Top 12 Salesforce Consulting Partners in 2022

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As the number one CRM platform, Salesforce offers businesses products to provide a more personalized experience to their clients. With its robust solutions connected to improving marketing, sales, commerce, customer service, IT, and much more, Salesforce’s popularity is growing at a rapid speed, and many companies are migrating to this cloud-based platform and looking for a Salesforce consulting partner to help with this process.  

Currently, Salesforce delivers services to more than 150,000 businesses globally. As it consistently continues to grow, the quantity of consulting Salesforce partners grows as well, and it can be overwhelming trying to find the best consulting partner that would fit your business needs.  

Fortunately, AppExchange can help you decide which is the best firm for your company, based on industry, company size, reviews, or your Salesforce service needs. Still, there are many consultants from whom to choose, and it might be confusing trying to understand where to start. But do not worry, we have you covered. We have selected the best Salesforce consulting partners according to what matters the most to your company: their ratings, industries expertise, and solutions. Have a look below and find the best consultant that would fit your industry’s requirements and with the expertise to take your business to the next level. 

#1 Cloudsquare 

Cloudsquare Salesforce consulting partner logo

 ‘Salesforce Solutions Company That Helps You Do Business Better’

Location: Los Angeles, California. USA 

Year of Founding: 2017 

AppExchange Rating: 5.0 


Industries: Financial Services 

Cloudsquare is a Salesforce Consulting Partner in USA and a Salesforce Implementation Partner with one goal: to help the world’s leading firms be more profitable and efficient across any technology stack. Their diverse group of Salesforce subject matter experts has deep experience within multiple industries, including Financial Services, Healthcare, High-Tech, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Retail & Consumer goods, among others.  

Cloudsquare’s unique ‘Process first. Technology second’ method is the driving force behind hundreds of successful projects. Their expertise in the FinServ sector, specifically for Small Business Lending sector, has allowed them to build products designed to streamline alternative business lending origination processes and provide FinServ companies with the best strategies to increase their productivity and give the best experience to their clients.  

This Salesforce consulting company provides implementation, development, process automation, API integration, consulting, and managed services. Their deep technical understanding of the Salesforce platform allows them to create unique and customizable solutions that can be scaled. For Cloudsquare, there is no requirement too complex to be architected or developed in Salesforce. 


#2 Cirrius Solution 

Cirrius solutions logo

Your silver lining in the cloud 

Location: St Louis Park, MN 

Year of Founding: 2009 

AppExchange Rating: 5.0 


Industries: Agriculture and Mining 

Cirrius Solution is a leading Salesforce Partner based in the US and focused on field service management and core CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions. They have experience in various industries, such as Energy and utilities, Telecom, Transportation, Construction and Engineering, and Agribusiness.  

Their expertise in the agriculture industry allows farmers to store and follow up on customer leads to facilitate finding new customers while tracking customer behavior, crop data, disease, and service cost of products and services. Their understanding of the complex ecosystem of the agricultural sector allows them to help farmers and manufacturers realize better agricultural outcomes, make informed decisions, and increase profitability. 


#3 Reply 

Reply Salesforce implementation partner logo

‘Digital Customer Care Transformation.’


Year of Founding: 1996 

AppExchange Rating: 4.8 


Industries: Automotive 

Reply is a Salesforce Partner who combines expertise with experience to guide customers through transformation processes. Their Salesforce expertise goes from Customer 360 platform, experience clouds to integration and marketing clouds.  

They are specialists in different industries, but the most important are manufacturing and Automotive. Their automotive industry knowledge has led them to implement hundreds of successful projects, from implementing a modern ERP cloud solution for digital transformation to developing an end-to-end solution architecture for autonomous mobile robots (AMR). 


#4 OSF Digital 

OSF| Digital logo

‘Create Meaningful Customer Experiences with Digital 360’

Location: San Francisco, California 

Year of Founding: 2003 

AppExchange Rating: 4.8 


Industries: Consumer goods 

OSF Digital is a multi-cloud strategist, consulting, and implementation partner with expertise in B2B and B2C commerce, customer 360 platform, experience cloud, marketing cloud, and sales cloud. They work with several industries; however, they are specialists in the retail and consumer goods industries.  

Their vast experience in the consumer goods and food industry has helped them build innovative solutions and deliver complex eCommerce projects over the years and fast implementations and commerce integrations. Their goal is to help their clients provide a unique, easy, and pleasant experience for their customers’ shopping journey. 


#5 Eigen X 

Eigen x logo

‘Scalable solutions for complex technology and business challenges.’ 

Location: 150 Radnor, PA 

Year of Founding: 2012 

AppExchange Rating: 5.0 


Industries: Communication 

Eigen X is a technology consulting partner specializing in Customer 360 Platform, Education Cloud, managed services, and sales cloud. They have expertise in the communications and media industry, enabling new businesses to make direct relationships with their customers.  

They have a deep understanding of this industry’s ever-growing customer demands and changing markets. They enable their customers to keep up with rapidly evolving technologies, arm them with accurate, up to the moment insights, and help them in every part of the process. 


#6 Cloud for Good 

cloud for good  company logo


Location: Asheville, NC (North Carolina) 28803, USA 

Year of Founding: 2010 

AppExchange Rating: 4.9 


Industries: Higher Education 

Cloud for Good is a Premium Salesforce Partner specializing in nonprofit organizations, higher education institutions, and hospital foundations with expertise in Education Cloud, nonprofit Cloud, Pardot, and Marketing Cloud.  

