Cloudsquare | What is the Salesforce AppExchange?

What is the Salesforce AppExchange?

Cloudsquare | What is the Salesforce AppExchange?

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If you’re new to the Salesforce world, you might be wondering: what is AppExchange? AppExchange is the place to go for all Salesforce solutions of all kinds. You can install these Salesforce apps with just a few clicks and be on your way to a more advanced, capable platform to benefit your business.

One way to think about AppExchange is that it is similar to the App Store in your smartphone. All of those cool apps that help you do things more efficiently are extended capabilities of your smartphone that are specifically catered to your needs. Lucky for you,  Salesforce can be just as customizable and capable. Installing new apps is safe and easy to do. Just browse through the AppExchange catalog where you can read reviews, try a demo, and read about the app’s capabilities before downloading. When you download an app to Salesforce, you can control whether all users, or just a select group of users will have access to the app. Once you’ve downloaded the app it can be customized to work with your business and used in sync with your Salesforce data.

Cloudsquare has a good experience with the Salesforce AppExchange. Therefore, if you need to develop any application or just get a piece of advice on working with the AppExchange, don’t hesitate to contact our consultants.

A cool feature of AppExchange is that it allows you to create your own apps and share them with the Salesforce community. Whatever you create can be downloaded as an app or an extension by other Salesforce users. You can create a test drive demo for potential users to try your app before downloading. AppExchange provides you with an opportunity to share your Salesforce innovations with the community and benefit from theirs as well.

If you are interested in browsing AppExchange for extensions and applications that can transform the way you use Salesforce, check out over 3,400 different applications. For more help on determining what applications can work for you, contact Cloudsquare, best Salesforce consulting firm offering services nationwide.