The 5 Best Salesforce Add-ons

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DocuSign is a great add-on for your Salesforce platform. It provides everything you need for your business paperwork needs. DocuSign automates and integrates your agreement process so you can save time, reduce error risks, and increase your productivity, all without leaving the Salesforce platform! Let requesting signatures, and electronic signing, be fast and easy with this add-on. 

Mailchimp is a great add-on for your business’ marketing needs. It’s a marketing automation platform that integrates your customer data, marketing channels, and insights all on one platform. Whether using email, social media, or postcards, easily promote your business across any channel from one single place. You can effortlessly track your campaigns, manage customer queries, access campaign reports, manage subscribers, and more!

Conga Composer allows you to generate documents effortlessly in Salesforce. This add-on lets you create and duplicate documents in Salesforce without risking data. Whether you need presentations, contracts, proposals, quotes, or reports, you can easily create and merge any data into formatted templates.

Geopointe allows you to use geography with systems like Google maps to designate territories, set boundaries, create routes, add check-in functions, and more. These routes can be built with your mappable data from Salesforce. You can manage and optimize your routes from the route tab to view stops, order stops, define route types, add time values, and more. This is a great tool to boost productivity of salespeople and receive more potential marketing opportunities.

Cloudsquare is a Salesforce consulting and implementation company that can help you with your Salesforce needs. Our custom solutions will transform your platform and help your business do better. Let us help you install and understand these Salesforce add-ons so you can get the most value from your Salesforce platform!