Cloudsquare | Top Sales Apps in Salesforce

Top Sales Apps in Salesforce

Cloudsquare | Top Sales Apps in Salesforce

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Is your company looking to improve sales and work more efficiently? Here you can find some of the top-rated Salesforce apps that can help your company work smarter instead of harder when it comes to increasing sales and managing them.


Ebsta is a Salesforce app that  integrates your emails, calendars and Salesforce data to provide you with a 360 view of your individual clients. With Ebsta you can set customized triggers to send personalized emails to your clients. The app analyzes all of your interactions with customers over the phone, through email, or online. This information provides you your “Ebsta Score”, the higher the score, the more engaged you are with your customers. Ebsta is a fun way to track your engagement with customers and set goals as a company to keep scores high. If you are interested in downloading Ebsta, click here.


MapAnything allows users to set territories for marketers. This provides more accurate data visualizations and sales metrics. Think about how much more efficient your sales team would be if their routes were tracked and monitored for you in an app. Eliminate the confusion or possible overlaps by optimizing your sales team using MapAnything. This app provides real time, live tracking of assets, vehicles and equipment all via mobile device or anywhere you can access Salesforce CRM. If you are interested in downloading MapAnything, click here.

Conga Composer

Conga Composer is Salesforce’s #1 app for Sales, according to their website. This app makes Salesforce more efficient for your sales team by generating documents such as quotes, proposals, contracts, invoices, and more. Having the ability to automate processes like document generation, provides your sales team with more time for more important tasks that cannot be automated. Use Conga Composer to create professional-looking documents with rich text, information directly from Salesforce, and eliminate time and extra costs by downloading Conga Composer from AppExchange by clicking here.

Conversica Automated Sales Assistant

Imagine if your sales team could focus all of their time and energy on selling and closing deals with customers and not on chasing down leads? Conversica Automated Sales Assistant uses artificial intelligence (AI) to communicate in a two way conversation with all of your leads so your company never misses an opportunity to make a sale. Although Converisca AI services can be a bit pricey, at about $3,000 a month per company, it is worth it if it helps your company turn leads into returning, loyal customers. If you would like to download Converisca for your business, click here.


Salespulse is an app that allows you to understand the sales experience from the customer’s point of view. The application focuses on gathering four main points from the customer: how interested they are, what they were missing from their experience, do they see value in going forward, and what their concerns are going forward. The goal of Salespulse is to show your company’s sales team that they have feedback from their customers, so they can always bring their best effort going forward. If Salespulse sounds like it could benefit your company, click here to download it.

If you are looking for more guidance on sales applications or building your Salesforce CRM to perfectly fit your company’s needs, contact Cloudsquare, one of the leading Salesforce partner company in USA with consulting and implementation services nationwide.