How can your company benefit from integrating Thomson Reuters CLEAR to Salesforce?

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If your company requires you to use a risk and fraud solution regularly or is a vital part of your business due to the services you offer, then you may be using Thomson Reuters Clear and getting access to one of the most trusted and comprehensive investigative services on the market.

And now, Thomson Reuters Clear has made it even easier for businesses like yours to access the information you need. Thanks to an EXCLUSIVE partnership with Salesforce Implementation Partner, Cloudsquare, you can now integrate CLEAR with your existing Salesforce environment. That means you can have all your background checks streamlined and accessible in one place!

But why should you care? Well, let’s dig deeper into the details and uncover why this partnership is a game-changer for your business. Get ready to unlock the power of Salesforce and Thomson Reuters in a whole new way!

What is Thomson Reuters CLEAR? 

Thomson Reuters CLEAR is an online investigation solution designed to support your public records needs. You can easily locate vital information for businesses, identify risks and find connections amongst businesses that other resources may not pick up on, including court searches, person searches, and important public records. With CLEAR, you are given the power to know more about the customers you are working with so you can always have peace of mind. 

Thomson Reuters CLEAR to Salesforce Integration 

If your company uses Salesforce, you can now integrate CLEAR to work with your existing Salesforce environment. By integrating the two technologies, companies can purchase CLEAR data, access reports filtering with “quick analysis flags” so that you are only notified when there is a record in the areas you wish to look into. For example, if you only want to see court records of your client- you can check boxes and CLEAR will only provide you with results relevant to your filters.  

There are 56 different sections you can sort through to filter your results on either a person report or a court search. When CLEAR is implemented into your Salesforce platform, you will never have to worry about switching to different platforms to search for invaluable information. CLEAR on Salesforce streamlines the process and reduces the amount of time it takes to get the background information you need for whatever business case you need it for. 

Thomson Reuters CLEAR Person search feature on Salesforce

Why should your company use CLEAR on Salesforce? 

Having the correct information about an individual or business, to make an assertive decision, is very important. Thomson Reuters CLEAR’s Salesforce integration is designed to be an API that is versatile for companies across a wide variety of industries. Whether your company falls under healthcare, financial services, insurance, law enforcement, or another sector that requires a background check, CLEAR on Salesforce will get the data you need allowing you to streamline the process. 

CLEAR can be useful for detecting information that would be quite difficult to find otherwise. Instead of conducting individual queries about a subject of interest, CLEAR allows users to analyze high-volumes of data at once. 

For customers who already use CLEAR and Salesforce separately, this integration of CLEAR and Salesforce is a convenient way to stop jumping from one platform to another but rather work seamlessly in one integrated CRM platform where company data and customer profiles are already established. 

You can get your data straight to Salesforce from CLEAR. There is no need to copy and paste the information from CLEAR to Salesforce. Instead, you can use the filters to automate, pull the information straight from Salesforce, and have a PDF report automatically attached to the record.

Thomson Reuters CLEAR Reports on Salesforce

Integrating CLEAR with your Salesforce CRM platform maximizes productivity and efficiency even more for your company by already having all of your customer data accessible in one platform.  

Integrated with the following CLEAR Products: 

Thomson Reuters CLEAR ID confirm-Risk Inform on Salesforce
  • Person Search / Report 

Conduct research by using existing, up-to-date, transparent data collected from millions of public and proprietary records, organizations can conduct comprehensive research on subjects and get the most complete picture possible. 

  • Clear ID Confirm & Risk Inform 

Risk assessment and identity validation. Confidently verify the identities of subjects and get sophisticated analytics to produce insights the organization can use to understand and resolve fraud concerns. 

  • Business Search / Report 

Conduct research on businesses allowing organizations to search and verify businesses information and helping them make faster and more confident decisions, identifying potential risks in a more organized, quicker, and clean way. 

  • Court Search 

Equip your organization with comprehensive public records, including credit headers, criminal records, court records, corporate filings, global sanctions, to ensure you understand the full scope of the subject. 

  • Quick Analysis Flags for Person / Business 

Through risk analysis, CLEAR generates red flags alerting you of probable risks. CLEAR can also be customized to fit your organization’s specific level of acceptable risks and provide reports directly from Salesforce, delivered via PDF. 

Interested in seeing a demo or getting started?

You would need to have a Thomson Reuters CLEAR account. If you don’t have one, we can connect you with the CLEAR team. Once your account is set, you need to proceed to contact one of our awesome Salesforce experts and order some licenses. We will provide you with links to install it, and instructions on how to install it. Easy and straightforward. 
If you have yet to use either technology, and it sounds like something you could benefit from, get connected with Cloudsquare: Salesforce Solutions, Development, and Consulting to get started on learning more about how Salesforce and integrated applications like CLEAR can help your company advance and obtain access to even more information than you ever thought possible.  

It is a really powerful tool to speed up the whole background check process for businesses. It makes it a lot easier to get all the information from Clear into Salesforce. Salesforce should be your HUB of information. If you have that integration, you are getting all this information in Salesforce, you can store it, use it, and refer to it easily. It saves businesses a lot of time, which in time saves them a lot of money.

 Cloudsquare’s Salesforce consulting expert

Interested in seeing a demo or getting started?