Their higher education solutions help institutions get invaluable and intuitive tools designed to help them meet their goals. They can support your organization in streamlining the recruitment and admissions process with a scalable system that evolves alongside the university. Through Salesforce’s Education Data Architecture (EDA), institutions are provided with invaluable tools to help them meet their goals. 


#7 360 Degree Cloud 

360 degree cloud company logo

‘Consulting from Every Angle’

Location: Laguna Beach, California. USA 

Year of Founding: 2012 

AppExchange Rating: 5.0 


Industries: Real Estate 

360 Degree Cloud is Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner that offers CRM solutions and strategies across all processes and business sizes. Their expertise in the Real Estate industry and their specialization in different clouds, such as Customer 360 Platform, Experience Cloud, Service Cloud, and Sales Cloud, makes them an excellent partner to automate communications, optimize essential fixtures of real-estate operations, including buyer availability, get visibility through reports and dashboards, and customized your platform to speed up decision making, deal closure and connect with investors better. 


#8 Tech Mahindra 

Tech Mahindra company logo

 ‘Global service provider in Business Consulting, IT (Information Technology) & Communication Services.’ 

Location: Alpharetta (Georgia) 30022 – USA. 

Year of Founding: 1986 

AppExchange Rating: 5.0 


Industries: Energy and utilities 

Tech Mahindra is a global service provider and partner for Salesforce who challenges conventional thinking and has an approach to help clients accelerate their cloud journey. Their Salesforce expertise in Customer 360 Platform, experience cloud, sales cloud, and service cloud, and their specialization in the Energy Industry makes it a great partner for your company.  

Their knowledge of the Energy and Utility business across different sectors allows them to help companies grow in the right direction by providing business consultation, implementation, and addressing the industry’s challenges with their continuous investments in innovative solutions. 


#9 MST Solution 

MST Solutions company logo

 ‘MST Solutions is your wingman for Salesforce systems innovation.’ 

Location: Chandler, AZ, USA 

Year of Founding: 2012 

AppExchange Rating: 5.0 


Industries: Public Sector 

MST Solutions is a Salesforce Crest level partner dedicated to crafting agile cloud platform solutions to help clients achieve measurable, scalable business outcomes. They have more than 20 years of experience in the public sector industry, and their extensive depth across multiple clouds and Salesforce platform expertise allows them to design, build and implement innovative business solutions for agencies in the Public Sector, to guide them through digital transformation focused on improving operational efficiencies and continuing adding value from there.  

Some of their major Service Offerings are around ERP implementation, business transformation, business intelligence, and data warehousing solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and more. 


#10 akaCRM 

akaCRM company logo

‘Your Salesforce and Conga Professionals.’ 

Location:  Greater Denver Area, CO, United States 

Year of Founding: 2009 

AppExchange Rating: 5.0 


Industries: non-profit 

AkaCRM is a Salesforce and Conga partner and leading ecosystem application provider, designated by Salesforce as a Nonprofit Cloud Certified Navigator. They are committed to having an active plan to drive diversity, equality, and inclusion in our world.  

They are Salesforce Nonprofit professionals experienced with tracking, cultivating, and managing donors, online giving and engagement, event management, grant funding, and volunteer management programs. Their confident and talented team of Salesforce consultants have the skills and knowledge to advise clients on the Nonprofit Success Pack and guide their path toward success. 


#11 Helpstone 

helpstone company logo

‘We help your team build more trust, communicate better, and move faster.’

Location: Minneapolis, MN 

Year of Founding: 2017 

AppExchange Rating: 5.0 


Industries: Recruiting 

HelpStone is a Salesforce consulting firm specializing in helping staffing and search firms improve everything from marketing automation to back-office billing. Their drive is to help teams build more trust, communicate better, and move faster. Their goal is to help you get the most out of your Salesforce Platform by automating your recruiting process, building important tools for your team, providing real-time, contextualized help, or coaching your team on how to fix your platform. Whether you are a long-time Salesforce user or setting it up for the first time, their Salesforce consultants can help your recruiting or staffing firm use your org to its fullest potential. 


#12 Torrent Consulting 

torrent consulting company logo

Consultants building business solutions on the Salesforce® platform.’

Location: Charlotte, NC – Ann Arbor, MI 

Year of Founding: 2010 

AppExchange Rating: 4.8 


Industries: Healthcare 

Torrent Consulting is a Summit-tier Salesforce consulting partner focused on delivering expert solutions across industries and a full suite of Salesforce platforms. Their Salesforce experts are committed to building something greater in your business.  

Their knowledge of the Healthcare industry allows them to help companies drive better outcomes for patients and their businesses. With their modern approach, they help providers engage better with patients throughout the entire care process, give medical device and pharmaceutical companies best serve customers, and for payers to provide a great member experience with the right strategy, no matter your need. 

In Conclusion

To select the best Salesforce consulting partner, you must ensure they understand your industry’s needs and pain points. Look for a consulting firm with the knowledge and expertise of how your industry works and solutions that can scale as your business grows. If you are still hesitant, pay attention to what customers have to say about their products and services; online customers review can be as helpful as a personal recommendation.