Cloudsquare | Spring ’19 Salesforce Release Highlights

Spring ’19 Salesforce Release Highlights

Cloudsquare | Spring ’19 Salesforce Release Highlights

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The new Salesforce Spring Release for 2019 came out February 11, 2019. Users are excited for this update because it has a lot of new features that will make Salesforce even more customizable and convenient for users, making for a better customer experience. The new updates are helpful in a variety of facets.


An interesting new Sales Cloud feature is Pardot: Einstein Behavior Scoring. This new artificial intelligence (AI) predicts a customer’s readiness to make a purchase based on how they engage with your marketing efforts. This feature can help you determine the success of your marketing campaigns, define your target market and ultimately help you convert leads to sales. The Sales Cloud can also help you to schedule appointments with and never miss an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships with the Lightning Scheduler. Additionally, the update will allow you to integrate with Gmail to increase productivity and streamline sales.


Einstein will also be able to help you to make predictions about your customers and give personalized sales recommendations to them with this new update. Einstein technology can also help promote great customer service by prioritizing cases to ensure quick resolution. This technology can help your company to organize and make sure that top concerns are addressed in a timely manner. The update will also include better AI chatbots to help assist customers on demand.


The Spring release is also going to be beneficial for Community Cloud users. One of the new features is customizable apps that can be made from existing communities, branded for your company and published to the app store. Another interesting update is the added ability to translate posts in 50+ languages with Google Translate API.


Now, with Commerce Cloud, users can check for and prevent web-based attacks with the web application firewall. With improved security and encryption, Commerce Cloud is even more trustworthy and reliable for Salesforce users.

Einstein Analytics:

Einstein Artificial AI is relatively new to Salesforce, but the Spring ‘19 update takes the technology to the next level. Einstein now has a Prediction Builder feature that predicts business outcomes, allowing you to focus your business efforts and workflows for more efficiency. Einstein also will provide AI insights from your Salesforce data so you can get a better grasp of the data you are working with. These new added features will allow Einstein AI technology to be more useful and automate some of the processes you would have had to do yourself.


When making slideshows for team meetings or client presentations, it can be messy and confusing to search for relevant information that is the most up to date. Quip allows you to connect live charts to keep your slides updated without using email or other sources to continuously update. In addition to slides, you can also edit documents, and spreadsheets without switching apps. In Quip you can add filters to your work to find it quicker and organize yourself better. Lastly, with Quip you can embed data from Salesforce, Drop and Dropbox to ensure accuracy and save time. While you work, you can also use the Task Drawer to view all tasks assigned to you and check them off as you complete your work.

Listed here are only a few highlights of the Spring ‘19 Salesforce release. Overall, the Salesforce Spring ‘19 update continues to advance and revolutionize customer relationship management for better business processes, more dynamic and equipt employees, and satisfied customers. For more information about how you can implement Salesforce and all of its latest tools and features, contact Cloudsquare, a team of Salesforce consultants which will offer you the best solutions in Salesforce.