Sunwave EMR to Salesforce Integration | Keep a patient-centric program lifecycle while staying compliant with auditing regulations.

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With the increase in popularity of specialty clinics, more healthcare providers are demanding EMR’s designed for their specific needs, including behavioral health providers, resulting in a wide variety of behavioral health EMR software available today. Sunwave Health is one of the best mobile-friendly and easy-to-use EMR software solutions. Moreover, if you are using Salesforce as your current CRM, you should know it is possible to integrate it with Sunwave EMR Software to help you streamline the admission process of existing and new patients from one system to the other.  

Sunwave EMR 

Sunwave Health is a cloud-based, patient-centric, electronic medical record (EMR) solution that helps substance abuse treatment centers and behavioral health facilities manage medications, documentation, get a 360° view of their operations, process and collect rates better, stay compliant with auditing forms signatures and monitor the success of their patients even after the program has been completed giving them the best chance at recovery. 

Sunwave Health Salesforce Integration 

Integrating Sunwave to Salesforce is an excellent option if you are looking to customize your EMR to your company’s needs with all the functionalities the CRM has to offer. Manage the entire admission process from lead to collections with real-time data in one unified system.  

Sunwave EMR to Salesforce integration allows for the creation of opportunities in the EMR system from Salesforce. When a person wants to be admitted to the facility, the clinic gets the information from Salesforce to Sunwave platform. Then, the platform can create a census record once the patient is admitted, which will synchronize back to Salesforce and provide the sync of Account Ids from Sunwave into Salesforce.  

The integration will allow Salesforce to periodically query Sunwave for Census information and pull new, relevant information from the EMR. This will result in the creation of new Admission Records or updating records. Additionally, if a Sunwave external Id is not related to the patient’s account, it can be created when updating the admission record with Sunwave data.  

Finally, you can have a service that will send all PDF documents associated with an Opportunity as a related file to Sunwave once the opportunity has been created here. This integration can be tailored so your business can maximize the amount of information that can be communicated between the two systems. 

Ready to start? 

To integrate these two systems, your company needs to purchase a Salesforce license and use Sunwave Health EMR. If you don’t have Salesforce yet, we can help you acquire the CRM. 

 Once you have these two platforms, you’ll need a great Salesforce consulting partner to help you build this integration according to your specific requirements. We recommend a partner who has had experience with these third-party integrations, as it will save your company time and resources.  

Cloudsquare, a modern and innovative Salesforce solution company, can help you achieve this. Their experienced consultant team will consider your industry’s needs and your company’s requirements to build the best tool for your company.  

Contact us to get a quote and start driving your business to the next level!