5 Powerful Salesforce Summer ’23 Updates for Financial Services Users 

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We’ve got some exciting news for you, financial enthusiasts and Salesforce aficionados. As we wrote in our previous article, the highly anticipated Salesforce Summer ’23 release is here, and it brought a wave of enhancements, many of which are tailored specifically for financial services users. 

And as successful business person, you know the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest software developments, which is crucial for leveraging new features and enhancing your business operations. 

In this blog, we’ll explore Salesforce Summer ’23 top five game-changing updates tailored specifically for financial services users. From actionable segmentation to marketing cloud engagement, these updates are designed to revolutionize your financial services game and supercharge your success. By the end of this blog, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to blow the competition out of the water! 

So, get ready to dive into the world of innovation and growth and unlock the full potential of your financial prowess with Salesforce Summer ’23 release updates. Let’s get started! 

Actionable Segmentation: Enhancing Client Outreach 

Imagine having the power to segment and curate client profiles with ease while designing personalized and timely outreach programs. That’s exactly what Actionable Segmentation brings to the table for financial services users. With this exciting feature, you can effectively group similar client profiles and target their specific needs. 

But that’s not all! Actionable Segmentation comes with enhancements that make list creation a breeze. You can now select and add up to 10,000 dataset records at once, saving you precious time. Plus, custom filter logic allows you to refine your lists even further. And here’s the cherry on top: you can now share actionable lists with other Salesforce users, fostering collaboration and boosting efficiency. 

With Actionable Segmentation, financial institutions can supercharge their client engagement. Let’s say you want to target a specific group of clients who are ready for a new investment opportunity. By curating an actionable list based on their investment preferences, you can design a personalized outreach program that speaks directly to their needs. This tailored approach increases the likelihood of engagement and drives stronger relationships. 

Now you have the tools to take your client outreach to new heights with Actionable Segmentation.  

Marketing Cloud Engagement for Financial Services Cloud 

Now you can seamlessly integrate your Financial Services Cloud CRM data with Marketing Cloud and unlock a world of personalized marketing possibilities. With Marketing Cloud Engagement for Industries, financial services users can take their marketing game to the next level. 

Thanks to this Summer ’23 release update, you can now create and send customized emails using Marketing Cloud’s powerful tools. Say goodbye to generic email blasts and hello to personalized messages tailored to your clients’ needs. With customizable email templates, you can save time and effortlessly send engaging content to your audience. 

But here’s the real magic: by synchronizing your Salesforce data with Marketing Cloud, you ensure that your emails are always up to date with the latest client information. This means you can deliver relevant offers, promotions, and services based on each client’s specific profile.  

So, why is this integration so important for financial services users? Well, it allows you to efficiently set up your bank’s email campaigns and target specific client segments. Let’s say you want to attract new clients to your bank. You can create email templates that promote your services, highlighting financial support options or encouraging clients to register for mobile or digital banking. By tailoring your messages, you increase the chances of capturing their interest and driving customer acquisition. 

Additionally, this integration also helps with customer retention. You can nurture existing clients by sending personalized emails based on their financial needs and goals. For example, you can send investment tips to clients who have shown an interest in growing their wealth or offer exclusive benefits to long-time customers. By showing that you understand their individual needs, you strengthen their loyalty and increase customer satisfaction. 

To take advantage of this integration, simply set up your domain, install the Marketing Cloud Engagement for Industries package, and connect Marketing Cloud with Salesforce. Customize your email templates, select your target audience, and let the personalized marketing campaigns begin. 

Actionable Relationship Center: Empowering Financial Advisors 

These enhancements to the Actionable Relationship Center (ARC) graph in Salesforce’s Summer ’23 release are about to take your financial advising game to a whole new level! You will be able to gain a comprehensive view of your client’s relationships to help you make better decisions and manage those relationships like a pro. 

With the updated ARC graph, you now have interactive features at your fingertips. You can zoom in and out to focus on the most important information, ensuring you don’t miss any crucial details. Need to read the text on each ARC graph card? No worries! The enhanced zoom-out feature ensures readability. And when you’re ready to go back to the original view, just hit the Reset Zoom and Center Graph buttons. 

But wait, there’s more! You can now hide card fields on the ARC graph, giving you a bird’s-eye view of your client relationships. By hiding fields, you can focus on the record names and get a high-level overview of how your clients are connected. It’s like having a cheat sheet that shows you the big picture without overwhelming you with unnecessary details. 

And here’s the best part, no more clicking each card to see if there are child records associated with it. Now, a handy hierarchy icon appears on the ARC graph cards, signaling that there are child records waiting to be explored. It’s a time-saver and a game-changer for your relationship management. 

