract for a year or longer. We offer a variety of options for whatever your Salesforce Managed Service needs.
Up-Front Bundle
Use as you go, when you need

Client-led discussion –
Resources & Support as needed

Cost-effective team and resource management
Monthly Hours
Monthly budget of hours

Cloudsquare lead discussion

Weekly check-ins with the team

Access our Strategic Resources – get the most out of your Salesforce Investment

On-going system enhancement for Salesforce health and maintenance
Kellen Silveria
Kellen Silveira
Salesforce Business Analyst
Greg Catling
Greg Catling
Salesforce Business Analyst
Michael Boluwaji
Project Manager

Why Cloudsquare?

Cloudsquare’s prime goal is to equip your team with the solutions to help you expand and be on top of your game.

  • Our dependability, adaptability, and transparent approach allows us to find common ground with any client, build a long-term partnership with them, and rely on our skills to develop the most innovative solutions to revolutionize their businesses.
  • We have the right people in the right places to help you. We connect you with the best team to get the project done.
  • At Cloudsquare, we can start on your project quickly! You don’t have to wait months to get started; we have the capacity, flexibility, and time to get on your project right away.
  • We offer different levels of engagement depending on the support that you need.
  • We’re very, very good at documentation. We make sure everything is documented throughout the complete service.
  • We offer on-going support throughout the project and well after launch. We monitor your environment and discover ways to make the enhancements you’ll need to continue growing with the platform.
  • Our team provides an open line of communication to be a constant source of support as you venture into the world of Customer Relationship Management.
  • We have resources on the West Coast and East Coast. We can pivot to where you are; that is how we ensure we get back to you quickly and it’s easy to work with us. No matter where you are, we can work with you.
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What are Salesforce Managed Services?
It’s a flexible solution designed for businesses that want to continue enhancing their platform or maintain and realize their investment without hiring additional full-time employees.
Why do I need Salesforce Managed Services providers?
If you are looking to draw the most benefit out of your Salesforce platform, but you don’t have the resources to configure it internally, then you need a managed service provider to ensure your platform is configured to your specific processes and you get the right team of expert dedicated to the health and maintenance of your Salesforce instance.

— You get a team of Salesforce specialists.
— It is Cost-effective.
— It allows your team to focus on other initiatives and goals.
— They can find new ways to improve your solution or new features to add to your existing platform.
— There is no need to invest in more resources.
— You get continuous support.
In which cities in the US do you offer Managed Services for Salesforce?
Our headquarters are located in Los Angeles, but our services are open to multiple locations. Find the complete list here.
My internal team is busy, but we have initiatives that cannot wait. How can you help?
If you have a list of Salesforce to-dos, but your team is busy with other projects. You can count on us to help you build out some new features, roll out a new department, integrate with a 3rd party app, or get some quick wins.
We only have an admin, but we need Apex development. How can we access experienced developers?
We are a Salesforce partner who can provide different skill sets on demand! You can access our certified team of developers, integration experts, marketing automation experts, business analysts, and more.
Can you provide consulting advice on Salesforce best practices?
Yes! We can provide advice on best practices and strategic guidance, help understand new releases, gain insight into what others are doing in your industry, and help bring ideas to life. Find out what you can get out of your Salesforce investment.

Customer Success Stories

An intelligent Salesforce Sales process designed in a small window of time, results in better tracking and follow-up across the Sales pipeline.

After procuring some Salesforce licenses, ThoughtWorld needed to quickly implement Sales Cloud for their brand-new sales team, with only a 3 week deadline. They lacked in-house Salesforce experts and were seeking a Salesforce minimal viable product (MVP) set up so their sales team could start tracking pipeline activity.

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Startup broker uses Salesforce to originate working capital loans.

The company had difficulties competing with similar businesses in their industry due to a lack of CRM, limited visibility into the sales pipeline, inability to capture lead source attribution, and a slow submission process.

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A seasoned alternative business lending broker uses Salesforce to originate working capital loans.

The company didn’t have a CRM in place, which limited the visibility into sales lifecycle, data tracking, and reporting on crucial key performance indicators (KPIs).

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How a mid-sized home improvement company earned 45% more leads and boosted sales by 24%.

The company continued to use the same system of generating leads and sales for eighteen years. Leads were being taken down on paper, searched for through thousands of documents, and eventually lost.

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Moving Underwriting Team Leads to Efficiency and Communication Gains.

How a leading lender in financial services modernized its underwriting processes and streamlined its Salesforce implementation, improving 100% user adoption and increasing closed/won deals a 15%.

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A Service Cloud implementation for Partner Program to boost customer services.

How the implementation of Service Cloud for Partner prospecting and program and Merchant Management helped a provider in integrated payment solutions improve their team’s productivity and perform optimal support to partners while identifying problems faster, increasing response time.

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