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Do you wish you had more time to stay up to date on Salesforce? Podcasts are becoming the most popular and convenient way to learn more about a topic, get news, or just solely entertainment. You can check out some of the top Salesforce podcasts where you can learn about the latest updates or new tricks and tools while you are going about your daily commute or working out at the gym.

1.The Quotable Podcast

This podcast developed by Salesforce employees, is popular amongst sales professionals who are looking to gain insights on new strategies, managing sales teams or hear fascinating interviews with some of the top salespeople in the industry.

Click here to listen and subscribe to The Quotable Podcast.

2. The Marketing Cloudcast

The Marketing Cloudcast is another one of Salesforce’s original podcasts that is best for marketing professionals who want to learn more about content creation, social media, or email marketing tactics.

This podcast will open up your mind to the future of marketing, your career in marketing, and how you can use Salesforce as a highly effective marketing tool.

Click here to listen and subscribe to The Marketing Cloudcast.

3. The Buttonclick Admin Podcast

Calling all Salesforce Admins! This podcast brought to you by Salesforce will keep your Salesforce knowledge up to date by adding the 30 minute weekly episodes to your routine. The hosts even went live from the annual Dreamforce conference to keep listeners in the loop.

Some discussion points from past episodes included, “How the ‘Blue Collar Admin’ Built His Career” or “Salesforce Saved My Life”. The hosts of the podcast are admins themselves who are sharing stories, news, or pieces of advice to help you be a successful and informed Salesforce admin.

Click here to listen and subscribe to The Buttonclick Admin Podcast

4. Blazing Trails Podcast

This podcast explores a wider variety of topics that all Trailblazers can relate to. Some topics include: Dreamforce, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Technology, Sustainability, and Equality. Some featured guests include the CEO of Deloitte, Natalie Portman, and Taraji P. Henson: all talking about equal rights for women in the workplace.

Click her to listen and subscribe to Blazing Trails Podcast.

For more information about implementing Salesforce or making updates you may hear about in these podcasts, please contact us at Cloudsquare.