But why is this important for financial services users like you? Well, imagine having a visual representation of your clients’ relationships right in front of you. With just a few clicks, you can zoom in to see the intricate details, zoom out to get the big picture and hide fields to focus on what matters most. This enhanced ARC graph empowers you to make informed decisions, navigate accounts with ease, and strengthen your client relationships. 

So, now you are ready to zoom, hide, and identify like never before! The updated ARC graph in Salesforce Summer ’23 release will be your secret weapon for mastering relationship management. 

Service Process Automation: Enhancing Customer Experience 

Get ready to empower your customers and level up their self-service experience with the improvements to Service Process Studio in the Salesforce Summer ’23 release. We’re about to dive into a world where customers can update their addresses and request fee reversals seamlessly, all at their fingertips. 

So, what’s the buzz about Service Process Studio? Well, now your users have more flexibility to create and manage service processes. They can clone service process definitions, group related data attributes, add look-up type data attributes, and view all data attributes on the Case Details component.  

But here’s where it gets exciting. Salesforce is introducing self-service processes for address updates and fee reversals, giving your customers the power to take control. Imagine this: your customers can update their addresses with just a few clicks, without the need for manual intervention. It’s all made possible by configuring a Financial Services Client Portal community and enabling the prebuilt address update OmniScript. Convenience at its finest! 

And that’s not all. Customers can also request fee reversals with ease, saving them time and effort. By configuring the Financial Services Client Portal community and enabling the prebuilt fee reversal OmniScript, your customers can quickly launch the fee reversal process.  

But why is this important for financial services users? It’s all about enhancing the customer experience and reducing manual intervention. By offering self-service options for address updates and fee reversals, you’re giving your customers the freedom to make changes on their terms. No more waiting on hold or filling out tedious forms. It’s a win-win situation that boosts customer satisfaction while streamlining your service processes. 

Let’s take a moment to imagine some real-life scenarios. Picture a customer who recently moved and needs to update their address. Instead of going through a lengthy process, they can simply log into the Financial Services Client Portal, launch the address update process, and voila! Their address is updated seamlessly. 

Now, let’s consider a customer who believes they were charged an incorrect fee. Instead of getting frustrated, they can head over to the Financial Services Client Portal, launch the fee reversal process, and their request is submitted and processed in no time. It’s convenient and efficient rolled into one. 

Now you are ready to enhance your customer experience and reduce manual intervention with the improvements to Service Process Studio.  

Discovery Framework Enhancements: Streamlining Assessment Workflows 

We have more exciting news for you that will make your assessment workflows smoother than ever. The Salesforce Summer ’23 release brings new features to the Discovery Framework, including the ability to edit signatures and guest user access.  

This is a game-changer enhancement for your assessment workflows. Now, you can take it up a notch by editing signatures before submitting the assessment form. Imagine having the power to make those last-minute adjustments or corrections to your signature.  

But that’s not all. Salesforce is also introducing guest user access to OmniScripts of the Discovery Framework type on Experience Cloud sites. What does that mean? It means that even guests or external users can seamlessly access and complete the assessment process. No more limitations or barriers.  

Now, why is this important for financial services users? Well, think about the impact on your assessment workflows. By being able to edit signatures, you can ensure accuracy and completeness before finalizing the assessment. It’s all about dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s to provide the most precise and reliable information. 

And let’s not forget about the benefits in terms of user experience. With guest user access, you’re opening up your assessment process to a wider audience. This means that clients, partners, or anyone you invite can participate without the need for a full Salesforce user license.  

Now, let’s talk about efficiency and ease of use. By editing signatures, you’re eliminating the need for additional back-and-forth or rework. It’s a time-saver that allows you to streamline your workflows and keep things moving forward smoothly. And with guest user access, you’re removing any barriers that could slow down the assessment process. It’s all about making it easy and seamless for everyone involved. 


And there you have it! We’ve journeyed through the exciting updates of the Salesforce Summer ’23 release for financial services users, and I hope you’re feeling excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead. With actionable segmentation, marketing cloud engagement, and a host of other game-changing features, your financial services game is about to reach new heights. 

But here’s the thing: knowledge is power, but it’s what you do with that knowledge that truly sets you apart. So, don’t just let these updates gather digital dust. Take action! Reach out to a Salesforce consulting company like Cloudsquare and see how we can help you unleash the full potential of your Salesforce platform. 

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Remember, success is just a message away. Embrace the power of Salesforce’s Summer ’23 release, seize the opportunities that await, and let Cloudsquare be your guiding light on this epic journey. 

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